Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Ensuring Oral Health

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The germ and virus theory has made people vulnerable to oral problems. Toothpastes and mouth rinses, junk food, addiction to sugar and sugary drinks, and veering away from traditional diets has made the dentist prosper. We take great care to clean our mouth and yet fall a prey to several diseases. But carnivores in the forest whose breath could kill possess healthy teeth and gums. Should make us pause and think.

The oral cavity is full of micro organisms. They assist in digestion and also help ward off harmful pathogens. The human saliva is a great healer. In tribal belts the first aid for injury is saliva. So why do we still suffer? That is because our actions disturb the harmony within the mouth.

Oral problems can involve deeper issues. Homeopathy tells us how tooth problems can have a tubercular background. Problems with cheek and gums can be syphilitic. These are very destructive states of the body and require suitable remedies. Extremely foul smell in the mouth and pyorrhea also indicate a deep seated problem.

Our first step towards oral health should be to discard toothpastes and mouth rinses. These are what makes most sick at several levels. You can use neem twigs, herbal powders or best make your toothpaste yourself.

A good toothpaste could be a combination of triphala powder, coconut oil, sea salt, and clove oil. Take triphala powder and add cold pressed organic coconut oil. Allow it to soak. The powder will totally absorb the oil. Then add some more of coconut oil. Add a pinch of sea salt and a few drops of clove oil. Your toothpaste is ready. As you start preparing the mixture you will get the proportions right. Both triphala and coconut oil are elixirs for the mouth. Many also use a mixture of sea salt and organic mustard oil to clean their teeth. In villages I have observed people use coal or wood ash from their mud stoves.

Swishing coconut oil in the mouth or oil pulling solves many oral problems. Clove oil is great for tooth pains. The homeopathic kreosote powder is also effective for people who suffer tooth problems. Biochemic Calcarea Phos 6x is good for teeth. Kali Mur is good for gums and cheeks. In inflammatory conditions Ferrum Phos helps.

One must strictly avoid antibiotics, vaccines and chemicals for good oral health. They are what have made dental and gum problems epidemics. Today children are the worst sufferers due to these interventions which induce tubercular and syphilitic traits in the body. One must also take care to have a healthy balanced diet. Avoid sugar and sugary drinks. Avoid things like chocolates and chewing gums. Water wash your mouth well after taking food. Never take allopathic medicated toothpastes.

For problems of a deep seated nature a homeopath is the best bet.

Vaccines: Where do we go from here?

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The confessions of vaccine godfather Stanley Plotkin that vaccines are a shot in the dark and the admission by top ranking scientists and doctors in the WHO vaccine safety meet that vaccine safety is a big concern that is never in focus and that the medical profession has only half a day of vaccine education in medical schools, should shut down the nefarious practice. But that is not going to happen. Such confessions will only protect the perpetrators with the excuse that they did raise warning signals. It will mask the fact that they have killed and sickened millions for money even after being presented with irrefutable evidence that vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Vaccine conferences have always revealed startling facts. In the infamous Simpsonwood CDC meet of 2000 at Georgia, doctors and scientists were presented evidence through two large CDC studies that vaccines cause autism. The association was 762%. They discussed on the fallout and decided to bury the connection even as they conceded they would not vaccinate their own children.

Medical journalist Janine Roberts who regularly attended such conferences and workshops meticulously recorded them and we have two books full of information proving that the medical profession has known all along that vaccines are the most dangerous medical intervention ever devised. The books Vaccine Papers and Fear of the Invisible are a must read for those who want to know the truth. Imagine that at a WHO conference the polio vaccine manufacturers admitted that the cancer causing SV40 contamination in the polio vaccine likely continues because the contamination is in the vaccine seed and that there is no technology that can eliminate a virus from a live virus vaccine. This was in 1999. Since then cancers have become more common than the common cold.

The book Evidence of Harm chillingly details how the link between vaccines and autism was actively and murderously concealed by the highest authorities. J B Handley exposed how Court certified vaccine experts warned about the vaccine autism connection and the evidence was suppressed. We have collections of thousands of studies detailing vaccination harm. Yet the profession which believes it is scientific will not touch them because their empire would collapse if it is revealed they themselves cause the harm that is then profitably addressed at the expense of the victims. These professionals must be tried Nuremberg style and put away heavily chained in Alcatraz like jails. Instead they are at the helm of "health care". Nothing will change unless there is a public rebellion and absolute refusal to accept the muck injected into our children.

