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Historical voices against compulsory vaccination in India.

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"The voice of dissent was also reflected in protests raised against the resolution regarding the introduction of compulsory vaccination in rural areas. However, while only two or three members in the Assembly were completely against the vaccination, the majority agreed to it so long as it was not made compulsory in the rural areas and remained a voluntary exercise based on people’s choice. The resolution was introduced by a private member, Qazi Muhammad Adil Abbasi, who informed the House that smallpox, a preventable disease, affected about half a million Indians every year and caused immense losses. He proposed compulsory vaccination. Against his proposal, Indra Deo Tripathy, another member, stated that going in for vaccination was not only ‘‘anti-Swaraj’’ but also an act of deception to Indian people, because ‘‘to them we have always promised that we want to establish Ram Raj’’ (The Proceedings, 1938, Vol. 7, pp. 415–416). Here Tripathy was echoing Gandhi and his campaign against vaccination where Gandhi projected vaccination as ‘‘anti-swaraj’’, i.e., against greater social and political autonomy and home rule. Gandhi also used ‘‘Ram Raj’’ as a metaphor and euphemism to mean ‘‘Swaraj’’, i.e., complete autonomy and ideal home rule. Perhaps, Tripathy was also trying to convey that they must find indigenous solution to the problem of smallpox and hinted at the role and importance of Vaids. On the other hand, Keshav Gupta argued that vaccination was not the proper solution to smallpox, as it created many other medical problems. He suggested that the government should rather concentrate on eliminating poverty and improving the standard of living and sanitation (pp. 403–405). Lal Bahadur Shastry, another member (who later became India’s Prime Minister following the death of Nehru in 1964), cited examples where despite vaccination, smallpox cases had occurred, and the patients had died (pp. 350–351). He, too, commented that good health provided greater immunity than vaccination. And Ram Swarup Gupta argued that many of the diseases were occurring because of the modern system of treatment as it weakened the natural vitality of the body (pp. 363–364). Such views, nevertheless, were few and far between and could hardly transcend the Western hegemony over the nationalist discourse. The resolution in favor of compulsory vaccination in rural areas was passed, although with an amendment that the government would go for compulsory vaccination as far as practicable in rural areas and would adopt necessary effective methods for the purpose. However weak, ambiguous, and marginalized the voices of dissent in the face of modernization as dominant paradigm, it is important to recognize them as different. They should not be ignored or merged with the voice of conformity."

Autism is toxic impact.

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Cases of autism are rising exponentially. Currently it affects 2% of children. Compare that to 0.02% for childhood cancers and 0.2% for childhood diabetes. It was discovered in 1943 as a novel (never before observed) disease and Dr Leo Kanner found only 12 children for his case study. Today as per the 2011 census in India there are 13.4 million autistic children in India alone. In India doctors privately share 1 in 30 children are in the autistic spectrum. It is no wonder our children behave abnormally these days.

