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Swami Ramdev's six day Yoga Camp held at
Janata Maidan, Bhubaneswar.
From 01.01.2007 to 08.01.2007.
Report by Jagannath Chatterjee.
To be distributed freely, unchanged and in its entirety, for the benefit of mankind.

The State of Orissa in India was fortunate to have Swami Ramdev at its midst from the first of January, 2007 to the 8th, thanks to the initiative taken by the Orissa Private Engineering College Association (OPECA) and the many trained yoga teachers and their associations who are engaged in the admirable task of spreading Swamiji's brand of yoga and pranayama in the State. It was an excellent way to start the new year.

There was a near stampede when the Swami alighted at the Biju Pattnaik Airport. Shouts of "Swami Ramdev ki Jai" rent the air as people jostled to garland the Swami and shower him with flower petals. The ladies sounded the "huluhuli" a chant used to welcome heroes. The Swami, taken aback by such a huge and enthusiastic welcome could only manage to smile and waive at the crowd as camera flashes lit the air around him.

His caravan made its way round to the Governor's House as he was accorded the status of a State Guest. He had tea with the Governor and both of them were soon engaged in a conversation. The Hon'ble Governor H E Rameshwar Thakur, a septuagenerian of great learning, took very keen interest in the Swami and discussed both yoga and ayurveda with him.

The Swami then proceeded to Hotel Swosti Plaza where he met the journalists and apprised them about his work and future plans. He was a hit here too as the journalists left their seats to jostle for a close view and clicked away merrily. The TV cameras rolled to capture his frank smile and winking left eye, the remanant of a paralysis he had suffered when young and which was cured by yoga. It was then that he took a vow to spread the merits of yoga to help the suffering population.

The next day the Swami visited Puri to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath. A huge crowd greeted him with utmost enthusiasm. Gajapati Maharaj, the ex-officio Maharaja of Puri held a long discussion with him before the Swami had another tete a tete with the local press.

The next day began the six day long Yoga Camp at the spacious Janata Maidan. Having a capacity of around 10,000 people it hosted 36,000 in the morning and evening sessions. In total over a lakh people thronged to the camp. The ayurvedic OPD centre catered to over seven thousand patients each day and continued to administer to their needs as people continued to throng the centre. Already a permanent ayurvedic centre has been arranged at Bhubaneswar bowing down to pressure from the public. It has started operating from 15th January' 2007.

The whole programme was telecast on Aastha channel. The Swami said more than 10 crore people saw his entire programme everyday, besides the half hour yoga capsules broadcast by many a national channel. His programmes are also beamed to the UK and the USA.

"I have brought to you a package of seven simple breathing exercises," Swami Ramdev announced as he began his Camp, "these are enough to tackle all diseases". "The healthy can practise for two hours daily while the sick will have to put in more efforts". He urged the people to be moderate in their attempts and not over exert. He asked them to reduce medication as their health improved and not to stop medications all of a sudden. He also prescribed some simple stretching exercises to exercise the whole body.

"Do not go in for medication," was his constant refrain. "Whether it is allopathy, ayurveda or homeopathy, medicines should be the last resort if you wish for permanent relief. You cannot achieve good health without some physical effort on your part. Even those taking medicines should continue with the exercises. We are all being constantly bombarded with pollutants; without detoxification by way of deep breathing you cannot stay healthy".

"It is breath that keeps you alive. Nobody has ever died while breathing. Life and death is in God's hands but let us not hasten our end by neglecting the breath. The breathing exercises provide oxygen to the cells, rejuvenate them, and takes away toxic waste. It regulates digestion, assimilation and elimination. My brothers, take deep breaths, follow my advice of healthy food, high thoughts and a simple life to be happy and lead a productive, patriotic, altruistic life. Poverty is not the absence of wealth, it is the absence of humane qualities, lack of manly abilities, and the absence of the desire to serve humanity."

