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C Crisis: What you can do to protect yourself.


What am I doing?

Many have asked me what precautions am I taking. My disadvantages are my impaired state of health, chronic anxiety, and inactivity as I suffer from serious neuro-muscular problems. But I have not deviated a lot for tackling what is here. I am continuing with my old practices which I think should suffice.

- I have a habit of regularly taking Amla (Indian gooseberry) tablets or powder twice a day. The body does not produce Vit C

- I have always focussed on detoxification and so I take neem and manjistha based preparations now and then. Remember detoxification is a MUST. If you do it yourself the body does not have to take it up

- I am a diabetic. A herbal medicine I take has ingredients like Andrographis Paniculata and Triphala which are also good for C and detoxification, and are also great anti parasitic

- For my insomnia I take a herbal preparation that contains herbs like Brahmi and Ashwagandha

- I take the golden milk formula - milk with turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, ginger powder, and cumin powder at night. Not a purchased combination but prepared at home. Helps me sleep. This is a great protective and anti inflammatory preparation

- I ensure I don't suffer from constipation. I take water whenever I feel thirsty. If you keep your bowels in good condition you will not have parasitical activity in your body

- I take very simple food and try to avoid taking non veg - which is difficult to avoid when I am on tour. I never over eat. The moment I feel I have taken enough I stop

- Almond and cashew nuts are my favourite. I take a few everyday. They are rich in Zinc

- I take BC 28 tablets every day. This combination contains all the biochemic tissue salts of Schussler

- I message my head and body with oil before I take a bath. I use sesame oil. I stand under the Sun for sometime before the bath. I think it takes care of Vitamin D

- I always remember MahaSambhuti Chakradhar, Sri Ramakrishna, and Sri Ramana Maharshi as I am devoted to them. It is my habit to read books on spirituality

- It is a regular practice with me to reflect on the temporary nature of this world and on the inevitable outcome of death

- I have the habit of being a witness to whatever happens around me

The only thing I have added is take Anu Taila in the nostrils twice a day. Besides its filtering and protective abilities it is also good for anxiety and insomnia, and pollution as well. Those who do not have access can use sesame or mustard oil instead. I have also started taking 1/4th tsp of ginger powder on the tip of my tongue. After it dissolves I swallow it. For half an hour after this I don’t take water or food.

I don't watch TV. I read the newspaper to keep abreast of developments as I am called to TV programs and webinars.

I am fortunate to live in the outskirts of a not so polluted city. The administration here is a notch over the rest. Ever since the second wave there has also been an attempt to keep internet speeds very low. The greatest threat I face is the internet tower in my neighbours roof. If at all I come down with something it will be from this.

I have an adequate knowledge of homeopathy so I have kept all the probable medications at home. The current symptoms point to China, Eup Perf, Arsenic, Acid Phos, Bryonia, Rhus Tox, Aconite, Belladona, Carbo Veg, Antim Tart, Ipecac etc. I also have herbs like Giloy and Tulsi. It is not good to self medicate as you will not be able to judge the symptoms. Take the help of a homeopath and ayurved. If it is a telephone prescription please remember to pay his fees without fail.

The remedies Arsenic, Aconite, Bryonia and Belladona ought to be kept handy. They can abort any disease when the symptoms are right. Arsenic is great when any disease comes on with great restlessness and anxiety. Aconite if it comes on suddenly with great fear of death - you feel it is certain you will die. Belladona if it arrives with redness of face, fear and a bursting headache. Bryonia if it comes on with a frontal headache, increased thirst, and body ache - you feel like lying down all the time. Just a dose or two of the 200C potency is enough.

It is also important to maintain the alkalinity of the body. Take the proper herbs or homeopathic preparations if you suffer from acidity. Take herbs if you suffer pitta problems - your body is always hot, you cannot bear the sun, and you have skin problems. If you feel acidic you can take Natrum Carb 200C to help overcome. A single dose is often enough. You can also take a small pinch of edible soda in a glass of water but don't overdo it.

Obesity, smoking and other uses of tobacco, inactivity, and lack of exposure to sunlight are great threats. One needs to actively tackle these problems. If you are obese you can be sure you are full of toxins. The obese are also attracted to junk food as also those whose guts are not healthy. Do yoga and pranayama. Stop putting junk into your body. Stay away from cosmetics. Switch off wifi when not in use.

This crisis will severely test our destructive habits and lack of discipline. Remember God, pray, be humble, rectify your habits and overindulgence and fight it out. Nature is in a cleansing mode. It will weed out all that are sick and incapable of healing themselves. This crisis has its real origins from the cosmic energy levels. It is not to be taken lightly. Align with the greater powers and stay afloat.