Yet mainstream research on the disease is muted. The oft repeated description is; it is a behavioral communication disorder caused by genetic defects. But large genetic studies have failed to both pinpoint any inherited condition and identify the gene that causes autism. Rather de novo mutations have been observed. De novo means the induced changes are not observed in the genetic structure of parents. Doctors who have clinically studied the condition have been amazed at the extensive and diverse damage noticed in the children forcing them to say that it is a "whole body disorder".
The silence of the medical community on the issue has not only cemented the misery of autistic children but also resulted in millions being forced into the condition every year as the identified triggers (toxins in our environment, drugs and vaccines given to pregnant women, caesarean childbirth, drugging of mothers post caesarean delivery, and drugging and vaccination of children post birth) continue unabated. This is a crime that can have no comparison.
That toxins are responsible has been the unequivocal response of all serious researchers and doctors who have studied the condition. There is plenty of research available today. Genes may load the gun, they say, but environmental toxins definitely pull the trigger.
Vaccines have emerged as the single largest contributory factor of autism as confirmed by all the CDC studies conducted so far. Extensive forgery had to be done to hide the association as clearly revealed in the raw data. But the truth has been revealed by whistleblowers and information extracted under the Freedom of Information Act.
Damage by vaccines can be varied and is reflected in the varied symptoms of children in the spectrum. The following mechanism of damage has been cited.
- Toxic damage due to the extremely toxic ingredients
- Damage to the immune system causing immunotoxicity, autoimmune disorders and Th1 Th2 imbalance. Immune system imbalances are found in all autistic children regardless of their position in the spectrum. It is the common thread
- Damage to the microbiome particularly gut microbes causing a wide range of gut and behavioural issues
- Neurological damage due to the neurotoxic vaccine ingredients
- Brain damage due to cytokine response to vaccines and the fact that vaccines contain ingredients that can damage the blood brain barrier and make it porous resulting in vaccine ingredients getting access to the brain
- Cellular damage as the adjuvants cause the cells to give up their DNA
- Muscular paralysis due to the nature of ingredients and antigen
- DNA changes and damage as fetal cells are used in vaccines. Vaccines also contain genotoxins
- Mitrochondrial damage due to vaccine ingredients. Mitochondrial issues are again found in all autistic children examined. The mitochondria as we know are a very important part of cells and are the energy providers
- Damage caused due to the use of human animal and avian serum in vaccines. These can cause a very wide range of issues including the risk of transferring alien viruses into populations
- Sexual issues due to endocrine disruptors and reproductive toxins and the use of aborted fetal cells of both genders in vaccines
- The vaccines seriously questioned have been the MMR, DPT, Hep B, and Varicella or the chicken pox vaccine.
- In fact while describing the first 12 autistic children Dr Leo Kanner mentioned they were vaccinated with the small pox and DPT vaccines. He had also referred to gut issues in these children thus pointing out there was more than behavioural disorders in autistic children
The above actions of vaccines are observed also in children outside the spectrum. Vaccines are intensely toxic and the way they provoke the body ensures harm in all those vaccinated. Nobody can escape harm.
Parents desirous of having normal children should also focus on pregnancy. It is observed that drugs (even seemingly harmless OTC drugs) can affect the fetus. Elevated immune response of the mother can affect the brain of the fetus. Thus vaccination during pregnancy is a madness that ought to be avoided. The mother should ensure a natural environment, good lifestyle, and take a varied calcium and iron rich diet.
Natural childbirth is best for the child to access the mothers vaginal microbes and to ensure the pressure for the child to get rid of phlegm and fluid. Late clamping and late scrubbing is good for the child. All these are a part of natural birthing procedures that are increasingly being adopted.
Regular breastfeeding from the first milk is essential. The child can be breast fed up to 2 years of age. In fact this is a must as children are dependent on the mothers antibodies. They do not produce antibodies in this period. Vaccinating at this age is beyond logic and science. The formation of immune system begins at the age of 3 to 8 and matures at the age of 33. Stimulating an immature immune system carries very serious risk. Unpredictable and grave harm can happen if the immune system is disturbed while it grows.
As changes to the macrobiome (worms, parasites, helmynth) have also been implicated as a causal factor deworming with tablets is a risky procedure.
Wireless and EMF are certainly a threat to these sensitive children and can intensify their suffering.
A healthy child is a delight and asset for the family. We fail as a nation if we fail to protect our children from the modern day profit mongers whom we unfortunately trust with our children.

In the vaccine issue not everybody can be convinced

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There are some you cannot convince.
Even after the concept is fully explained you will still find people who will disagree and express confidence in vaccines. Beyond doctors and those who blindly trust the establishment who are these people? As I have found out,
- They are those that have children in the profession
- Those who are married to a member in the profession
- Children of doctors
- Those who are not doctors but working in vaccination programmes and will have to continue anyway. One of them had confessed to me she does not wish to know about the dark side of vaccines before landing another job that would take her away from "this mess"
- Non medical personnel working in organizations like WHO, UNICEF, BMGF etc and members of Lions and Rotary Clubs
- NGO personnel who know they need funding from such organizations
- Those that have invested heavily in pharma stocks. We once had a situation when one such person targeted us at a personal level, spewed threats, and started posting rejoinders to our every post
- Those in the software sector who look upon Bill Gates as their god. They feel going against vaccines is sacrilege
- People who are fixated on the word "science" without understanding what it is
- People having a political orientation who have to support all the actions of any political party
- People who understand but do not wish to concede easily as they have vocally supported the product in the past
- People who feel medicine is an "evolutionary subject" and needs time to correct its mistakes. They do not realize vaccines are a 224 year old mistake that is not going to go away because vaccine injuries keep the industry running. It is a well thought out intervention that the industry cannot do without
- There are also sensitive cases like parents who know their children have been harmed by vaccines but they try to push it out of their conscious minds because the fact that they have willingly subjected their children to harm is a bitter pill to digest. I have faced this situation many a times
Let us accept their stance at face value as they are in an impossible situation.