Will India stop and reconsider?

Our worst fears have come true. Hospitals are reporting infant and child deaths have shot through the roof. Hundreds are dying every month. Health officials are admitting infant mortality figures are wrong as only deaths in government hospitals are being counted. Deaths at home and in private hospitals are being ignored. This is a huge admission.

Deaths from vaccines are being regularly reported in the media. Doctors have warned several years ago that each vaccine could be killing thousands every year and that the newer vaccines introduced are killer vaccines with a track record. Health experts are busy giving a clean chit to vaccines. Coincidence figures have become astronomical. Our government has admitted in 2018 that 10,612 children have died coincidentally immediately after vaccination and that 600,000 injuries are being reported every year again coincidentally after vaccination.

When parents retort angrily after their children die they are being told other children too have been vaccinated and they haven't died. That vaccines are subjected to the most stringent safety tests and also that the particular incident would be probed. These excuses are a part of health workers training programme. I know because I have attended one such programme. Officials too are asked to resort to them. Our scientific apparatus thus rests very strongly on the ability to blatantly lie and trivialize infant deaths.

While deaths force the media to focus, what is unreported is the serious diseases our children are suffering from after the vaccination schedule has been expanded. From autism to cancers the list is long. There is no hope that there will be any justice. Bill Gates has been handed over the Health Ministry on a platter. He is free to do whatever he pleases and we know what pleases him most. I think we have fallen off the cliff and the only thing we can hope for now is that the fall is fast. In a scenario where there are no more children there will be less to die.

Monday, December 30, 2019

So you feel your doctor is honest?

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Many a person will tell you this when you tell them about the need to change to holistic systems. Many feel that despite the tremendous corruption in the medical sector, their doctor somehow remains an oasis of honesty and integrity. They feel that the doctor they visit is acting in their best interest. Let us examine this phenomenon.

What your doctor prescribes is based on what he is taught. Many doctors themselves feel that they are being honest because they follow their books. They see anomalies all the time but shrug it off feeling that there can always be exceptions.

The medical industry exploits this to the hilt by positioning the authors of the books to the cult of superheroes. They create an aura of expertise and invincibility around them. Jenner, Pasteur and Alexander Fleming are classic examples. Jenner was a quack who purchased a medical degree for £15 to ward off the extreme criticism directed at him when he proposed that injecting a combination of human small pox victim serum, cow serum, and horse serum could defeat small pox. Pasteur was a laboratory assistant and his boss the owner of the laboratory, the renowned Dr Antoine Beuchamp, MD exposed his germ and virus theory by proving beyond doubt that not the germs but the terrain mattered. Fleming plagiarized the findings of two young scientists and ensured that they remained unrecognized.

The medical empire remains fixated on the discredited germ and virus theory because the corporate world has chemicals to sell. Thus the "war against disease" was launched. Every symptom had to be fought for the body to "survive". Those doctors who resented this battlefield approach including the Father of modern medicine Sir William Osler, MD aptly observed, "the operation is successful but the patient invariably dies."

Who writes these books? People on the payroll of the industry. The Bible of modern medicine is the Harrisons Text Book of Internal Medicine. When it completely replaced Sir William Osler’s Principles and Practices of Medicine published in 1892 it was a coup and clear indication that oil Barron Rockefeller had officially taken over the profession and the highly educated Osler who stressed on cures, care and compassion was consigned to history. Recently it has been exposed that the authors of Harrisons Textbook receive regular payments from the industry. This revelation has rendered it thoroughly unreliable.

The peer review system that ratifies medical findings which doctors proudly proclaim to be an indication of scientific rigour is a sham that prevents the truth from pouring out. Nothing will go past peer review and be published in the industry sponsored journals like JAMA and Paediatrics unless it peddles lies and helps sell industry products. This system has been thoroughly exposed by conscientious scientists. The Lancet, a journal launched to combat industry lies, too has been corrupted and so is the Cochrane Collaboration. They have succumbed to the flow of funds.

Doctors and scientists of repute like Richard Smith, Prof John Ioannidis, Richard Horton, Guyaine Lanctot, Marcia Angell, Peter Gotzsche, and our very own B M Hegde have pointed out that most of literature and studies on which modern medicine rests is a bundle of lies and half truths peddled by industry paid willing distorters. Very telling is the proclamation of Prof Ioannidis, "There are many areas of medicine where it is not prudent to believe even 1% of what is stated." I have myself questioned industry paid speakers in medical conferences and workshops to find them flounder unable to defend themselves. This is the reason why I am no longer invited.