Don't panic if symptoms arrive. They merely indicate the body is doing its job. The greater the severity of symptoms the sooner you heal. We have so many testimonials of people who are into naturopathy and have tackled this crisis, even very serious symptoms, by just taking rest, plenty of fluids, and by adequate sun bathing. Tribal populations do this for every fever. They just lie down and wait it out. They allow the body to do its job. Suppressing a fever, stopping elimination, and using the worst of toxins for treatment and prevention is something that quacks do.

And don't forget. Plant as many trees as you can. Prevent felling.

Dry ginger powder.

Dr Hitesh Jani, a reputed Ayurved of India, has successfully implemented this prevention strategy in many parts of India and recieved appreciation from the Government.

What he recommends;

Step 1: To be sniffed through Both Nostrils – Take a pinch of Dry Ginger Powder and sniff lightly through each nostril one by one. Do it in sitting or standing position. Do not lie down for a while. Do not eat or drink anything for atleast half an hour . Slight tingling or burning sensation is normal after doing this and it will subside slowly. Follow this practise once in morning and then in evening for about 7 days. One can repeat the process with a gap of few days for regular prevention till pandemic

Step 2: To be put on tongue – Take 1/4th teaspoon or 1 Gram of Dry Ginger Powder. Put it on the tip of your tongue and allow it to get mixed with saliva and gradually swallow it. Slight burning sensation is normal in the process. Do this twice a day, post lunch and dinner for about 7 days. Do not eat or drink anything for about half an hour . One can repeat the process with a gap of few days for regular prevention till pandemic


1. Pregnant Women should avoid this therapy

2. Children below 12 years should not do Nasya or Inhalation process as mentioned in step 1. They can be given ½ gram Dry ginger powder roasted with cow ghee.

3. People already suffering from any critical disease related to Pitta disorders must avoid

4. Persons with Highly Fluctuating Blood Pressure should also avoid.

He cites references from several ayurvedic texts and classifies the current situation as a "Madak" - a cleansing exercise of nature where all settlements are wiped out. This comes after every 200 to 250 years to eliminate adharma and restore dharma. It is the natural consequence of not following the laws of nature. The only recourse is to become healthy again, pray to the higher powers, conduct kirtans to cleanse the mind, and do home and community based yagnyas to purify the atmosphere.

Integrated Approach;


- Ars Alb 30 - 6 globules in the morning for 3 days. Repeat this every month

- Influenzinum 200C one dose. Do not take on the days you are taking Arsenic 30. Give a 10 days gap. This is only one dose. You need not repeat.

- Giloy or Tulsi ghan vati (or both) one tab twice a day

- Amla 500 mg twice a day

- Neem tablet twice daily

- Anu taila- put in nose before going out and in night before sleep

- Ashwagandha Vati - for tension and anxiety - one tab twice a day

- Morning exposure to sunlight or Vit D3

- Five Phos 6x four tabs twice a day

- Calcarea Phos 6x four tabs twice a day

- Take a Zinc supplement



- You can also take Andrographis Paniculata MT - 20 drops twice a day. This is almost equivalent of Ivermectin

- Steam inhalation at least once a day



- Switch off WiFi when not in use

- Try not to remain in A/c room

- Live in a well ventilated room

- Use sesame oil for massage before bath



- Take Neem syrup or Manjisthadyarishta for detoxification

- Take Triphala Churna in the wee morning hours (before 6am). Take minimum quantity at first and then increase to regular dose



- Restless, taking small sips of water, afraid of death - Arsenic 200

- Fever, headache, heavy head, body ache, lying down, dryness of mouth and throat, taking large amount of water - Bryonia 200

- Heaviness of head, feeling weak, moderate thirst - Gelsemium 200

- Intense body pain as if bones will break - Eup Perf 200

- Intense body pain, says he is all right, will not allow anyone to touch - Arnica 200

- Very sensitive to drafts of air, throat complaints - Hepar Sulph 200

- Bursting headache, face red - Belladonna 200

- Sudden onset of symptoms, extreme fear of death - Aconite 200

- Excessive weakness in chest - Stannum Met 200 

- Cough and cold - Ocimum + Justicia + Zingiber Q 20 drops in half cup of water 2 to 3 times a day depending on intensity

- Breathing problems - Aspidosperma Q 40 drops thrice a day

- Breathing problems - with gas, better under fan, body cold to touch - Carbo Veg 200