Corporate Corona Care

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Corporate Corona Care!
Of all the symptoms of Covid this appears to be the most deadly. Covid can pass with a salt water gargle and herbal concoctions but if you have this symptom then both you and your family can suffer for life, whether you survive or not.
Corporate hospitals have very little to do with medical care. They are set up by investors who know that this is the quickest way to get rich. You get land and infrastructure at nominal cost by promising to treat a certain percentage for free, make some political donations, invest in devices, hire doctors and other staff, keep them under management executives and then play a game purely for profit with others more than willing to play ball. This is more or less the strategy as revealed in the book Dissenting Diagnosis by Dr Abhay Shukla;
- You enter into agreement with doctors and diagnostic clinics. The doctors agree to refer their patients to your hospital for a fee. The diagnostic clinics overcharge the patients and pay you commissions for referring patients to them for tests.
- The pharma companies have special medicines for the medicine shop you set up in the hospital. The drugs and devices available there have higher MRPs printed on them than on those available outside. (Revealed by a panel probing the issue)
- When patients come to your hospital OPD the doctor seated there has targets to fill. He knows what percentage has to be admitted for what procedures, the number of tests to be performed, and the quantum of medicines to be prescribed. His salary depends on his targets that are reviewed every 15 days.
- When a patient is referred for admission he or she is evaluated in terms of value of insurance, salary and bank balance, and monetary capacity of close relatives.
- Then the target game again plays itself determining the length of stay, the medicines and tests to be prescribed, the surgeries to be performed, and the number of days of ICU stay
- Insiders say much of medicines and tests are unnecessary. Surgeries can be sham surgeries, that is just incisions are done on the skin and stitched up
- The billing can be padded up by false billing for medicines, instruments, accessories and devices never prescribed or purchased
- Insiders say it is not advisable to use the ATMs in the premises as it can betray your finances or to have large health insurance as the entire amount would be utilized
In short it is a ruthless business enterprise that is after money and shameless profit. Nobody in that set up is interested in your health and well being simply because nobody will be taken to task for any negligence or error as the system is not geared towards health.
Now how is this set up performing in Covid times?
Beyond the above the following allegations have surfaced.
- Patients are intentionally being given positive diagnosis and asked to be admitted
- Diagnostic centers are gaining by testing people positive and referring them to hospitals
- Costly medicines not needed are being prescribed and administered
- Patients continue to test positive till they are milked for all their worth
- ICU admissions and ventilator use are target driven
- There is tremendous over billing. In Kolkata there is a bill of 3,56,000 of which medicine bill is for Rs 405/-
- Bills of 15 to 20 lakhs have become common
- There have been protests when families have found out organs have been removed. The rule of no autopsy and disposal of bodies have perhaps made things easier
- In the outside markets medicines are being sold at hefty premium
The government has so far turned a blind eye to such malpractices.
Under the circumstances people cannot be blamed for not testing themselves and refusing to be admitted.
The situation has led to another type of corruption. Negative test results are available for a hefty fee.

What is the Deep State?

