Sunday, November 22, 2020

Good health & vitality is a community exercise


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There is now a very strong debate over the role of viruses and the concept of contagious disease. 

There are various healing modalities that do not blame contagion or pathogens for every illness and yet are highly effective. 

Disease is internal and a result of imbalance. Symptoms are the body's efforts at self healing. By the time symptoms appear the body is almost done with the job. Pathogens cause these symptoms and assist the body to heal. They are the foot soldiers of health. 

Symptoms are mostly eliminating in nature, throwing out toxins and debris. Viruses play a role in eliminating extreme toxins like those found abundantly in our industrial age environment. The process can be very violent when viruses are in charge and depend upon the nature of toxicity. 

The physician's role is to assist in the elimination, prevent depletion of vitality by providing hydration and essential minerals, and take care of elimination organs. After the elimination is over the role shifts to nourishment and tissue building; nursing the person back to health. 

This process does not have a left over or sequel to deal with. Sequel denotes a failure on the part of the physician. 

The working of the body can be likened to the process whereby the body expels a thorn. There is pain, inflammation, fever, suppuration that leads to the expulsion. The body resents foreign unwanted matter and will always try to expel it. 

Similarly it expels building up of waste matter that happens if the lymphatic and elimination organs are sluggish. The body periodically engages in acute ailments to detoxify and ensure health. 

The severity of acute ailments can be reduced by lifestyle and food choice changes, mental hygiene, as well as by ensuring a safe environment conducive for biological entities.  

As vitality is the most important factor in health and drives the body's innate response, all vitality depleting factors must be curtailed. Here the role of mental hygiene is of paramount importance. 

Medications must be provided keeping in mind the body's choice and preferences. Else it adds to the insult on vitality as the body is burdened with another form of toxin.  

The shift from acute to chronic diseases happens due to the inept physician. 

There are two things to keep in mind.

- Healing of chronic diseases starts with a worsening of symptoms as the body again picks up the facility of acute ailments. This is called the healing crisis or Herxheimers reaction. It is welcome.

- The working of the body follows a pattern summarized wonderfully by Constantine Herring and known as Herring's Law.

- The law states that disease progresses from outward within and from a less important organ to a more important one. Cures progress from within to outward, from a more important organ to a less important one. The internal disease is thrown out upon the skin, nails and hair to be ultimately pushed out. Cures also progress from top to bottom. 

The physician should study the concept of vitality, and the working of the vital force as the vitality is the ultimate physician whom the doctor can only assist. It is an inherited intelligence and its power depends upon the state of health of both parents. The inheritance is grossly disturbed by the medication of pregnancy and childbirth.  

Vitality depends upon strength, alkalinity and mental equipoise. It is the best gift parents can bestow upon their children. It is a spiritual exercise that involves aspiration and sacrifice. 

Parents intending to conceive must ensure good health and wellbeing. They should approach the begetting of a child with respect towards each other and with the intention of inviting a good soul to the earth plane. The traditional practice of the lady going to her parents place after conceiving and returning after breast feeding is complete ensured both care and the minimum disturbance to the womb. The woman must be happy while carrying the baby, be well looked after, and continue with normal activity.  

Vitality acquired in birth can be sustained but cannot be increased thus it is the responsibility of one generation to ensure it passes it on to the next. Education and teaching by example are vital for passing on the baton. Nutrition, exercise, and positive thoughts are non negotiable elements for sustaining vitality.

Vitality is abundantly seen in nature. Nature loves life and abhors sickness and death. This is reflected in the power of adaptation.  

Man has the ability to think for himself that is also the Achilles heel. It is of paramount importance to align the thinking ability to the inbuilt intelligence of nature. Society should be aware of the fundamentals so it can constantly adapt to changes. 

The body loves challenges and emerges strong from every encounter. It is dynamic and it is this dynamism that results in adaptation. Today's news about a Chinese flower that has adapted by shedding its beauty to avoid plucking is a bright example of an all pervading intelligence that seeks to be understood and tapped. 

The knowledge of the vital force and how to activate and assist it is the core of healing. Detoxification, nourishment, education, and ensuring a safe biological environment are the tools.  

Nature is ready to assist at every step. The ego of the misguided physician is the greatest obstacle. Those in the profession must be open and have a 360 degree view as protecting life and health is a sacred task that has no parallel. 

The reward is happiness, fulfilment and spiritual progress. The good physician develops all the finer qualities and gains the wisdom that the monk seeks through spiritual exercises.