- Breathing problems - with vomiting tendency - Ipecac 200

- Breathing problems - with great restlessness and anxiety - Arsenic 200

- Breathing problems - with rattling cough in chest that will not come out - Antim Tart 200

- For all breathing problems - Aspidosperma Q 40 drops every 3 hours in an emergency

- Loss of taste and smell - don't be alarmed. After recovery you can take Pulsatilla 200

- For all fevers take Ferrum Phos 6x + Kali Mur 6x + Mag Phos 6x = 3+3+3 = 9 tabs 4 times a day

- During fever you can take Arogya Vati one tab twice a day. Continue with Giloy ghan vati

- If you face diarrhoea take ORS


Ayurvedic for breathing problem

- Swashari Vati or Syrup


For aborting;

- If the symptoms come on suddenly - Take Aconite 200

- If symptoms come on with bursting headache - Take Belladonna 200

- If the symptoms come on with anxiety and restlessness - Take Arsenic 200

Keep these remedies near you. They will help you abort the disease before it takes hold

- Take Aspidosperma Q 20 drops twice a day with Vanadium Met 30 before sleep to deal with Oxygen issues



- Do yoga and pranayama regularly

- Else take very deep breathes and keep within for some time. Do stretching exercises involving hands and chest. Hold hands before you as you stand upright. Take a deep breath as you stretch them out. Breathe in while you again bring them together. Do this whenever possible.

- Meditate and pray

- Practice the prone position so you get accustomed when you need it

- Remember the prone position works better if a fan is put near the head of the person



- Very light and simple food, ensure adequate nutrition. Avoid iron rich food.

- Liquid nourishing food when affected

- Citrus and hydrating fruit juices

- Take plenty of water



- Buy thermometer and Pulse Oximeter

- Buy steam inhaler



- You should continue with your usual BP and sugar medications

- Please keep yourselves hydrated. Don't ignore thirst

- Address constipation issues

- Don't overexpose to hot weather


What is Covid?

- It is about a toxic body reacting to an intensely toxic environment

- Don't be alarmed by symptoms, the body is trying to detoxify

- If you face serious oxygen deficiency immediately seek help

- The real problem is not allowing the elimination symptoms

- Don't take antiviral drugs on your own. They have not worked and are no longer recommended in mild and moderate cases

- Steroids work in very limited cases



For prevention and treatment please visit a doctor. The above is only indicative of how natural remedies can help. For diet refer to the diet of Biswaroop Roychowdhury.

C Crisis: A World War is Upon Us.


(Image from the internet)

World War.

Yesterday while declaring the lockdown the Chief Secretary of our State formally declared that this is war. And war it is. The most complex and convoluted war the world has ever faced. It is a physical mental and spiritual war.

The physical component is about the diseases that will be continually inflicted on society, natural disasters, full blown wars, skirmishes, civil riots, protests, lack of vital resources like food and water, and the shock of the new world order where you will be reduced to a pauper, enslaved and be at the mercy of sadists.

Mentally it is about capturing your minds with the support of media and industry educated and dominated experts. It is also about the art of keeping calm in the midst of a ferocious tornado. You will see good friends becoming enemies, strangers becoming friends, people disbelieving and distrusting you unable to discern what is right and what is wrong, becoming the object of ridicule, and emerging a winner under very difficult circumstances. It is about all masks falling off as you realize with horror that you have been living in an illusory world and that the very people you were trained to trust have been the cause why you are facing a great danger. You need to go against your education and convictions to win this war. The reality is actually the mirror image of what you imagined till now.

You will also fight against yourself as you see yourself poised against your own wishes and ambitions. This war is a whirlwind that will see improbable people fighting for causes that they never nurtured. In such circumstances one should focus on the fight at hand and pray that other issues are resolving themselves being fought by people who have the job well cut out.

It is a spiritual war because you are fighting real demonic forces who have dominance, arrogance, falsehood, and hatred as their weapons. They are very powerful and the opposition is scattered and confused. You have to fight it with truth, simplicity, love and prayers that emerge from the depth of your soul.

There will be warriors at every stage. People chosen to be born in this age so they can fight the most difficult fight they have ever fought. It is the Supreme who is fighting through them, guiding their actions and showing them the way. Under them are ordinary people who will be forced to fight as they see everything taken away from them. It will be a messy war but victory of good over evil is certain.

We are not the physical frame that we suppose we are. We are the consciousness that alone exists. We are the most powerful force in the universe. Our opponents are a shadow we imagine to be real; a Phoenix that is destined to rise, torment, and then fall to be reduced to ashes.