"These breathing exercises will clean you at all levels. Disease will fall off and also your bad habits and passions. Good thoughts will replace your destructive tendencies. Patriotism and social skills will improve. Your ability to work hard will improve. All sloth will go, your body and minds will feel light, you will be filled with energy and become model citizen. But my brothers you have to practise what I tell you. It will not do if you just sing my paens and crowd around me for blessings. Baba Ramdev does not cure anyone, pranayam does. I am not here to preach, my yoga is not oratorial, it is practical. Do the yoga and feel the benefits."

What are these seven breathing exercises? They are;

1. Bhastrika : Take deep breath and release. Do it effortlessly, fill up your lungs and force
the entire breath out. Do it with a rhythm. Imagine that all the energy of the
Cosmos is entering into you. Feel that all your poisons are being expelled. Do
it for 5 minutes if you are relatively healthy. Repeat for another five minutes
if you are ailing, but gradually as you get accustomed. Bhastrika is very
important for all kinds of skin problems, however serious and however
strange. Not only leucoderma but also people suffering discoloration due
to burns have benefitted from sincerely practising this pranayama everyday.

2. Kapalbhati: Take in air into your stomach and push it out with a jerk. Only your stomach
should move and not your body. Your outbreath should cause the adams
apple to move as it pushes through the throat. Normally one should do this
for fifteen minutes, five minutes each three times. People with cancers and
other chronic diseases should do this twice a day totalling 30 minutes.
Swamiji places a great importance on this pranayam which he says will
help diabetes, regenerate insulin producing beta cells and also help the
organs in the stomach, the lungs and the heart. It will open blocked arteries
in the heart.

3. Bahya Pranayam: Take a deep breath and release. Completely push the stomach in
as you force the breath out and hold. Move you head downwards till
the chin is fully in touch with the upper portion of the torso. Hold this
position for 15 seconds and then move the head up as you breathe in. This
is to be repeated five to 11 times.

4. Agnisar: Take a deep breath, pull the stomach in as you breathe out. Now hold the
breathe as you move the stomach in and out in a rhythmic fashion for 15
seconds. Then breathe in again. Repeat this three to five times. This helps
a lot with the digestive and eliminative process.

5. Anulom Bilom: Another very important pranayam. Sit straight, close the right nostril with
your thumb. Place the forefinger on the forehead, then breathe in deeply
with the left nostril. Now close the left nostril with the third and fourth fingers
joined together and breathe out through the right nostril. Take a deep breath
again through the right nostril, close it with the thumb, release the left nostril
and breathe out. This is one cycle. Repeat this cycle continuously for five
minutes. In total do it for fifteen minutes five minutes at a time three times.
This pranayam recharges the entire body, opens all closed apperatures,
sets right the entire flow of energy within the body and activates the chakras.

6. Bhramari: Close the ears with your thumbs, with the second third and fourth fingers
close the eyes, rest the first finger on the forehead, keep the mouth closed.
Now take a deep breath. Release the breath through the nose while making
a loud humming noise with the throat. The noise should reverbate through the
entire body. Repeat the exercise five to 11 times. You will quite enjoy this
pranayam which will relax you and activate all the glands of the head.

7. Udgeeth: This is also a very enjoyable pranayam. Take a deep breath and release the
breath through the mouth making the sound "Om". Repeat this five to 11
times. This puts you in touch with the divine element within you.

"Finish the pranayam exercises with a short contemplative meditation. Thank your Guru and God. Request the divine for a healthy, productive life. Then raise your hands, rub the palms to generate some heat and then place your palms on the face as slightly massage your face. This is the package of the seven pranayams."

People with vata dosha should do pranayam very carefully and should never overexert themselves. It is advisable to have light food and lead a controlled life while doing these breathing exercises. Pregnant women and sick people should avoid them.

"Do this daily. Take care to see you do not overexert yourself in any manner. Do it according to capacity but follow the minimum routine to get the benefits. These pranayams are a talisman that will help you and besides ensuring a disease free life will lead you towards the ultimate goal of life, samadhi or merger with the divine. While you do your aerobic exercises with loud western music do you pranayams interspersed with thoughts of the divine and prayers on your lips."