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Many are expressing anguish that people are not following the given Covid protocols. They seem to think that this is foolish and the people in power have our best interests in their hearts. But is that true? Why are people rebelling worldwide? What do they know that we do not?
People are rebelling because they have understood that the governments they elect are not really in power. They merely represent the first tier power structure that allows them to be in power and rule. What is that first tier power structure? It is called the Deep State.
What is this Deep State? In India we knew it earlier as the East India Company. This corporate entity was formed by powerful Portugese and Latin American pirates who became rich by looting treasure filled ships and through many other illegal and criminal activities. But they faced a lot of organized opposition. Realizing that the business of piracy would not last long they then made a plan to have a respectable business front. They would pose as businessmen but their objective would remain the same. Loot, vanquish and rule.
Globally they spearheaded the British rule and cleverly they expanded the British empire. But inwardly they had no nationality. They believed that it is they who own the world and the rest were their slaves.
They cleverly took over India aided by the differences the various Indian rulers had. They capitulated on those differences and backed by superior military weapons seized power. However the Sepoy Mutiny came as a rude shock for them. They had not expected that a slave race could retaliate with such force and vengeance. They defeated the mutiny and stayed in power but they realized they had to change tactics. Earlier they had created differences among the rulers. Now they had to create differences among the general people.
They transferred power to The Crown. The Indians mistakenly assumed that the Queen had taken over. They hoped things would change. But little did they know that The Crown was the headquarters of the East India Company, the 'City of England' in the UK. Even the Queen is subservient to The Crown.
Now the East India Company started taking interest in the lives of the common people. Earlier they had only concentrated on looting the natural resources of the country. They had exploited all sections of the people so that Britain and their headquarters would prosper. They had filled their coffers with wealth mostly from India and Africa.
They then started dividing the people. Hindus were pitted against Muslims, the North was pitted against the South, and the castes were pitted against each other. Earlier they were not interested in converting the common people but now conversions started big time. The religious and spiritual literature of the country was translated and crucial changes made to distort them and nullify their effect. History was distorted. The new education system deleted the country's past and made the people feel that the British were superior and had their best interest in their hearts. All indigenous knowledge and wisdom was trashed. Ayurveda and Unani were replaced with a devious system called allopathy.
The members of the East India Company were also members of secret cults. These powerful cults invaded India. Notorious among them were the Freemasons and Blavatsky groups known for their cunning and esoteric worship. They became so powerful that Indians vied among themselves to become members. They realized that power came easily and business interests flourished when they became members of these groups. Powerful politicians and businessmen joined en masse.
India was truly transformed. Unknowing to them India was now Vaticanized. The Vatican City is the prime front of the East India Company members. They had taken it over and their representatives ruled the city. A new religion began to be practiced. A religion that was in vogue in ancient Egypt. The gods that today's elite bow down to and offer children as sacrifice.
The other most important front of these powerful pirates was the 'City of Washington'. America was formed with an ulterior motive. It was formed as a corporate entity. It would provide the military and corporate might to enable the pirates to rule the world. So the City of England - the financial backbone, the Vatican City - the esoteric wing, and the City of Washington - the military might became the Deep State. They made a coup when they formed the Federal Reserve - the paper money fiat, and raised institutions like the UN, WHO, World Bank and IMF. They could now rule by just printing paper! What a master stroke!
They decided to rule the world with money, policies and ideas. They rule by dividing people. They came up with political ideologies to demolish the religious ideologies that existed. So was formed the Left, Right and Centrist ideologies all of which were framed and financed by them. They knew that rule would never be linear. People would need a choice. They provided the choice without letting people know that there really was no choice. They also financed social ideologies like feminism, the racial movements and others.
Outwardly it appeared that there was democracy and people elected local leaders to rule. But through a huge network fueled by monetary power, military might, corporate power, and hold over media and technology the East India Company continued to rule.
Through a structured education system, science, economics, new theories and philosophies, they cast a spell on the people like the witches of yore. They blocked all attempts to break the spell by so arranging that even opposition to the system could be only be initiated by imitating it. It is like allowing the criminals to rule and begging them for evidence to prove they are wrong. You could only fight the system by staying within it and following its entrenched rules! This spell and how it programmes people is wonderfully portrayed in the film The Matrix.
The spell was made possible by weakening minds through pharma drugs vaccines and chemicals in food and environment. Rampant pornography destroyed the moral strength. The spell was cast by brilliant Nazi minds who were rescued from Germany and placed in important positions. You can read up on Operation MK Ultra and Operation Paperclip. In fact you need to study all the covert operations of the CIA.
While they ruled they staged events to slowly take away the powers and mobility of the people. Events were staged. Local wars, events like 9/11, other terrorist attacks were created so people would start believing that wars and curtailing rights were for their benefit, security and safety. They accepted restrictions and willingly gave up personal freedom.
However people started noting the discrepancies. They observed that despite changing governments, oppressive policies and activities did not change. There was some underlying power that made them continue despite whether left, right or centrist political parties being in power. They named that underlying power the Deep State.
The coronavirus epidemic is one of the largest staged event of the Deep State. The pharmaceutical industry is one of their strongest instrument to keep populations subjugated. The pharmaceutical industry was never about health. It was always about destroying health and keeping populations drugged so that resistance was reduced and people could be ultimately enslaved. The population has been exploited to increase the riches of the elite who rule and now they are a burden as they are also consuming resources that the elite feel belong only to them. So the solution is to reduce the population and keep a smaller number as slaves in the New World Order.
The Deep State has always followed the Hegelian Dialect. It is about having a pre planned agenda that would not be ordinarily accepted. But the trick is to create the right crisis so that the solution would be sought for and accepted.
Therefore epidemics and the call for a greener "healthy" world with rationed resources, a fixed small income, reduced mobility, drastically reduced populations, intense surveillance, a new chip based currency based on social behaviour credit, and small habitats where the reduced population would live. Orwell 1984.
Indians would wonder how this came along. They have been deceived. The East India Company never left the country. They merely gave the country as lease to a chosen political party and its groomed leaders, and retained power. All structures raised by them remained in place. Our elected representatives are their selected candidates. They need to bow down before their diktats and follow their orders. Therefore we have entities like Bill Gates and George Soros deciding our plans and policies.
It is this Deep State and their staged pandemic is what the rebels are protesting. They know what is coming. They know that the vaccination programme being touted as the solution to the pandemic will kill many, sicken the rest, involve nanoparticles and microchipping and will forever wipe out any means to rebel.
The situation is highly critical and demands an unified response. However our differences divide us and things seem easy for what we call the Deep State to achieve their objective. An objective that is hundreds of years old in this civilization and extends back to earlier civilizations. The Deep State is about Luciferians and Satanists who pose as scientists, doctors, economists, and other experts but their goal is devious. They intend to destroy God's creation and natural order of things to establish the rule of Satan.
In the coming days we will witness the rise of the Luciferian religion that will come posing as an unified benevolent religion to be accepted by all because it would pretend to include all religions. We will witness a new economic order that will nullify our hard earned wealth and establish a new currency based on socially accepted behaviour. We will see the construction of a New Temple. We will witness huge wars that will decimate people who survive the vaccine and pharma onslaught, we will witness triggered natural disasters. Then we will see a person enthroned as the new god in the new temple. The antichrist. He will formally rule as king of the world.
Keep on watching as the script unfolds. Everything is bizarre but will happen nevertheless.