Victory is ours.

Spiritual warfare.

How do we fight this war as a spiritual warrior? For this we need to know what spirituality is. Spirituality is the destruction of everything phenomenal that we hold dear and stand naked before the Lord. It is realizing that the world is a play on the screen of consciousness and that we are the screen. It is about waking up to the fact that only one entity exists - Sat Chid Ananda - Existence Consciousness Bliss - and the seeming differentiation is a mirage. In essence we are all one.

On the surface it will seem that if that is the case then why fight? This question is replied by Sri Krishna in The Holy Geeta. When we are in this world it is our duty to do our assigned work. The knowledge that we are eternal provides us the strength we require and enables us to sacrifice everything to reach the goal. It also makes us desire less. Once we are desire less we become empty and the Supreme starts working through us.

The words, "Shed all your inhibitions and doubts and fight O Arjuna" should resonate in our ears. For in this battle we are all Arjunas. We should align ourselves on the side of Dharma and fight adharma.

The situation is made more complicated by the words of Mahasambhuti Chakradhar. He has classified the fight as between Positivity and Negativity. "I alone exist. Positivity and Negativity are two arms of mine. I know when to employ both. This time I will work through Negativity because that is the shortest path to the goal." In short this will be a no holds barred fight.

After he arrived Mahasambhuti Chakradhar declared war on the negative forces. He declared that all Gods have been dethroned and he has taken over the reins. He is the Chakradhari - the holder of the all powerful cyclical force that controls the world. He was in this mother’s womb for 12 years for he needed a body that would bring the Chakra into this world. With his passing he has left the Chakra in this world. All the turbulence you now witness is this Chakra - the tremendous force that is spinning relentlessly to resolve all unresolved issues, to pay each his due, remove all obstacles on the path of Dharma, and establish the new world.

The old house has to be broken down to build the new. Do not expect the present civilization to survive. Do not expect the present structures to survive. Do not expect the present thought processes to survive. Everything will be mercilessly swept away.

Standing before sure death our only recourse is action. This is the time to act on the side of the deprived - the Pandavas. They had a small army but the Lord as their Charioteer. The Lord broke all rules, acted against the mighty that chose to support adharma and despite their stature killed them one by one to establish Dharma. The present situation is no different. You may be the most lofted spiritual personality, the most sought after person in society, but your end is certain if you do not align yourself on the side of Dharma.

Let us participate in this MahaYuddh - described as Maha Vishwa by Chakradhar - and earn endless merit that will augur well in our future incarnations.

Har Har Mahadev.

MahaSambhuti Chakradhar ki Jay.

Friday, April 30, 2021

C Crisis: What we should be doing


What we should be doing;

- A thorough analysis of what is in the extremely polluted air. We should check every component for their individual toxicity as well as combined toxicity. We should delve into possible synergistic toxicity of components

- We should check the carbon dioxide and oxygen status of the atmosphere

- An honest probe into the high speed wireless technology. The industry is extremely powerful. All the more why it should be transparently probed

- A hawk’s eye on the skies; not only over India but the neighbourhood that won't be difficult with satellites everywhere. There are reports of possible chemtrails in India since 2019

- The key suspect is the inclement weather. No rain and smog like situation everywhere. We ought to be monitoring weather modification programs of our big brother neighbour. Are its efforts disturbing our weather? It will be foolish to assume otherwise

- An honest overview of the disease and investigating all probable causes. There is no universality in this disease. Why are cases overwhelmingly from the toxic hotspots? We cannot continue with the same mistakes we made last year

- If we do not acknowledge toxicity as a problem and see the symptoms as the body's detoxification attempt we will be committing a very grave mistake. All out effort must be made to identify the heavy metals and toxins present in the bodies of those affected. In its toxic state the body will suffer inflammation and also display cytokine storms – the two factors that are complicating the cases

- A complete stoppage of the needle program. Elderly are dying in very large numbers. The elderly were the first line needle targets. Is their needle status being honestly recorded? Now that the developed countries are witnessing a surge in the disease among those needled there is need to be extremely cautious

- Bill Gates should be grilled to reveal what technology and ingredients are in use and for what purpose. It is terrible that he refuses to reveal the same citing business reasons. Can we trust such people and allow populations to be mass penetrated with his products? What has happened to our scientific outlook?