The Swami also suggested some simple stretching exercises and proposed some yoga asanas, namely, vajrasana, makarasana, bhungasana, naukasana, utthanpadasana, jogging standing at one place etc, to exercise the spine and keep it flexible and also to reduce flab. The pranayams and the exercises, noted the reporter, did not result in any tiredness or weariness rather they left one fresh and energised. The Swami also pointed this out as a measure to know whether one was doing them correctly. He also taught and demonostrated the Surya Namaskar.

He said people from three years to 90 years all could do the pranayam. Children should perform the Bhastrika, Bhramari and Udgeeth for two minutes, the Kapalbhati and Anulom Bilom for five minutes. Bahya Pranayam and Agnisar also for two minutes. He showed many intricate exercises for the children to perform.

He urged all children to master yoga as their bodies were supple and they could easily master the science. He also asked them to respect parents and elders, stay away from bad habits, burgers, pizzas, noodles and colas. He urged all to become vegetarians. "Children, honour the simple lintels, roti and vegetable dishes your parents serve at home. Do your studies instead of watching dirty programmes on TV. Go to temples instead of parties."

For further information the Swami started the entire exercise routine with three rounds of Omkar, reciting the Gayatri mantra, the Mahamrityunjay mantra, the prayers Shaha na bhabatu, Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya, and the Vedic shanti path. He finished with a bhajan.

He gave many tips to lead a healthy life. One should start ones day before sunrise and wake up from sleep with the name of the Lord on ones lips. Before stepping on the ground one should pray to the Mother Earth. Then one should take two to three glasses of luke warm water. One should fill ones mouth with cold water and throw cold water on the face and eyes. Then one should evacuate the bowels and bladder.

"Life starts with pranayama, the child is made to cry and perform the first pranayam, bhastrika, as it takes a deep breath and starts crying. This ensures blood flow to the brain as well as oxygen. The nervous system and the brain depends on oxygen for optimum performance. It is pranayam that ensures adequate oxygen supply."

"Within nine days of practising pranayama the biochemistry of the body begins to change. In nine months of sincere practice the genetic element changes for the better. This is similar to the way a child gets a shape in nine days and the complete body in nine months. Pranayam gives a completely transformed body mind complex. It gives a person a new life."

"The ghrihastha or the householder is the greatest. It is the householder who provides for the needs of all the other Ashramas. The householder should live a life of dharma so that he is never far away from God's grace. There is no need to run after money. For the householder who intends and strives to live an honest and pious life all the money he needs will seek him out. God will use him as an instrument to serve the planet."

The Swamy urged the people to educate themselves about the health benefits of various vegetables, herbs and spices. That way one could have the benefits of ayurveda and make it an integral part of ones life. The people should not hanker after neither the doctor nor medicines, but by learning yoga, pranayama, and the preventive aspects of ayurveda one should take charge of ones own health and life. It is only under extraordinary circumstances that one should go to a doctor and take medicines of any kind.

"The body has within it the capability of healing itself. Learn meditation, accupressure, and such other natural methods so that you yourself can be your own guide. The system has made you dependant and unsure of yourself. The perverted medical system has made you a slave to further its own interests. Break free and be independant once again."

"The system wants you to be a swechchachari, a debauch, so that it can have you in its clutches. If you can control your food, thoughts and passions, you will realise your own worth and the truth will be revealed to you. Whatever you do, how you live your life, how you behave towards others, determines your destiny. All this is in your hands, nobody can do this for you. Wake up from your sloth and sleep and make your own destiny. Do not be afraid of troubles for if you live a good, devoted life, you will get the strength to overcome all obstacles, the world will be at your feet. If all Indians take up pranayama in earnest we will soon have a happy, healthy and transparent India. That is what I am aiming for."

"Take three tulsi leaves daily. Plant a tulsi shrub at your home. It will ward off disease and also the evil eye. It will correct the vastu problems of your home. Once a week take the juice of sweet gourd, this will keep away high blood pressure, heart problems, acidity and cholesterol. Ensure that the gourd is not bitter, that will have a negative effect on you." He was not referring to bitter gourd or karela but a type of gourd that is bitter.