Indian Covid 19 Vaccine Scenario

CDMO delivers 4000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine for Phase II/III trial

Globally 145 projects are trying to get a vaccine into the market. In India 12 companies are in the fray. But it is the Bharat Biotech vaccine and the 4 to 5 vaccines being tried by the Serum Institute of India that are in the limelight.
The Bharat Biotech has started its human trials. As the AIIMS is involved in the trials we can expect some whistleblower may reveal what is really happening. But earlier we have seen how the Christian Medical College in Vellore refused to divulge the Rotavirus vaccine trial details despite our attempts. The government said revealing the trial data would alarm the public. Rightly so because the trial had revealed a very large incidence of a potentially fatal and intensely painful intestinal telescoping called intussuception that requires immediate surgery. So government involvement does not mean that trials will be ethical. Vaccine trials are notorious for suppressing vital details.
The Bharat Biotech vaccine is building up on an earlier Rabies vaccine it was developing with an UK partner which is an important partner of, you guessed it, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. We do not know what is the placebo being used and whether here too paracetamol will be used to mask the adverse effects.
These trials are getting to be very sinister. We know that the Moderna mRNA vaccine led to some very serious side effects like respiratory and vascular system damage that were glossed over. The vaccine required a high second dose to elicit antibodies that were not long lasting. Using high doses mean increased risk of adverse effects and indeed the adverse effects noticed after the second dose reached 100%. There was also a reduction in number of subjects taking the second dose. The report did not specify whether it was adverse effects noticed that resulted in drop outs.
The trials only reveal short term adverse effects and in small trial populations. But vaccines are notorious for the long term effects. They cause chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions that cause serious chronic diseases that show up much later. So it is the Phase IV trial or the post marketing surveillance that actually matters. Vaccines remain on Phase IV trial after approval and mass administration. This system of surveillance does not work. Doctors and hospitals do not report adverse effects. Whatever is reported is never acted upon. Therefore vaccines always remain a highly risky and unethical mass experiment. This experiment is tolerated because the diseases vaccines create become the raw material for pharma growth and profits.
There are other concerns. The vaccines are using Simian viruses as vector. These viruses have been used in past vaccines like the small pox and oral polio vaccines and been connected to diseases like cancer and AIDS. The coronavirus against which the vaccine is being made has mutated more than 30 times. Even the ring of the virus, that is being used in the mRNA vaccines, has mutated. The vaccine itself will cause further mutations. The mRNA vaccines are inserting virus portions into cells of our bodies hoping the bodies will become vaccine manufacturing units. Now what is that? What happens if our bodies become vaccine manufacturing units?
A doctor involved with the vaccine trials has said on LSTV that teams of trained doctors and nurses are keeping 24/7 watch on trial subjects and all equipment are kept ready for adverse effects that can be used in a moment's notice. Also the trial subjects have been provided insurance so that they can avail of treatment whenever they need it. Now the question is, will the same facility be available for the general population when they take the vaccine?
Past coronavirus vaccines have shown their destructive face when animals subject to the vaccines have encountered the coronavirus infection. Therefore the vaccinated population will face the litmus test when post vaccination they will encounter the infection. This aspect has also been seen with the dengue vaccine. Vaccinated children in Phillipines have died painful deaths when they caught the dengue disease. They suffered extensive organ damage and severe internal hemorrhage.
Regarding the Serum Institute of India vaccines, the owner Adar Poonawala is very upbeat. He feels very sure that his vaccines will successfully complete the trials and he will manufacture 1 billion doses by the year end. He talks of 2 to 3 doses. He says first the elderly and immunocompromised and the healthcare workers will be vaccinated. He has invested 200 million so far and he is confident the government will purchase his stock and then give to citizen for free. But he is marketing the idea that it is he who is giving it for free. I am sure Reliance Industries too will help him in marketing his vaccines.
He talked of how the adverse effects are being tackled with paracetamol. He has partnered with Oxford and AstraZeneca so we can be confident the Meningococcal vaccine will be the placebo here. It is a very reactive vaccine that will establish that the Covid vaccine will be safe in comparison. The deep ties of the Poonawala family with Bill Gates is well known.
According to him the vaccine will be ready for the elderly and healthcare workers by December 2020. The rest of the population can be blessed by the vaccine the next year. He hopes the vaccine will be safer and not kill and injure people like the other vaccines do.
So the medical profession must be ready for three injections. Whether they will take it is uncertain because medical groups are busy discussing the downsides. I am sure they will manage to wriggle out as they do for the Swine Flu, Hep B and Flu vaccines they are supposed to take every year. They just refuse as they have the freedom to refuse vaccines. The American Medical Association wants vaccines mandatory for all except for its own members. One can thus imagine how safe vaccines are.