- We should immediately stop cutting down trees for development and restore our environment in a war footing. Soldiers should be employed to heal the world and not terrorize its inhabitants in the name of prevention

- The medical system that has failed to exercise due diligence and has been engaged in carrying out orders of the elite without compunction must be regulated. Its institutions have been compromised and the members are engaged by people who do not have India's best interest at heart. The system has failed in every aspect and must be held accountable. Its greed and fanaticism for monopoly has taken enough lives

- There should be an all out effort to bring the well tested holistic systems out of the restrictions and, based upon their performance so far, their opinions must be taken and treatment initiated. If the entire country is not on fire then we must thank all their suggestions that has been mass adopted by the public

- A check on the profiteering approach of the private sector and its continued dependence on the costly drugs that have been amply proven to be thoroughly useless

Unless we are able to do this we cannot claim to be intelligent and rational individuals.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Be earnest in your prayer


It is very important that you be earnest in your prayer. Take up the mantra you have been given by your Guru in all earnest. Mentally remember and contemplate upon the divine image of the Deity that you are attracted to.

It is also important to beg forgiveness of nature on whom we have heaped so much of pain by our wanton destruction. We have been extremely cruel towards birds and animals and never had a thought about what they are going through. Let us pray for their welfare and repent for our deeds and action.

It is not any disease but our karma that is now standing before us. Nature will now use everything in her power to decimate us. It has waited for too long and given us enough scope to mend our ways.

Currently Lord Shiva is in his most destructive form. It is important to placate him. However mere words or prayers will not do. We also need action on the ground. Are we willing to work towards restoring nature and providing relief to her inhabitants? Now is not the time to despair or be angry. We need to be calm amidst adversities.

Our ancestors have faced great calamities with patience and taken life forward because they led pious and disciplined lives. They were strong in body and mind as a result.

In the name of science we accepted a system that promised us eternal life if we deviate from the wisdom of our ancestors and lead profligate lives. Today the results are evident and the very same system is full of predictions about how a bevy of diseases await to decimate us. Yet we trust its advocates and feel that they are out to save us. Let us snap out of that delusion and begin to take care of our health.

The solution provided by that misguided system is already creating havoc and there is no doubt that it will lead to destructive phases that will be immensely difficult to tackle. That product is currently the most powerful weapon that is seeking to destroy us.

It is important we keep our wits together and invoke divine blessings. We can change destiny if we change our ways. Let us not consciously hurl ourselves into the abyss.

Om Parambrahma Chakradhar.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Let thy will be done. It is my duty to surrender.

C Crisis: Detoxify and be protected.


We are suffering because the pharmaceutical industry wants to sell drugs. The germ and virus theory is 200 years old. In the last 30 years the Human Microbiome Project has totally reversed that theory with scientific facts.

Germs and viruses are our friends. Without them we cannot survive. They help in digestion, assimilation, excretion, detoxification, and evolution (making us more compatible to the external universe).

In the detoxification phase it seems like they cause disease. But in reality they are cleaning the body of waste and toxins. When we suppress the detoxification symptoms like cold, cough, fevers, diarrhoea, dysentery, vomiting, rashes etc we disturb the detoxification process. After such repeated suppression the body develops chronic disease.

In case of C also same thing is happening. Those who are aware that this is a detoxification are treating it differently by strengthening the body and keeping the elimination organs healthy. After the elimination the body is recovering.

Regarding infection Dr Thomas Cowan, MD has explained the concept of resonance in his book "The Contagion Myth". A sick body can take the cue from another body that is undergoing the detoxification process. We are energy bodies and communicate in many methods that we do not probe.

Thus the key to preventing and recovering from C is detoxification, strengthening your defences, and maintaining your vitality. If you do it yourself nature will not need to do it for you.

You can detoxify using Panchakarma of ayurveda, the procedures of naturopathy, or seek the help of a homeopathic doctor. Those who live in polluted cities, who are obese and inactive, those addicted to smoking and tobacco, and who suffer from respiratory disorders must do it. Clean up your bodies and minds with the help of holistic systems.

Nature does not like sickness. The plant and animal world follow natural laws instinctively. Man has a mind and ego that makes him feel he is separate from nature. By breaking natural laws he makes himself susceptible to disease and suffers a fate worse than hell. To relieve his suffering nature takes up a massive cleansing exercise every 200 to 250 years.

Currently man has himself opened the doors for such an exercise and made things complicated by treating it as a disease. Nature is now busy weeding out the sick. Next it will weed out the toxic cities. The harshest treatment will be for all those who have been responsible for creating the mess.

But in the process all will be affected. Our fault was we accepted the new paradigm without contemplating the consequences and we did not protest enough when we realized things were wrong. We will suffer because of our complicity and collective inaction.