Can anybody practice medicine based on this quicksand of lies? It is simply not possible. Thus today's doctors have transformed into medical salesmen - living off the commissions their prescriptions generate and on industry payments for their speeches and events.

Medical education is not cheap. You need to pay up to INR 50 lakhs or more for a seat and by the time you become an MD passing out from a reputed institute you could have spent up to 2 crores and heavily in debt. Thus you become a willing member of the system. You join corporate hospitals and serve MBA graduates who dictate the targets you need to meet in order to earn your salary. Many become lobbyists for therein lies the income and perks. The worst part is your commissions and incentives based on peak targets are offered in advance so you have no way but to sell your soul trying to fulfill your targets - the consequences on the unfortunate patients can be imagined.

Thus never rest on the mistaken assumption that your doctor is good. The poor fellow is a clog in the machine. A machine that is created to make you sick and milk your hard earned money by pretending to treat you. If you are intelligent you should read and take charge of your own health.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Vaccines are a crutch the ignorant lean upon.

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We know that vaccination is a crutch many like to lean upon. They have been programmed to believe in that crutch. Our doctors who earn Rs. 8,100 crores annually from vaccines and trillions from the 292+ diseases so far linked to them as per 1000 published studies in the Pubmed database (there are plenty of studies beyond its ambit) understandably want its continuance despite huge and mounting evidence to the contrary.

Look at the health of children today. Let me give you some statistics. 54% of children today suffer from chronic disorders. 1 in 10 children have asthma. 1 in 13 suffers from food allergies. 1 in 6 children suffer from developmental disorders. 1 in 8 suffers severe neurological disorders. The CDC's latest report released in April 2019 reveals 1 in 59 children suffer autism. In the past 8 to 10 years: juvenile diabetes increased by 23%, cancer increased by 29%, ADHD increased by 43%, food allergies increased by 50%, asthma rates rose by almost 50%, Autism increased 150%. Are you happy with this? What if I tell you several studies have linked all of these with vaccines?

You talk of polio. The vaccine when introduced into India had caused a storm with the best of our doctors and scientists including Dr Pushpa Mittra Bhargava opposing it tooth and nail. Dr Bhargava was a part of the team that developed the vaccine. Ever since it was developed the vaccine was enveloped in controversies. Study the Cutter Incident. Of the 200,000 children vaccinated, 40,000 developed polio. Study SV 40 contamination. How millions of Americans developed cancers because of this contamination, and horror of horrors, in a conference the manufacturers admitted it was difficult to get rid of the contamination. Dr Bhargava also pointed out the encephalitis connection and had expressly stated the Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is nothing but a polio vaccine adverse effect. Today studies say 491,704 children have become paralyzed in India from 2000 to 2017 because of the vaccine. Polio continues unabated in India with a new name - Non Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis - a condition clinically indistinguishable from polio. From 1000 cases per year when the vaccine was introduced the figure has jumped to 60,000 now. Eradicated!

The subject of vaccines was discussed in a group of epidemiologists. It was agreed that one cannot really say one has been protected by a vaccine. First of all vaccine lobbyists pretend the entire population would fall a prey to the disease. In reality even the most virulent infectious disease epidemic may affect only 5% of the population. In any population there is a percentage - very high; the polio virus spares 99% - who will have natural immunity. There will also be a percentage who will not be protected even if vaccinated - vaccine failures being extensively observed in case of measles, mumps and whooping cough. Even the most optimistic agree that vaccine failure rate could be 10%. Then again there will be a percentage who will be harmed by the vaccine - indeterminable because no one looks for such effects. Thus the protective effect of vaccines is a matter of speculation. The mechanism how a vaccine can prevent disease has never been clinically substantiated.

There are other serious issues;

- Whether humoral (blood related) antibodies protect from disease. Science says they cannot.

- Whether infants and children with nonexistent and inadequately formed immune systems can create antibodies - a disturbing fact admitted by the WHO

- Vaccines are not tested against a genuine placebo. They are tested against another vaccine or the same vaccine minus the antigen. This is a huge safety alarm. Again, acknowledged by the WHO

- Vaccines create antibodies. Besides the antigen, there is a whole host of other biological matter in vaccines. What do the antibodies created against them do?