"For problems of the heart take the bark of the Arjun tree with pudina and pepper. Make tulsi, ginger, turmeric, pudina, jeera, sesame, sesame leaves and pepper your friends. Amla, harada, haritaki, ashwagandha, tejapatra are essential herbs. Take curd instead of milk. Dump tea and switch to herbal tea."

"Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Triphala Churna, Chandraprabha Vati, Trikatu, Panchkol, Brikakdosharapatha Kadha, are some medicines all should have some idea about. If you acquire this knowledge the doctors will fade out of society. The system has made the whole world a hospital. Fight it to regain control of your health and wealth."

"For the children a juice of gourd, carrot, and apples makes a wonderful health drink."

"I am researching on AIDS. I don't think it is a great problem. I have already had successes in this area. I have raised CD4 counts in AIDS patients from 19 to 400. This year I will declare the cure for AIDS. Aloe Vera, Neem, Gehun ka jwar, tulsi, a healthy lifestyle and pranayama with some simple exercises do wonders for AIDS patients. These people have made a big business out of AIDS. They want me to stay away. It seems they alone have the contract to talk about AIDS. This is ridiculous. This is the real face of perverted medicine. And all the while they do not even know what AIDS is, everybody is groping in the dark."

"I am not afraid of anybody. I am disgusted at the way things are going on in the health sector. I wish to make a change and God willing the changes will be made." In the press conference the Swami had already made his displeasure felt by calling the health ministry the allopathic ministry, the Health Minister the allopathic minister and the WHO the world allopathy organisation.

"It is the breath, the gift of God, that is the ultimate medicine. It is the perfect nano medicine. It reaches all corners of the body and cures all ailments. It is the ultimate detoxifier and also the ultimate regenerator as with the breath comes prana, the vital force. This prana takes care of the body, the mind, the emotions, the five elements and also the five bodies that make up our presence in this world. It is a great force, a great teacher, a great guide. One who has control over prana can control anything and everything."

At the camp people narrated on camera how they had benefitted from pranayama and helped control obesity, diabetes, nervous disorders, skin problems, various forms of cancers, brain tumours, eye problems, urticaria, fibroma's, muscular dystrophies etc.

People were in tears while narrating their woes and their experience with the mainstream medicos who had carried out experiments on them and then turned them away saying that they had a few days or months to live. They recounted how they had then turned to the Swami's TV programmes, done the exercises on their own, visited his Ashram at Haridwar for medicines and recovered. One old gentleman revealed how he was paralysed from cancer and left to die but later recovered, thanks to pranayama, and now is completely independant and has resumed driving his motorcycle. A lady narrated how the doctors had removed many of her organs one by one and now she depends upon pranayama for her active life.

The Swami also narrated how he had met patients with some very rare and strange diseases and helped them with diet, changed lifestyle, yoga and pranayama. "I don't do anything. It is pranayama that cures people."

Many doctors also attended the Camp and disclosed how they and their families had benefitted from his yoga package. The senior doctors blessed him and said they were convinced he was doing the right thing. The juniors insisted the Swami should not talk of cures and that his followers should not stop taking medicines. One of them tried to argue with the Swamy in an attempt to expose his limited knowledge of the human anatomy.

"It is only those who do not know about yoga who speak against its merits," countered Swami Ramdev, " but when they start practicing and derive benefits they then start singing its praise. I do not blame anybody. People speak according to what they are taught. The medical community should learn that disease management is not the last thing they should aim for. Cures are possible and they are happening. If something can be destroyed it can again be regenerated. Our scriptures have spoken in depth about these things."

On the last day the Hon'ble Governor of Orissa, H E Sri Rameswar Thakur attended the Camp and narrated his own love for yoga and ayurveda. He showered blessings on the Swami and praised his devotion to the cause as well as his untiring efforts. He presented the Swami an intricate silver jewellery depicting the images of Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra. The Swami presented him books and the figure Om in return.

"I will come back again in December. I will never forget the people of Orissa, this holy soil ruled by Lord Jagannath. Similarly you will also remember this Camp and this meeting with me. You are all very close to me. There are so many who do not bother to come. They do not realise that I have taken the pain of going to the nook and corner of this great country. Practise what I have said and done. I will come again and see the improvement. I will build a huge base here in Bhubaneswar in line with what I am doing in Haridwar, Patna and Ranchi."