The cleansing has started in all earnest and only end after all falsehood is destroyed and the truth is established. Those who expect that life will go on as usual are living in a fools paradise. The way to confront the crisis is to shift the truth from the false and help Providence in its mission. This is Mahabharat playing itself on the world arena and the whole world is now the Kurukshetra.

The Lord has blown the Conch and provided us the opportunity to emulate Arjuna. We have nothing to lose. In a few more years all will perish. Contemplating that death is certain let us take up our bow and fight for establishing Dharma. The reward will be eternal life and a better world that will truly reflect the aspirations of the masses.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Should we be satisfied with current efficacy data?

 (Image courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/BusinessToday/posts/vaccine-efficacy-claims-of-more-than-92-by-pfizer-moderna-and-gamaleya-are-based/10164505410215300/)

Should we be satisfied with current efficacy data?

 1. Efficacy can be known only after one year. Trials can never predict efficacy. In case of the influenza v we see how they come to the market with claims of 94 to 98% efficacy but when data analysis happens after one year the average efficacy is around 17% which is equivalent to 0 as natural immunity is never taken into consideration

2. The data released by the Indian Govt is incorrect because they started collecting information after 3 months

3. They have changed the form of information collection but the new format is yet to be used by all. The data generation and analysis is also subject to manipulation. Already reports from UK and the statement of an Yale Professor indicates soon we will have a situation where subject to categories 60% to 70% of cases will be in those who have taken the v

4. The v against coronavirus failed to emerge after 16 years of effort because the trial animals subject to v died after being exposed to the disease. This is called pathogenic priming or disease enhancement. Once this starts showing up there will be chaos

5. The v manufacturers have received legal immunity as they have admitted that the v adverse effects will start showing themselves after 4 years and they don't want Court cases

6. Those subject to v will face an existential crisis in every influenza season and their deaths will be recorded as influenza deaths instead of v deaths

7. The v's have so far displayed more than 100 adverse effects all of which are much more severe than a bout of Covid

8. These are new v's with new technology and never before used ingredients. Nobody knows what will be the long term adverse effects

9. If you study the ingredients then autoimmune, inflammatory and immunotoxic effects are certain. The presence of FBS, embryonic kidney cells and GM ingredients point to serious long term harm

10. As very potent neurotoxins like aluminum hydroxide gel, squalene, nanoparticles etc have been used neurological damage is certain

11. The use of chimpanzee and human adenoviruses are frought with danger and they have led to severe unintended consequences in the past

12. V industry experts have pointed out that the v's will lead to virus mutations and will create super strains that will affect the populations

13. Once you enter the v arena there is no escape. Already there is talk of three doses now. And these v's will become annual affairs. Tremendous profit for the manufacturers and tremendous harm for the populations

14. India will very soon have mRNA v's that have their own share of dangers

15. Nobody is promising relief from disease. Already there are predictions about 16 more diseases that will emerge as epidemics. If you study the nature of those diseases they could easily be v adverse effects. A healthy society can result after nutrition, exercise, detoxification, and environmental clean up is ensured. We are simply adding to the problem and complicating matters with the needles

16. If you die from the v you will not be counted as a vaccine death and compensated as the WHO reporting protocol is designed not to link adverse effects with the vaccines. Thousands of deaths have occurred and being denied. The v is being protected, not the people

 V's do not prevent disease. They create serious chronic degenerative diseases that then become inputs for the industry to grow and profit by managing them.

Propaganda and blind faith keeps modern medicine alive


If you think medicine is a science you are mistaken. Consider these facts;

- Medicine is the largest industry in the world. Pharmaceutical drug revenue alone is $1.25 trillion per year. Device sales have revenue of $ 50 billion a year. All factors considered the revenue could be $2.5 trillion annually. It is therefore extremely powerful and all pervasive

- It is also the most corrupt. The World Corruption Report by Oxfam found it to be the most corrupt industry two years in a row. The reports were shut down and purged from every platform. But Oxfam continues to report the shenanigans of the industry

- The industry is known to finance politicians and political parties to further their interests. They have positioned lobbyists as politicians and political administrators. Dr Anthony Fauci is a glaring example. His salary is more than the POTUS

- The medical doctors and scientists barring a few are not independent. They depend totally on the system for their salaries and consultations

- The scientists mostly cannot do any independent research. They have to depend on the system and come out with solutions that suit the industry. Those who research herbs and other natural products including natural minerals find their research condemned to the dustbin

- Scientists who do the trials often suffer undeclared conflict of interest. In many cases industry employees conduct the research after resigning and then rejoin after the research is complete