- Vaccines also contain hundreds of contaminants that are dangerous for the human body. There are scores of studies pointing them out.

- Vaccine ingredients are so intensely toxic children should not be in the same building where they are stored. And we are injecting them into their little bodies!

- Why do we persist with vaccines despite the discovery of cellular immunity in 1942? With this discovery the entire vaccine paradigm has fallen flat.

- The protective effect of common childhood illnesses is now well studied and can no longer be ignored

- As pointed out by Dr Jacob Puliyel, any mass intervention directed at the most vulnerable like pregnant women, infants and children must be safe beyond question. But even vaccines causing widespread deaths are not being questioned.

Thus let us not further the vile agenda. The medical empire profits from disease. Vaccines serve that purpose very well. The doctors who prescribe vaccines know nothing about them as vaccines are not a part of medical curriculum barring the vaccination schedule. The commission and incentive schedule is what prompts them. Our children, their lives and health are more important to us then the income of doctors.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Dear doctors: How did you ever accept all of this?

Dear doctors. How did you?
- How did you settle down with the idea that chronic disease is normal?
- How did you agree to the concept that diseases cannot be cured?
- How did you continue with the germ and virus theory even when it failed to meet the Koch Postulates?
- How did you accept the chemical model of health despite knowing it was a convenient tool in the hands of the petroleum and chemical corporate giants?
- How did you accept without question the leadership of the greatest thug in the history of human civilization?
- How did you accept as science the rules put forward by a Nazi conglomerate that experimented in concentration camps?
- How did you continue to believe that people needed only chemicals when food is essential for life?
- How did you accept the idea that the chemical approach put forth by corporate interests was the only way and the other tried and tested systems were quackery?
- How did you abstain from questioning even as you observed diseases spreading like the plague because of your interventions?
- How did you not try to find out what you are asked to inject into pregnant women infants and children despite proclaiming that you have a scientific bent of mind?
- How did you still believe that you are honest when confronted with proof that the very foundation of your system is built upon extreme manipulation and greed?
- How did you agree to an extremely violent and expolitative system despite knowing that health is built upon empathy and care?
- How did you abandon morality and ethics despite knowing the impacts of profligate lives?
Is it because you took it up as a livelihood option? How did you agree to kill for money?
Do you get real medical education, or are you being systematically indoctrinated by the Capitalist lobby?
Take a close look at the following:
Most Common Attacks on Children ......
01. Antibiotics - 
02. Children's Tylenol - 
03. Wheat Bread - 
04. Cow's Milk - 
05. Vaccination - 
06. Commercial Fruit Juice - 
07. Vitamin K Shot - 
08. Infant Formula - 
09. Cell Phones / Wireless Internet - 
10. Commercial Vitamins - 
11. Microwaved Food - 
12. Mercury Teeth Fillings - 
13. Teflon / Non Stick Pans - 
14. Fluoride Tooth Paste - 
15. Pesticides on Non Organic Foods and The Lawn - 
16. C-sections - 
17. Ultra Sounds - 
18. Plastic Containers - 
19. GMO Foods - 
20. Smart Meters - 
21. Soy Products - 
22. A Mother's Unhealthy Food and Lifestyle Choices Before and During Pregnancy - 
23. Chemtrails (the lines in the sky) - 
24. Behavior Medication - 
25. Circumcision - 
26. Medical Kidnapping - 
27. Living Near Power Lines - 
28. Medical System Birthing - induction medication, epidurals, medical traumas for mother and baby that lead to massive psychological problems for everyone in the family unit - 
29. Sugar and Junk Food - 
30. Smart TV's - 
31. The Prussian Based Education Model - 

What do you think? Are you comfortable that this is not a part of your medical education?