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Recognizing & Acting on the K-O-BH-I-D Fraud


The Fraud.

- Viruses are not external threats

- Viruses are formed WITHIN the body for cleaning up extreme toxicity

- They are protein codes encased in fat cells to carry out a task

- They do not possess life, cannot do anything outside the code instructions

- They have a short existence, and disintegrate after the task is over

- They need a medium to survive

- Therefore it is NOT POSSIBLE to isolate and purify any virus

- Viruses are so small they can possibly only be seen under an electron microscope

- Electron microscopes require special preparation of the samples to be seen under it. This process will disintegrate any virus

- Electron microscopes emit heat. Viruses cannot survive that heat

- Thus the images of viruses we see are artistic renditions

- Another method used is to take a RNA fragment and create a computer model around it

- This method has been used to create the current Ko virus and is therefore being challenged

- Viruses are not external. They are formed within the body

- Therefore the concept of infectious viral disease is a figment of imagination

- Viruses do not jump species

- Viruses in all species are similar, therefore it can be manipulated to prove that they have jumped species

- This is why the RTPCR tested goat samples as positive

- Thus animal viral diseases cannot jump to humans. But toxins emitted by the animal world affects humans

- Those toxins affect only the person targeted. There can be no human to human transmission and epidemics

- That viruses do not cause disease is very evident and the viral disease industry faced collapse and closure

- Anthony Fauci then stepped in with his yet to prove HIV causes AIDS theory that attracted huge funds and saved the industry

- Now you know why Fauci is the darling of the industry

- He is the mastermind whose fertile thoughts are behind many medical illusions

- He is a Freemason and uses the White House podium to flash Masonic symbols

- He is the brain behind the current crisis

- There is no Ko virus

- The media was used to float the theory of a lethal lab bred virus to create fear and also justify the trial with potentially lethal drugs

- In reality the new symptoms are a result of electricity/radio/internet/radar waves and other toxins

- The question now is what else is the media doing?

- Why is the media now revealing the dangers of the Ko vaccine?

- What is it programming us for again?

As I say this illusion is very deep. What could be happening behind the scenes?

- We are being handed out an impossible scenario

- There seems to be no escape

- Suddenly something happens and we feel there is hope

- A messiah appears on the scene to save us

- We wholeheartedly accept that messiah and feel the crisis has been averted

- There is a false dawn

- In accepting the false messiah we step into the New World - exactly the same that we face now

- We voluntarily accept what we were rejecting earlier

Let us never forget that only a spiritual society and spiritual world is acceptable. Let us not deviate from that goal.

Let us not fall into the trap. Let the Supreme Consciousness alone be what we seek.

You all know the plan don't you?

First the wars, disasters, disease and pestilence to depop by 95%. And then;

- Artificial intelligence ruled society

- No private property

- Digital economy

- Microchipping

- Universal basic income based on social credit

- Mandatory vaccinations

- Chip and sensor based healthcare

- Artificial lab generated food

- Life only in smart cities

- Work where you are assigned

- Constant surveillance

- Microchip/ nano particles based thought policing

- Sex with robots if you are good and eligible; based on social credit

- Movement only through electric vehicles that can be tracked and controlled

- EMF shocks and elimination of those who disobey

- Disabling chip to discipline

Because we need to be protected from viruses and climate change.

When will that spiritual world come? After the war and destruction. There will be no shortcuts. The world will rejuvenate itself through an intense ice age that may last many years. There will be other natural events releasing very bitter poisons that will cleanse the world of artificial toxins.

We need not fear. We are all spiritual beings. But our decisions will affect us and our future in the material plane. If there is a war we should fight for what we think is right and proper that will lead us to the spiritual world. We have to battle the dark forces. Currently many are embracing them for the sake of convenience and material gains. That is a great mistake because all the current world's material comforts will perish along with its creations. Those who side with the dark forces will lose both at spiritual and material levels. They will have nothing in their balance sheet and will be denied the great spiritual potential of the coming age that will last a thousand years.

As Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had told us, the brave have to fight. Every living being will face a situation where there will be no other go but to fight. The choice of good and bad will come to all and one has to choose wisely. He had great hope on the youth. And currently it is the youth who are leading from the front.

We have hardly two or at best three years. Prepare for what is coming. Wake up from your slumber.

What is 'scientific' medicine missing out on?


Most of us have been made to believe that whatever emerges from a laboratory is science. We are in awe of white coats. We are in awe of governments that back what those white coats proclaim from time to time.