Vaccine hesitancy: Loss of trust and what can be done about it.

Debunking vaccine myths

"Growing global vaccine hesitancy: The massive loss of trust and what we can do about it."
This was the subject I spoke upon in a video discussion yesterday. There were 5 panelists including me. They were Indian origin doctors from India, USA and UK. There were around 20 who were participants. Besides me the panel was composed of doctors. I knew only one of them, the person who arranged that I should talk on the subject. From the names I could discern the majority were Indians. Many with Christian names were also probably Indians. It was a private discussion. The overall title of the discussion was "Tackling Covid 19 in a ecological way so as to prevent a recurrence of similar epidemics."
As it was a private discussion the video cannot be shared which is fine as the panelists fought tooth and nail among themselves and it was not pretty for viewing but excellent for science. Here was a group of doctors questioning the basics and trying to put sense into the manipulated epidemic. I was the only one who was not attacked, maybe because I was considered to be an outsider, and apart from some queries my address was uninterrupted.
The following is a brief note indicating the trend of my talk.
I began by stating that vaccine hesitancy was about mistrust in the system stemming from personal or observed harm from vaccines leading to people probing the process and finding yawning gaps. The hesitants do not belong to a homogeneous group. They can be classified as;
- People wanting stricter rules and regulations, honesty and integrity in implementing them, removal of legal indemnity for the manufacturers, and a robust system of adverse events tracking and reporting, coupled with compensation and treatment protocols for those dead and injured
- Those who want safe vaccines without the harmful adjuvants and other ingredients in vaccines
- People who have religious objections to vaccines using human aborted fetal cells and use of animal serum and cells in vaccines
- People who wish the freedom to choose which vaccines to take or give to their children. They also want a larger interval between shots and single vaccines per visit than more than one vaccine administered in one visit
- People who are fence sitters. They obey the vaccine schedule but are suspicious and are studying the controversies to know the truth for themselves
- People who do not want any vaccines at all as they are either vaccine injured or have vaccine injured members in their family. Having looked at the impacts first hand they are wary of the shots
- People who are against vaccines because they do not subscribe to the mainstream view of disease and therefore feel vaccines are more about inducing chronic disease than about any prevention
- Those that are anti vaccine because they have researched the science and politics behind vaccines and concluded it is a clear threat to health
- People who reject vaccines because they are rights conscious and they feel the state and the pharmaceutical industry should not dictate their choice of treatment or what should be injected into their bodies.
The above classification is again not rigid and people can belong to more than one group. Thus we see that hesitancy or vaccine rejection applies to a lot of people. This is the reason why more than 50% of the US public and 33% of UK citizens would prefer not to have the Covid 19 vaccines.
It is not just a matter of trust on vaccines. It is a lack of trust on the system for various causes.
- The vaccine industry is not regulated with the severity that it demands. Both CDC and FDA have not only failed to regulate it but also connived with it to push dubious vaccines. The CDC has a for profit wing which benefits from the vaccines it recommends. Individual scientists within the structure are involved with the industry and hold vaccine patents. The FDA has been officially accused of falling asleep at the switch.
- The vaccine trials do not reflect the safety of vaccines. The use of other reactive vaccines as placebo and the glossing over of adverse effects witnessed in the trials make it very difficult to judge the safety of any vaccine.
- Questions of vaccine safety can be ascertained only after it is approved and mass administered. The post marketing surveillance is supposed to monitor both efficacy and safety. However this process exists only in name. Neither the doctors nor the vaccinees know about vaccine adverse effects and they are missed. Even if doctors do catch the adverse effects they prefer not to report. As a result the Harvard Pilgrim Study studying the US VAERS system concluded that less than 1% of the adverse effects are reported. Even the adverse effects reported are not acted upon. They just remain as statistics. Vaccines failures are also routinely observed. Neither adverse effects nor the high failure rates result in introspection and action. The US has a public money based compensation system but it is more about rejecting the claims than about helping the victims. Very few have the money power to engage legally. Even then the system has so far paid out $4.3 billion as compensation.
- Noticeable vaccine adverse effects are usually devastating and result in death or permanent disability. They are very serious compared to the common self limiting acute diseases they are supposed to prevent.
- The persistent organized and continuous negation of adverse effects by the authorities and the tendency of attacking the victims or subjugating them by insinuating that are liars and conspiracy theorists have totally antagonized the people. They have realized that there is no justice in the system.