- The institutions that conduct research know they need the industry assignments to survive. They know the price they have to pay for a negative report

- There are many studies whose conclusions are at variance with the data

- There are studies that say the benefits outweigh the risks when the data clearly shows otherwise

- There are numerous instances where drugs based on such research has caused huge deaths and adverse effects and the companies have gotten away by paying pittance as fines. The net results are huge profits

- In the US all major drug companies are embroiled in huge controversies yet the industry gets away with murder

- The pricing mechanism of drugs will leave you gaping. In India 1200 to 1400% (even 1000 to 4000%) mark-ups occur

- The industry is known to invent diseases to sell drugs. Outdated drugs are routinely repurposed for other diseases without solid evidence. Drugs are minimally changed to renew patents after expiry. The strategies are endless

Science does not survive in such an atmosphere; and what about results?

- This science has converted acute self limiting illnesses into chronic degenerative diseases

- It considers cures to be quackery and believes in disease management

- It knows nothing about health. The real determinants of health are not a part of the curriculum

- There are many studies that show disease growth in society is directly proportional to the growth in numbers of doctors and hospitals in society

- Mortality rates fall when doctors go on strikes

- In many studies the health of doctors is found worse than that of patients

- In corporate hospitals doctors work beneath business managers and need to fulfil daily targets to get their salaries

- And most important, health depends on natural laws. It can never emerge from laboratories

Renowned professors, doctors, and scientists like Peter G, Richard Smith, Richard Horton, John Ioannidis, Fiona Godlee, Ben Goldcare, John Geyman, Marcia Angel, and our own B M Hegde have published books and research papers exposing the extensive fraud. It is now known the Bible of medicine, the Harrisons Textbook of Internal Medicine is corrupted.

As per Prof John Ioannidis he often finds difficult to believe 1% of medical research. Dr Richard Horton says hardly 15% of medicine could be trusted. Dr Hegde says the opposite of what modern medicine proclaims is true.

Modern medicine is not the product of medical minds. It emerged from the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, the camps of Auschwitz, and is currently under the benign gaze of the corporate philanthropist we know as Bill Gates. He talks of disease outbreaks with glee and how they will kill millions.

The system is harsh not only on patients but on doctors also! Many a good soul has been persecuted for daring to expose the truth. Many have lost their lives suicided with double gunshot wounds. The medical world is terrible and doctors know they can survive only if they bow to the system and obey its diktats. Surveys about satisfaction in work within the medical community reveals 94% of them are dissatisfied. Satisfaction can come only if patients are cured. A doctor’s happiness can only result from making people healthy.

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Rotavirus Vaccine: Diarrhea of Deceit


Rotavirus Vaccine: Diarrhea of Deceit

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Gaia Health

July 1, 2013

The rotavirus vaccine is a textbook example of what’s wrong with the vaccine industry. It works for only a limited number of rotavirus types, causes severe adverse effects including death, was approved via corrupt agencies & officials with financial ties to the manufacturer—and it results in far more cases of a far more deadly disease.


by Jagannath Chatterjee

When doctors prescribe the Rotavirus vaccine as a preventive against diarrhea, the deception begins. Parents are not informed that diarrhea can be caused by a host of factors, including bacterial and viral infections. Bacterial infections resulting from unclean water are more harmful. Viral infections leading to diarrhea do not pose any danger if the child is treated with an oral rehydration solution or is breastfed, which can prevent dehydration.

There are many strains of rotavirus and most are yet to be identified. Besides the rotavirus strains, diarrhea can also be caused by astroviruses, calciviruses, other pathogens, and toxins. The rotavirus vaccine, delivered orally, contains just four of the many rotavirus strains and can protect against only these strains, leaving the child unprotected against the major factors.

The first rotavirus vaccine was licensed in the USA in 1998 and was recommended in March 1999. Parents did not know that this vaccine was recommended by ignoring serious side effects noticed in clinical trials. As a result many children suffered inversion of part of the intestine into an adjacent section—a condition called intussusception—a very serious, painful, and often fatal condition. Deaths for unexplained reasons were reported. Consequently the vaccine was withdrawn in October 1999.

When the US Congress investigated, serious procedural problems and negligence came to the fore, prompting a hearing on June 15, 2000. It revealed that both the FDA and CDC, US regulatory bodies, were aware about the vaccine’s serious adverse effects. There was also conflict of interest as two members on the advisory committee profited from the decision. Dr. Kathryn Edwards had received research funds worth $255,000 per year from the vaccine manufacturer. Dr. Paul Offit held a patent on another rotavirus vaccine and his travel around the country to advise about vaccine safety was funded by vaccine manufacturers. Moreover, 60% of FDA advisory committee members and 50% of CDC members had financial ties with the manufacturers of the vaccine. Clearly, the greed of both officials and the pharmaceutical industry prompted the flouting of all rules and the health of children took second place.