Our ancestors acknowledged an invisible world that irked us. We wanted everything to be worldly and confirmed by the senses. Our rebellion made us negate the wisdom and conclusions of our ancestors and we welcomed the scientific approach that accepted only the visible world.

What is the meaning of the word science? It is defined as, "the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment."

Note the terms "physical and natural world". Thus science limits itself to the world as seen and felt by the mind and senses. It is 'this worldly'.

What is wrong with that? The problem is we have put all our eggs in the 'this worldly' basket. However this seemingly real world does not have a real basis. It is just a construct that is defined by our mind and senses. When the mind is shut off in sleep the world disappears. As per physicists, the world needs an observer. If there is no observer there is no world. A recent discovery says the world is made up of neurons. It is made up of thoughts. It is just a blob of consciousness.

When it is consciousness that rules, can we be scientific if we rule out the observer and the consciousness that exists in the background? Can we be scientific if we shut out the reality?

Indian philosophy emphatically declares that the world is an illusion and tries to define a path that takes one from illusion to the truth. The illusion is named Maya. Indians do not have the concept of satan. The word Maya - the force that deludes and keeps us away from our spiritual roots - is the satan that western civilization dreads.

The Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda is based on philosophy. It recognizes the underlying all embracing consciousness and describes how that consciousness seemingly stirs and forms the basic building blocks of life - air, fire, water, and earth - to create a world where the consciousness somehow encases itself in many appearances to become the manifest multifaceted world. It recognizes the world is a play and the consciousness plays with itself. The ego is an element that features the separateness and cunningly creates separate entities of what is in essence the same substance.

It is like jewellery made of gold. The craftsmen make many shapes and forms but in essence it is all gold. If we stay fixated on the shapes and forms we forget the essence. To understand the essence we have to forget the shapes and forms.

Ayurveda uses the term Akasha or space to denote the underlying consciousness. That consciousness seems to stir and create air. From air comes fire. Fire and air combine to form water. Air and water merge to form earth. This forms the basis of the Tridosha theory involving vata, pitta and kapha. Vata is air, pitta is fire, and kapha is earth. Thus ayurveda seeks to balance the play of these elements to maintain health. However it knows that it is Akasha that is important and that all healing takes place from that standpoint. Therefore it seeks to tap that Akasha or the underlying all pervading consciousness with various esoteric methods.

Modern science also acknowledges an invisible presence that many define as the invisible self. It is this self it is acknowledged that maintain the integrity of the body. It is also noticed that the major changes in the body happen in the background. They are not visible and yet they are profound. However these observations are never dwelt upon.

Thus while ayurveda and other holistic systems embrace the reality behind creation to treat its subjects, today's medicine is fixated on the unreal illusory world and does not intend to embrace the truth. It thus separates itself from the dynamic thinking biological entity called man, and regards him as a mechanical toy that runs on factory made chemicals.

Science is supposed to be a search for the truth. Science is supposed to be a beneficial tool that is a blessing for those who take its help. Modern medicine is none of these. It is the product of industries that sought to market their products and dominate the world. It is shaped by forces who had a dream of owning the world and its inhabitants.

Thus we find a flimsy base - the germ and virus theory, the reductionist approach, the faulty concept of homeostasis, and the desire to dominate and profit. The result is an explosion of different disease names that become the input for more products and more profits.

Health does not come from a laboratory. It comes from nature. Health does not come from a doctor. It comes from a healer who acknowledges that the body is the doctor and his duty is to know the principles of how the body heals and assist it in the process.

Health is the strength of the strong, it is the beauty and glow of the beautiful, it is the intelligence and wisdom of the Sages, it is the love of the mother, it is the protection of the father, it is the honesty and integrity of the upright and it is the perfection that we witness in nature. When health is lost everything is lost and society disintegrates into chaos.

You cannot defy the natural laws of health, you cannot destroy health, you cannot spawn disease, and you cannot profit from disease, and yet claim that you are scientific.

In such a scenario you are a demon. You are satan himself who delights in fooling people and destroying God's creation.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Why are doctors dying?


Why are doctors dying?

Almost every day we are listening to tales of doctors "bravely battling the disease" and succumbing. These tales are spreading panic in society. Why are they dying?