The crowd hung around unwilling to see the last of him. Cries of "Victory to Swami Ramdev" rent the air. The Swami stopped them. "Do not say victory to Swami Ramdev. Say Victory to Mother India. We all owe our life and experiences to this Mother," signed off the Swami.

The ladies again burst forth with their "huluhuli" as a mark of respect for this great hero. As a mark of gratitude three Maruti Vans, a TV, speakers, a public address system and a large TV screen was presented to the Swami by two yoga associations of Bhubaneswar to help spread the message of yoga to rural India.

Orissa and Swami Ramdev are now poised to realise the Swami's dream of a happy, healthy and transparent India.
Jagannath Chatterjee, jagchat01@.... If there are any errors in this article they are entirely mine.

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Vaccines : Untested, Unsafe and Unnecessary.
(c) Dr Leo Rebello & Jagannath Chatterjee ,
(Published in Medical Journal "Homoeo a' fair",
December 2006)

Since the time they were introduced around 200 years ago vaccines have been wrongly credited to be a medical marvel, having stopped killer acute diseases on their tracks and providing hopes of similarly tackling other diseases like AIDS, and also chronic autoimmune disorders like cancer, diabetes, even ending obesity and the nicotine habit. "Keep hope alive, keep fear stoking and cash on it by controlling people in the name of science" is the game they have been playing for long.

Emergence of autism fuels discontent.
But below all this hope, hype and activity opposition and discontent is brewing. The process of vaccine manufacture, and the nature of vaccine ingredients have always been a closely guarded secret. However an outbreak of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in American children, up from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 166 today (as per latest reports this is now 1 in 147), an increase that coincides with the increase in number of childhood vaccinations since 1978, focused attention on vaccines with the parents claiming that they watched their children regress after they got the shots.

Children with ASD, a condition yet to be fully understood, usually demonstrate deficits in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and display repetitive behaviors or interests. They may suffer from delayed development and be afflicted by severe bowel disorders. Clinically it is attributed to a neuron disorder and blamed on the genes, the gut problems being generally ignored. Critics say it is the largest iatrogenic (medicine induced) epidemic in human history.

Mercury poisoning via vaccines.
The cries against vaccines became more vocal as autism was found to be very similar to symptoms of mercury poisoning. Vaccine whistle blowers have revealed that Thimerosal, a vaccine decontaminant used in multi dose vials to prevent fungal and bacterial growth, is 49.56% mercury by weight and it is being used since 1930. The first autism cases were detected in 1931. Earlier too a syndrome called "Pink Disease" was seen in children treated with Calomel, a mercury based compound. Calomel was banned when the link was known.

It takes simple mathematics to find out that by the time the children take all the shots, which have increased considerably over the last three decades, the mercury in their body is much above the EPA approved limit in food of 0.1mcg per kg of body weight in adults, ingested, not injected. A mercury laced vaccine contains 15 to 50mcg of mercury per shot.

The mercury content in children's bodies has gone up to 250 times the EPA limit as a result of the vaccines and that too injected directly into their blood stream bypassing the body's natural defences. If we consider the WHO limit of mercury in water the children are being subjected to 50,000 times the limit. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin, second only to Uranium, and accumulates in fat cells of the brain, organs and tissues destroying the nerves therein. It has been found to be toxic even in ppm doses.

Vaccines also contain aluminum, used to excite the immune system of the body, and which considerably boosts the toxicity of mercury. When injected into children the mixture readily overpowers their nervous system to cause severe brain, neurological and allied damage.

The HPV vaccine targetting women has a whopping 225mcg of aluminum per vaccine shot, the required three shots would deliver 675mcg over a six month period. Women are at great risk from vaccines as they are injected two mercury filled tetanus shots while they are pregnant. The flu vaccine, awaiting introduction into India, also contains mercury. Mercury is known to cause stillbirths, premature births and also destroys the childbearing capacity of women as per Dr David Ayoub, an US based vaccine researcher.