- The revelations about vaccine ingredients and the fact that such toxic elements like mercury, aluminum, squalene, formaldehyde, Polysorbate 20 and 80, antibiotics, human animal and avian cells and serum etc are present in vaccines have made people wary that injury is inevitable
- The many scandals surrounding vaccines that regularly occur worldwide but are hushed up have convinced people that vaccines are more about making people sick and have dubious agenda
- Scientifically so far vaccine link to 292 diseases have been discussed in 1339 scientific published studies in the NIH database. The vaccine package inserts themselves admit to 217 diseases reported post administration. The vaccine adverse effect reporting website of the WHO clearly shows long lists of serious adverse effects reported after each vaccine. These do not instill confidence as they are attributed to coincidence. The adverse effects reported reflect all diseases that have become epidemic in society today
- The practice of administering vaccines to infants and children who do not produce antibodies have made people question the motives behind vaccination
- That vaccines are not tested on pregnant women or for their ability to cause fetal abnormalities, cancers and birth defects is mentioned in the vaccine package inserts
- Whistleblowers from within the system have revealed how studies are manipulated. The CDC is at the center of such controversies and is under Congress investigation
- The medical profession continues to support vaccines despite the many revelations and controversies thus cementing the notion that they care more about the health of the industry than of their patients
- Controversial documents keep disappearing from CDC and WHO websites leading to allegations of obfuscating the issue and hiding the truth
- Constant censorship of vaccine information and discussions in social media and YouTube has fueled mistrust
- Doctors earn handsomely from vaccines and this clouds their judgement and integrity
- Serious diseases like autism, ADHD, neurological disorders, developmental disorders, cancers, diabetes, allergies, etc have flooded the child population worldwide making people question the many interventions directed at them
- The Covid 19 vaccines are novel vaccines never tried before. While vaccines can take up to 10 years to get to the market these vaccines are being rushed through. Animal trials are being skipped. The meningococcal vaccine is being used as the placebo. Paracetamol is being used to mask the adverse effects. Squalene is being used as the adjuvant. Simian adenoviruses that have controversies surrounding them are being used as vectors. Already serious adverse effects are being passed off as mild and moderate.
- The mRNA and DNA vaccines being devised involve thrusting viral proteins into cells of our bodies. This method is very risky with unforeseen consequences. They intend to keep the body in a perpetual state of heightened activity that will lay the base for unknown diseases.
- Past attempts at having a vaccine for coronavirus have not succeeded due to serious adverse effects and vaccine failure thus raising doubts over the present rushed vaccines
- Covid 19 is about the inflammatory state of the body and an heightened immune response. Both these states are caused by regular vaccines. There is also the allegations supported by statistics and studies that the past influenza vaccines have primed the body for violent reactions to the virus.
Under the circumstances it is inevitable that the number of skeptics are growing. After the experimental Covid vaccines are launched and their consequences observed the number of skeptics will increase further. This skepticism is progressing from skepticism about vaccines to questioning the entire medical paradigm. The next stage may be an organized global revolt against medicine itself.
What can be done to check this growing trend? The answers are available in the concerns of the various groups themselves. Concerns that cannot be wished away. They should be addressed. As these concerns involve the basic paradigms of medicine, some deep thought is necessary to make medicine a healing approach rather than a disease management approach. The hold of the industry and lobbyists over medicine has already been the subject of the first talk in this discussion very ably propounded by the well versed doctor and this should be applicable for vaccines as well. A lot of effort should go into earning the trust of the people. Personal choices should be honoured and imposition of diktats should not be the forte of a medical profession.
The industry will not even try out options like removing objectionable ingredients or spacing out vaccines and respecting the choice of parents because such efforts will lead to a visible fall in adverse effects that will then inevitably be linked to the vaccines. The industry will try its best to continue as usual rather than become embroiled in the fierce accusations from the public.
It is for the ethical medical professionals to assert themselves and ensure the continuance of their system of medication. Reforms are needed. People have to benefit from the system. Medicine is about keeping the healthy at the peak of their health, leading the unhealthy towards health, and curing the sick. The profession ought to reflect on health and emerge from the vicious cycle of disease.
Vaccine reform is about medical reform.