- Thanks to their education they do not attach importance to vital aspects like nutrition and natural health. If at all they do, they do it as a minor supplement to their own methods

- Right from their college days they get accustomed to junk food, abysmally maintained hostels, long gruelling work as interns. This process is anti-health. The people being trained to man health care are forced to become unhealthy before they take up the work

- As the number of diseases and the number suffering are skyrocketing, doctors suffer from extreme stress handling them. Their own methods are brutal and do not lead to cures. Thus doctors suffer from anxiety, stress and depression as they know the patients are going to get worse anyway. This leads to pessimism. All of these adversely affect the immune system.

- If they work in corporate hospitals the unethical practices they are forced to do on a regular basis has a great negative effect on them. Hospital and even conferences are famous for offering junk foods to doctors

- If they work in emergency wards or handle critically ill patients they end up taking addictive drugs or drinks to ease the trauma and keep functioning. This practice destroys health

- Currently they are regularly taking preventive medications like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, or Aspirin. Many are now taking the MMR shot as they feel it provides immunity

- If they get a fever (which may be a reaction of the body to the above medications) they are rushing to treat the "viral illness" with anti viral medications or powerful antibiotics

- The fever will not recede easily as it comes to rectify internal problems and doctors suffer plenty of health issues. Instead the fever is seen as a threat and constantly battled

- The resultant complication is being treated with more powerful drugs

If they wish to live healthy lives they should reflect on what they are doing and decide whether the methods they use lead to health. They should study what holistic systems have to say and use the principles to stay healthy.

For the current disease, they should realize it is an internal problem and not an external threat. They should not wage a war against their own bodies by resorting to health destroying drugs. Instead they should supplement the body's effort to resolve its problems which it knows best and does regularly.

If they follow this approach they need not unnecessarily sacrifice their lives. It is their education, attitude, and their own drugs that are killing them.

Will vaccination fulfil these prophecies?


Vaccines are now real and the process has begun. Nobody will be left behind. What will be the consequences? I cannot but reflect on two predictions. The first is a 500 year old prediction by an Indian saint. The second is a Biblical prophecy.

Swami Achyutananda, a contemporary of Sri Krishna Chaitanya, had visions about the future. He had predicted the present epidemic and described how people would hide in their homes and wear clothes to cover their mouths like bullocks were restrained in his time. What did he say exactly?

"Strange epidemics would appear that would baffle doctors. The medicines would not work and aggravate the disease." He also said, "people would start dying in large numbers and the death rate would become so high the corpses would rot in the homes and be devoured by animals as people would get tired carrying the bodies on their shoulders and cremating them."

Why would people die in such large numbers? Not impossible to guess as we now have an intervention that will be mandated for everybody. His prediction that the remedy will be worse than the disease must also be borne in mind.

The second is a Biblical end time prophecy. People will suffer from extensive and very painful open sores and will be so affected mentally that even committing suicide will not be an option. They will experience hell in summer heat without any means to lessen the temperature. Clearly something will cause electricity grids to fail. This prediction too is not difficult to imagine and the cause can be easily understood.

The CDC had carried out a zombie apocalypse exercise. Clearly huge crowds of such mentally unstable people with festering sores and cankers all over their bodies will be difficult to control.

Predictions have the uncanny ability to occur. These too will occur.

How do we escape? In Nepal people have observed that deaths are occurring in hospitals. They then decided to stay at home and treat themselves with their home made ayurvedic remedies. The deaths have stopped. We must understand what this crisis is about.

Fact: We are sick due to toxicity


Dear All,

Many of you have written to me asking how such a situation has developed. In trying to explain I will begin by adding to the consternation.

Ever since Pasteur came out with his germ theory, and later we developed the knowledge of the virome, doubts have been expressed regarding the role of germs and viruses in disease. Dr Antoine Bechamp, MD was the first to counter with his "Terrain Theory". He stated that our thoughts, actions, diet, and lack of sanitation led to disease and germs appeared after the disease to clean up the waste. "The waste heap attracts the flies, the flies do not cause the waste heap".

Dr Stephan Lenka, MD has similarly challenged the virus theory, and famously won a court case where the existence of the measles virus could not be proven. Scientists have drunk glassful of cholera bacteria (Dr Claude Bernard) and injected themselves with the AIDS virus ( Dr Robert Willner) to prove that bacteria and viruses do not cause disease.