Vaccines have caused a trail of autism and other damage wherever they have been implemented. China has reported an autistic population of 18 lakhs after vaccines were allowed into the country in 1990. The parents of vaccine damaged children have staged protests in the infamous Tiannemann Square in Beijing after which they were forcibly dragged away and imprisoned.

How vaccines affect children.
Some children are more susceptible to mercury as their body does not produce enough glutathione, an agent that helps in disposing off the mercury and other neurotoxins in the body. These children develop full scale autism while the other children are affected with various other disorders. It is observed that sick, underweight, malnourished and immunocompromised children do not have the ability to produce enough glutathione.

Autism affects male children more than females because the female hormone acts similarly as glutathione thus eliminating mercury, other heavy metals and toxins from the body.

The number of children with memory problems, neurological problems, behavioral, developmental problems and attention deficit disorders is said to be 1 in 6 today, certainly a huge figure. The live viruses used in vaccines also contribute to serious and chronic intestinal disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn's Disease etc.

Doctors aware of vaccine risks.
What is very disturbing in the vaccination controversy is that the medical profession has been aware all along about the lethal aspects of vaccines. Dr Antoine Beauchamp was the first to blow the whistle even as Louis Pasteur came out with his germ theory. Dr J Crompton Burnett studied the concept of injecting diseased pus into the body in 1840 and declared it was creating a deep seated disease condition with symptoms akin to suppressed veneral diseases. He termed it Vaccinosis.

The spurt in small pox cases, vaccine induced deaths and the emergence of the cancer epidemic after the small pox vaccine was made mandatory sparked off protests all over the world spawning anti vaccine groups comprising mainly of mainstream doctors and the vaccine was banned.

Deaths from vaccines prompted many doctors to raise their voices which reached a peak in 1909. Concern over the use of mercury in vaccines was voiced in 1938. By 1990 scientific studies had linked vaccines to a wide range of illnesses. In the year 2000 a secret meeting was held by doctors, vaccine manufacturers and vaccine policy makers where doctors voiced their apprehensions but strangely a decision was taken to play down the concerns and continue with mercury in vaccines.

Not only that, it was decided in 2004 to cut off research funds from projects which sought to study the way vaccines affected the population. This despite the presence of a wide range of studies having proven beyond doubt that vaccines affect the immune system adversely and are behind many cases of sickness in children and adults.

It can be said with certainity that vaccine induced diseases drive the medical industry and help it draw funds from governments and private sources while attempting to research into and manage these iatrogenic illnesses. The industry similarly fleeces the unsuspecting patients and also feeds the health insurance business.

Today vaccines continue to be the mainstay of the medical industry and they hope to swamp the population with 250 vaccines (as per the Vaccination Development Report 2006) which are currently in various stages of development, in the very near future. Currently plant based genetic vaccines are being covertly tested (with devastating results) and scientists are busy devising genetically modified crop which will automatically vaccinate us against disease. Truly we are entering a very frightening stage of human development, if we can call it that.

Vaccine manufacturers in the US are today immune to law suits. They are allowed to charge a fee of up to 60% on vaccines which goes to a national vaccine damage compensation fund. It is the government that pays damages to affected children prompted by courts. Needless to say it is very difficult to prove that vaccines have damaged the child as the medical community has framed the rules which makes it almost impossible to do so.

Doctors declare vaccines unnecessary.
As conscientious doctors watched perfectly normal children turn into grotesque zombies after receiving the vaccines, the beneficial nature of childhood illnesses began to be discussed.

It became clear to doctors that disease was something beyond the symptoms and that the outward manifestations of disease called aetiology was but the body's efforts to throw out disease matter. It thus became obvious that acute illnesses served a purpose and that the body purposely chose an illness to rectify an internal defect.

Under the circumstances, doctors like Philip Incao raised serious doubts over the supposed benefits of vaccines and instead declared them unnecessary, an insult to the growing child.