Friday, November 29, 2019

A Word About Bach Flower Remedies

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Bach Flower Remedies are dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach an English physician and homeopath in the 1930s. The remedies are used primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress.
The remedies contain a very small amount of flower material in a 50:50 solution of water and brandy. Because the remedies are extremely dilute they do not have a characteristic scent or taste of the plant. Vendors state that the remedies contain "energetic" nature of the flower and that this can be transmitted to the user.
There are 38 original Bach Flower Remedies, also called the Flower Essences or Bach Remedies. Unlike Homeopathic or Biochemic remedies, the flower remedies do not have potencies. However, in the past few years, Bach remedies are being potenticized to 30C. Mentioned below is the complete list with some common symptoms of all 38 remedies:
Agrimony : Cheerful, Jovial People Who Hide Their Troubles and Worries Behind Their Humor
Aspen : Vague Unknown Fears for which There Can Be Given No Explanation, No Reason
Beech : Intolerance, Critical, Lack of Compassion Towards People and Animals
Centaury : Weak-Willed, Bullied, Unable to Say No, Lack Energy, Tired, Passive, Quiet
Cerato : Lack of Trust in One's Own Decisions, Constantly Seek Advice from Others
Cherry Plum : Fear of the Mind Giving Way, Uncontrollable Anger, Breakdown, Abusive, Rage
Chestnut Bud : Keeps Repeating the Same Mistake, Doesn't Learn from Past Mistakes
Chicory : Possessive, Overcome Past Lovable Memories, Over-Protective, Easily Offended
Clematis : Dreaming of the Future Without Working in the Present, Daydreaming
Crab Apple : the Cleansing Remedy, Sense of Not Being Clean, Obsessive, Poor Self Image
Elm : Depression Overwhelmed By Responsibilities, Despondent, Exhausted
Gentian : Easily Discouraged But Any Small Delay or Hindrance and Soon Disheartens Them
Gorse : Great Hopelessness and Despair, Assuring That There Is So Little Hope of Relief
Heather : Talkative, Demand Attention, Dislike Being Alone, Need to Discuss With Others
Holly : Envy, Jealousy, Hate, Insecurity, Suspicious, Aggressive, Needs Compassion
Honey Suckle : Living in the Past, Attachment to Past Memories Good or Bad, Homesickness
Horn Beam : Tired, Needs Strength, Overworked, Mental Fatigue, Doubting Own Abilities
Impatiens : People Who are Easily Irritated and Impatient, are Energetic, But Tense
Larch : Lack of Confidence, Depressed, Discouraged, Feeling of Inferiority
Mimulus : Fears, Blushing, Stammering, Shyness, Timid, Sensitive, Lack of Courage
Mustard : Deep Gloom and Depression for No Reason and Explanation
Oak : Exhausted But Keeps Struggling On, Overwork, Workaholic, Fatigued, Over-Achiever
Olive : Exhaustion Following Mental or Physical Effort With No More Energy Left, Fatigue
Pine : Guilt, Who Blame Themselves and are Never Satisfied With Decisions They Make
Red Chestnut : Over-Concern for the Welfare of Loved Ones, Fear Something Will Happen to Them
Rock Rose : Terror and Fright, When the Patient is Very Frightened or Terrified
Rock Water : Self-Perfection, Rigidity, Hard Work Masters, Very Strict in Their Way of Living
Scleranthus : Inability to Choose Between Alternatives, Indecision, Uncertainty, Dizziness
Star Of Bethlehem : Trauma, After Effect of Shock, the Loss of Someone Dear, Serious News
Sweet Chestnut : Extreme Mental Anguish, When Everything Has Been Tried and There Is No Light Left
Vervain : Over-Enthusiasm, Hyper-Active, Fanatical, Highly Fixed Principles and Ideas
Vine : Dominance and Inflexibility, Very Capable, Gifted, Bullying, Aggressive
Walnut : Gives Constancy and Protection from Change and Unwanted Influences
Water Violet : Very Quiet and Lonely People, Anti-Social, They are Aloof, Private, Calm
White Chestnut : Repeated Unwanted Thoughts, Mental Arguments, Sleeplessness, Insomnia.
Wild Oat : Uncertainty Over One's Direction in Life, Lack of Clarity in Decision Making
Wild Rose : Drifting, Resignation, Apathy, Loss of Motivation and Ambition
Willow : Self Pity, Resentment, Poor Me, Sulky, Irritable, Grumbling, Bitterness, Blame
Rescue Remedy : The best known flower remedy is the rescue remedy combination, which contains an equal amount each of Rock rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum remedies. The product is aimed at treating stress, anxiety, and panic attacks, especially in emergencies.
Start using them. They work. You can use more than one remedy at a time. They are without adverse effects and do not interfere with any other medication you may be taking. You should take 10 drops of each remedy chosen in half cup of water three times a day.