Then what causes disease? Sample these;

- There are 84,000 chemicals traded as per 2011 records

- There are 60 million known compounds based on those 84,000 chemicals

- We are exposed to more than 700,000 toxic chemicals on a daily basis

- You can be exposed to 2,100,000 toxins each and every day

- These toxins bioaccumulate in the body

- In addition you are exposed to electricity, wireless, radio waves, EMF every second

- You eat junk food every day. Your usual food is poisoned beyond belief

- Now GMO foods have appeared on the scene

- We treat our toxicity induced ailments with more toxicity. We have 4051 approved drugs, 2646 approved small molecule drugs, and 6400 experimental drugs. There are drugs and drug combinations beyond this. These drugs not only add to the toxicity but they impair the body's ability to eliminate toxicity and repair itself.

Thus there are many reasons why we are sick. But try telling that to a medical professional. To those who have a medical degree, there is nothing beyond germs and viruses.

Thus if the germ and virus theory has to be questioned, we have to also question the concept of infectious disease!

What is really happening? The simple fact is; the entire population of the globe is sick due to toxicity and the body is trying to shrug off that toxicity using elimination symptoms like fever, inflammation, cold, cough, diarrhoea, dysentery, and skin eruptions. If you consider all the symptoms ascribed to the virus, you find them here. They are toxic elimination symptoms.

What about the immune system overreacting? Our immune systems have been thrown off track by the many vaccines we have been subject to, and made more precarious by the annual flu shots.

What is killing people? The treatment is killing people. The immunosuppressive drugs, the high dose antiviral drugs, the malarial and anti parasite drugs, the antibiotics, and the ventilators. The people are already suffering from many comorbidities. You subject that population to these drugs and they will die. The treatments are a massive clinical trial approved by the WHO and the deaths have been incentivized. We are witnessing deaths only in hospitals, and only in people who choose this brand of medicine.

Our medical professionals are a misguided lot. Their education and the protocols they follow has led to this crisis. The planners (bankers & philanthropists) have weaved their illusion around this to bring down economies, depopulate, usher in the global reset, and bring in the New World Order.

What can be done? We need to see through the constant barrage of misinformation. We need to switch off the TV, stop reading the muck published in newspapers and disregard those experts who are strengthening the false narrative. It is important to understand that the flu is a detoxification strategy of the body. We need to tackle it with rest, fasting, hydration, and aiding the elimination process by tapping the vitality and strengthening the elimination organs.

If we fail to do this people will continue to die and the pharmaceutical sector will use those deaths to push in even more toxic products. They will blame the virus for the consequences as they have always done.

With regards,


Vaccinating healthcare personnel


I read the 15 page circular of the Govt of India in this regard.

What is amazing is that Ayush practitioners, students, researchers, and administrative staff are being included. Even NGOs providing health services have not been spared.

I really do not know how many will agree. Already there are apprehensions being shared and in my state the Anganwadi workers (grassroot staff) have raised the issue of adverse effects. They want to know if the state will take care of them when things go wrong. Going by past records the state's responsibility ends with vaccination. Had they gone beyond that point vaccines would not have existed. Vaccination has always been a terribly irresponsible exercise.

This is an experimental vaccine. Dr T Jacob John has advocated for emergency use as he feels late protection is no protection. Taking note of the observation of Dr Peter Doshi in the BMJ, the trials have taken a scant look at infection and remain silent on the issue of severe cases, hospitalizations and death. Perhaps the reason why Dr Jacob John has insisted that the vaccine manufacturers and vaccinators be provided legal immunity. The manufacturers have already received immunity in 182 countries I think as they admitted adverse effects would be widespread and would show up after 3 to 4 years.

In the early days of the epidemic (if we may call it so) virologists had pointed out that preventing a virus from latching on to mucosal surfaces is a dream. Therefore preventing infection is not possible. "A vaccine cannot prevent a mosquito from biting", was the simile used as far as I can remember.

I view this vaccine with dread as I have been looking at the vaccine scenario for more than four decades and I know exactly why vaccines are necessary and pushed so hard. However the present vaccines come in the backdrop of agendas that are difficult for any common man to even imagine.

The tests were manufactured in 2017 and distributed in 2018. As vaccinating 7.8 billion is a prime agenda behind this manufactured crisis, I am very sure work on the vaccine began a long time ago and the finished products will be rolled out soon. The pretense of manufacture and the trials are a sham. As revealed in India there exists no committee to oversee the process. We remain in the dark.

Clearly the first groups; healthcare workers and the elderly will be participating in a trial. Not perhaps for observing the usual side effects. The fulfillment of a certain agenda may be tested.