Others doctors too have revolted against vaccines as the short term and long term consequences are visible everywhere. There is consensus that vaccines have changed us permanently, introduced hereditory chronic disorders and caused genetic changes in the human population which will have far reaching consequences.

No long term tests on vaccines.
No long term tests have ever been conducted on the after effects of vaccines, singly and in combination. Vaccines are tested for a short period against another vaccine, not a placebo. Short term reactions are rationalised as resulting from other causes and not the vaccines.

There are instances where vaccines have been sanctioned despite adverse reactions being reported as in case of the Rotavirus vaccine. It is common for vaccines to be withdrawn for their dangerous after effects and then released after modifications claiming to be "new and improved". Even in the new avatar they cause havoc as in DTP which has been modified into DTaP.

Vaccine activists are now asking for vaccinated populations to be tested against an unvaccinated population. A community called Amish in the UK claim religious exemption from vaccines. It has been observed that they do not suffer from any autoimmune disorders. There are only 3 autistic children in the Amish community, against an expected 130. It was found upon enquiry that even these 3 have been vaccinated under various circumstances.

Short term studies conducted by unbiased researchers have revealed that vaccinated children suffer more than their unvaccinated counterparts. In many trials deaths, brain damage, neurological problems, infantile diabetes, Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), a paralytic disease, severe allergies and intestinal disorders have been reported.

But how do vaccines suppress diseases?
The official version is that vaccines create antibodies to the various viral and bacterial matter injected into the body. However it has been proved that high antibody counts do not translate into immunity. This has been acknowledged by Medscape, a widely read medical journal of repute. Vaccinated population have regularly been hit by diseases that they have been vaccinated against. While the vaccine manufacturers see this as an oppurtunity to push in "booster doses", the fact is the vaccination concept is flawed.

Then how do vaccines suppress diseases? This is probably due to the observed phenomenon that if a person has a chronic disease, he is often spared acute ones. By introducing a chronic disease state and suppressing the vitality of the body, it cannot react to foreign intrusions by the way of external symptoms. This symptom less condition is touted to be a "disease free state" whereas in reality it is an obvious case of immune suppression.

Grim scenario in India.
The situation in India is even worse. As per a declaration by doctors at the recent inauguration of the National Autism Centre at New Delhi, the number of autistic children, as per a very conservative estimate, is more than 40 lakhs today. Last year the figure was 17.40 lakhs. An increase of 133% in a single year. This has been reported in the Times of India. The centre was inaugurated by Ms Sonia Gandhi.

Also a news in The Telegraph by its science correspondent Sri G S Mudur reported that up to 3,00,000 children in India have been affected by Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) over the last two decades, ostensibly due to the use of the live polio virus in the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). A grave error that has rattled the govt but all attempts are being made to deny the link.

The IMA has a more grim prognosis. While it reports a figure of 85,000 AFP cases it points out that this could be 5% of the total figure. Dr Jacob M Puliyel, Vice Chairman, IMA Committee on Immunisation has put the entire blame on WHO, UNICEF and the Indian Government in a scathing criticism published by The Hindu.

Vaccine flaws pointed out to GOI.
It is not that the vaccine - childhood disorders link has not been pointed out to the Health Ministry in India. Dr Ajay Gambhir, Secy, IMA, and a member of the vaccine committee, has sounded the warning in 2003. Dr Mythili Chari, a doctor associated with autism treatment has blamed the vaccine MNCs for forcing India to use vaccines containing Thimerosal even as in USA and European countries there is a ban on mercury in vaccines.

Dr Bhaskar Rao, eminent Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon has questioned the unbridled rule of vaccines in his 2001 tirade against the illogical introduction of the Hep-B vaccine into India. Dr P M Bhargava, Vice Chairman, Knowledge Commission has written to the Government on the OPV issue.

Other senior doctors who have expressed displeasure at the way mass vaccine camps are conducted include Dr Yash Paul, Dr T Jacob John and Dr G N Shenoy. Indian medical journals have flayed the attitude of the Govt to push more vaccines into children without weighing the pros and cons of the exercise. Clearly the medical community is sharply divided on the issue of vaccines.