One would have expected serious action on the basis of these findings, but nothing happened. The erring agencies, which ought to maintain very high standards of honesty and integrity, instead justified their actions by saying that there was no bar to officials with ties to the industry recommending vaccines. In 2006 two more versions of the vaccine, containing live viruses and orally administered, were out in the market and recommended by those very tainted officials and doctors.

A peep into the clinical trials revealed alarming facts:

  • The vaccine had not been compared to an inert placebo, but against the same vaccine with all the ingredients, minus the virus so that it could be declared safer than it was.
  • The viruses used were an assortment of human and cow viruses propagated in cells of African green monkeys, the same specimen that has resulted in the oral polio vaccine (OPV) being contaminated with monkey viruses.
  • The cells are kept alive in a cow serum medium, which further opens the door to unknown viruses.
  • The chemical ingredients of the vaccine contain polysorbate 80, a known reproductive toxin.

The clinical trials have recorded a lower incidence of intestinal blockage, signifying that even the new vaccine is not free from that risk. Vaccinated children have a three times greater risk of suffering from intestinal bleeding, even after accounting for many cases that were denied by the supervising team. The trials revealed:

  • Gangrene and necrosis of the intestines
  • Severe vomiting leading to hospitalization
  • Seizures caused by abnormal electrical discharges in the brain that in some cases became chronic
  • Eczema
  • Diarrhea (the very disease the vaccine is supposed to prevent)
  • Frequent ear infections
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Asthma
  • Nasopharyngitis, which is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract

Recent media reports have noted that the use of this vaccine in the USA has caused an alarming increase in cases of a far more lethal norovirus infection, which is causing 21 million cases and 800 deaths annually—against the 20 to 40 annual deaths that occur from rotavirus infections. There has also been a dramatic increase in cases of inflammatory bowel disease. Instead of reviewing the situation and withdrawing the rotavirus vaccine, which has caused the shift to a more lethal virus, a vaccine for norovirus has been developed and is ready for marketing.

Alarmed by the adverse effects of the vaccine in India and noting that rotavirus-related diarrhea is easily treated without complications, not to mention that the rates for India are based upon estimates kept high to alarm the public, ethical Indian doctors have pointed out that the high cost of the vaccine makes it prohibitive and not cost effective. A study has revealed that the incidence of diarrhea and related deaths in India is directly related to poverty, lack of clean drinking water, and sanitation, and that in most cases it requires the presence of other pathogens for rotavirus to cause diarrhea.

Doctors trying to report cases of adverse effects have been stopped from doing so by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) – an agency that is entirely dependent on funds from vaccine manufacturers for its operations—under the plea that the safety profile of the vaccine should not be tarnished! The IAP is lobbying for its inclusion in the government program.

Recently, to counter the cost effectiveness argument, Indian scientists provided great publicity to an indigenously prepared and low priced rotavirus vaccine. Even as the publicity, backed by the Department of Biotechnology in India, was picked up by the national and international press, it emerged that the results of the clinical trials are yet to be made public. It has also been pointed out that the vaccine has only one rotavirus strain, and has been tested on 4,532 infants, whereas to fully determine the adverse events it needs to be tested on more than 50,000. Incidentally, the Indian vaccine requires that mothers stop breastfeeding their children during its period of administration and for a time afterwards—a highly controversial aspect.

Providing publicity to clinical trial findings before the results are published is a violation of medical ethics. This would make it difficult for a peer reviewed journal to publish the findings. The involvement of controversial agencies like PATH and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the evolution of this vaccine has also riled the health activists because of their recent active connivance of government agencies in India to illegally test the highly controversial and unsafe cervical cancer vaccine on tribal girls in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat without parental consent, which resulted in several deaths and adverse effects.

It remains to be seen whether the industry-backed attempt to mass administer a questionable and unsafe corporate product for diarrhea prevention will succeed and take preference over genuine public health needs, like eradication of poverty, provision for clean water and sanitation, and nutrition for the mother and child. Now the ball is in the court of the government of India, which sadly has a tainted record for allowing the administration of the OPV, which has caused paralysis cases in the country to soar from 3,000 to 60,000 cases annually, and is now claiming credit for a “polio free” India.


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