It is highly suspicious that two doses will be required, and will become an annual or biannual feature. It is amazing trials are continuing despite adverse effects like multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, ICU admissions, kobhid symptoms, and deaths that are being ignored. It is frightening that mRNA and DNA concepts are being tried for the first time. It is frightening that squalene and aluminum hydroxide gels are being used, ostensibly to force foreign proteins into cells. It is frightening it will be enforced by digital technology that will make it impossible to avoid this monstrosity. It is frightening that the process will in all probability affect us at levels that will be irreversible.

I feel sorry that such decisions are being taken without caring for public opinion, and that of genuine experts without conflict of interest. We have seen how those experts who are worried about the developments are expressing their concerns on various platforms and are being censored.

Will the profession take the shots? What will they get in return? So far the members have been very tardy in taking the vaccines they recommend. There are mandated vaccines for hospital staff, but those mandates stay on paper. But this time it will be difficult to duck. I understand there will be a committee to supervise the entire exercise.

The decision to vaccinate the healthcare workers has come from the very top and emanated from the offices of the supreme scientist, the best the world has ever produced, the honorable Dr Bill Gates. Dr Melinda Gates has publicly proclaimed the plan. She is also very eager to protect the women of the world with this vaccine. She is very worried about their health and perhaps their reproductive abilities.

I salute those brave hearts who have decided to unquestioningly sacrifice their lives and health at the altar of the Gates Foundation. I am worried about those who are being forced into the trap.

Why are the healthcare workers being sacrificed? Vaccines affect populations at several levels and sick, stressed, and confused people can then be manipulated to implement steps they would not ordinarily agree to. It may also be that with extensive digitization and introduction of artificial intelligence the whole disease scenario will be virtually monitored and would not require the very large workforce. This may be a goodbye. Not surprising because the rulers regard the workers as goyims. They are done away with after the job is done. Targeting the elderly is easily understood. They are perceived as a burden on the world.

It is estimated that within a few years billions (85 million in India alone) will lose their jobs to extensive automation. Our premier institutes are busy designing AI based industrial and health sector facilities. A few robots will be enough to man factories and chips within us will connect to virtual doctors and take care of our health (and demise).

The future is very bright. I feel it difficult to stare at the intense light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps I am having a near death experience.

When we say ayurvedic drugs are not tested enough


I was watching a TV debate where a doctor was very annoyed that ayurvedic drugs are selling very fast due to "marketing stunts" and not due to rigorous studies that prove their efficacy. Those drugs should be tried on patients, he said, to see if they worked at all. They should pass through clinical trials and the reports submitted to the apex mainstream bodies for evaluation.

Had I been there I would have pointed out how pharma sells trillions worth of drugs that prove their efficacy by killing and disabling people. They come to the market based on bogus trials. Some are caught in the act and withdrawn after large scale fatalities, others continue. In the current crisis not a single drug has worked, there are warnings about using them and yet they continue.

How are trials of modern day drugs conducted? They are tried against other similar drugs.

- To prove efficacy, the competitive drug is given in doses that would not work, and the drug being tried would be declared to work

- To prove safety, the competing drug is given in very high doses so that adverse effects occur, and the trial drug would be declared safe.

There are other problems with trials.

- Trial data is rarely revealed leading to a campaign that demands full disclosure but has not succeeded so far

- The conclusions of studies claim the drugs work and are safe, but the data presented does not bear it out

- Inconvenient data is kept out of the study

- Data is often destroyed

- The agencies conducting the trials receive payment only if they can show positive results

- The agencies depend on such research for funds and they know they would get blacklisted if they do not conform to industry wishes

- It is often the case that the agency - which professes to be independent-, is financially linked to the manufacturer

- The experts conducting the trial are often well known to the manufacturer through past associations and look forward to future assignments

The drugs that are available in the market move because of handsome commissions and incentives and not because they are rigorously tested.

And what does efficacy mean? As per modern scientific standards they are about suppressing and destroying symptoms, there is absolutely no concern about the consequences. If the symptoms are destroyed the drug is a success, nobody looks at whether the patient lives or dies. We have scandals like Vioxx where drugs are pulled after tens and thousands of deaths.

What happens to those drugs pulled out? They are often "repurposed" or used for other diseases. Production lines do not stop.

Regarding testing ayurvedic drugs on the current patients we all know what is preventing that. About submitting drug results to the apex allopathic body, would modern drug manufacturers agree to submit their drug trial results to the apex ayurvedic body? Each system has its norm.

Today's medicine is purely about marketing and money power. It kills and maims with impunity and still has the gall to call other systems names.