Treating Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Panic

Myths about anxiety | Aruma

I keep getting messages from people asking for relief from these issues. These requests have increased after coronavirus hit the scene. What can be done to help?
What is of concern is that these problems are the signs of an overactive immune system. Just the ripe conditions for getting flu or flu like symptoms. Immunotoxicity brings on the flu to help relieve the internal toxicity. Such people will also face stomach upsets and repeatedly visit the toilet. They can have acidity and gas problems and suffer from gut issues. These symptoms lead to a vicious cycle with each aggravating the other. The COVID-19 epidemic and the lockdowns are worsening the condition.
Usually a course of Panchakarma or constitutional homeopathic treatment can help. As the aggravating toxic factors are reduced the body settles down and the mental symptoms vanish. But certain remedies can allay the symptoms and provide temporary relief.
Fear & Panic
- Rescue Bach Flower remedy
- Aspen Bach Flower remedy (fear from unknown cause)
- Kali Phos 6x
- Ashwagandha
- Brahmi if insomnia is present
- Mindfulness meditation to keep the mind away from past and future worries. Stay fixed on the present. The future will take care of itself.
- Arsenic is a leading remedy for anxiety if accompanied with restlessness
- Kali Phos 6x with Magnesia Phos 6x
- If accompanied with acidity Natrum Phos 6x and Iris Vers are good remedies
- If accompanied with dysentery Merc Sol may help
- If accompanied with gas and bloating remedies like China, Carbo Veg and Lycopodium help
- Anxiety due to monetary issues can be helped with Calcarea Fluor 12x
- Pranayam deep breathing exercises
- Mindfullness meditation
- Ashwagandha and Brahmi
- Taking curd or other fermented food
- Kali Phos 6x
- Five Phos 6x
- Scutellaria Q for insomnia
- Remedies like Ignatia, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla as per symptoms
- Ashwagandha and Brahmi
- Yoga and other exercise is a must
- Taking fruits like Banana
- Socializing
Avoid watching TV. Stay away from the idiot box. As these are vata disorders you should avoid food and actions that aggravate vata. Read about this on the net.
Please read basic books on ayurveda, homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies. Such knowledge is essential in these troubled times. You are responsible for your own health. If you are in the habit of using over the counter drugs to have immediate relief you are in for big trouble ahead. Holistic health must be understood. Do not shut down fevers, cold, cough, tolerable diarrhoea and dysentery, skin issues with drugs. This is a prime reason why you are suffering so much now.
Good nutritious and diversified food is a must. You should choose your food depending upon tolerance and allergy issues you suffer from.
Attending Kirtans or mass prayers regularly often have a marked effect on relieving such symptoms. This is a feedback I have received from many.
These are often very deep seated issues and indicate underlying problems. They are not be ignored or managed long term with self medication. It is always good to contact a qualified holistic healer for sustained treatment. Relief from such symptoms will also rectify the physical problems you have and lead to better health.
Added by Dr K C Bhattacharya.
I would also add... to this very good advice.
1. Drink sufficient [2 litres per day] pure water, especially one large glass immediately upon waking
2. Don’t eat a complex meal, especially food high in protein, after the sunsets.
3. Don’t drink water with meals.
4. Sleep at least 8 hours per night and have your children sleep by 8pm at the latest.
5. Get at least half an hour direct sunlight each day
6. Walk at least half an hour per day
7. Read from one of our shastras [particularly Bhagavad Gita or Srimad Bhagavatam] once per day preferably with your family.