Doctors also argue that it is clean water and environment, better hygiene and nutrition, prolonged and proper breastfeeding besides building up natural immunity that helps curb epidemics like polio and not vaccines.

Vaccines compromise immune system.
Vaccines, say critics, compromise the immune system by exciting the humoral (blood and lymph based) immunity while leaving the cellular immunity untouched. This creates an inherent imbalance confusing the body's cognitive and recuperative abilities. It is this imbalance that leads to allergies and autoimmune disorders as the body looses its ability to distinguish between friend and foe.

Natural illnesses provide lifelong immunity as both humoral as well as cellular immunity gets involved. Exposure to illnesses like tuberculosis do not offer immunity as they are constitutional diseases and affect the body deeply to leave an imprint which has to be cured by well chosen holistic remedies and practices.

Vaccines as bio weapons.
To top it all vaccines are being introduced in India without proper trials raising fears that bio weapons designed as vaccines could easily invade India, as pointed out by Dr Ajay Gambhir of the IMA. Vaccines to forcibly control the population, as per an US, UN and WHO agenda, by creating antibodies to a birth hormone have already been covertly tested in India, Vietnam, Philippines and Nigeria. In India a PIL has been filed on the issue by Saheli, a women's organisation.

The haste with which developing and overpopulated countries are being flooded with vaccines, as a philanthropic gesture, have raised the fears that they are being used to make the population sterile. Mercury is known to effect the childbearing capacity of women and fertility in men as per Dr David Ayoub.

The use of Squalene, an oil based adjuvant that is known to be a painful immunedestroyer being used in recent vaccines and in vaccines in the making is also a cause for concern. Used in the anthrax vaccine, it has caused havoc amongst US troops who are being forcibly vaccinated. Squalene is also an ingredient of the various AIDS vaccines under development.

Other vaccine ingredients.
Why are so many voices being raised against vaccines? Is it simply because of mercury? No. There are other ingredients in vaccines which raises the heckles of conscientious doctors.

Vaccines contain carcinogens like formaldehyde, phenol, glycol, glutamic acid etc. Human and animal serum and tissues used in vaccines have helped more than 60 recognised animal viruses cross over to humans of which two, SV 20 and SV 40, both simian viruses, have till now been identified as damaging.

Causal studies have revealed that SV 40 is behind many cases of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a form of cancer. The SV 40 is now with us permanently and is found in cancerous tumours, the brain, lymphatic and cerebro spinal fluid and also in the sperms. The Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), similarly transferred, is suspected to have morphed into the dreaded HIV in humans.

In these days where nano bacteria and nano viruses are being studied, virologists suspect that billions of foreign viruses and bacteria have crossed over by the use of animal and human serum in vaccines. How they could be affecting us is anybody's guess. Vaccines are clearly playing Russian Roulette with our lives.

Antibiotics like neomycin, penicillin, streptomycin form a part of vaccines. These antibiotics should not be injected without a skin test and are reportedly behind most cases of anaphylactic shocks, seizures and deaths immediately following the vaccines.

Strangely vaccine damaged children also have high levels of arsenic and lead in their bodies. Are these also a component of vaccines? Unless a full disclosure is made it is difficult to say what exactly vaccines are composed of.

The current trend to use genetically modified viruses in Hep B and the flu vaccines is being opposed by genetic scientists themselves who argue that the science is in its infancy and that commercial application is not advisable. The use of live viruses in the OPV and the MMR is also a raging debate as they are known to trigger the very diseases they seek to prevent.

Incidentally the measles virus strain used in the MMR vaccine is found in the guts of autistic children indicating that the vaccine could be triggering the autism epidemic aided by the other vaccines delivered prior to it. Autism, in most cases, shows itself just after the MMR or the DPT shot. Dr Andrew Wakefield of the UK has suggested that mercury and other heavy metals, coupled with the use of multiple live viruses in vaccines are behind the spurt of autism cases all over the world.

No statistics to prove vaccine efficacy.
Many will be surprised to know that there is no statistics to prove that vaccines have eradicated epidemics. The emphatic declarations about the magic of vaccines is merely a perception moulded into the human psyche by repeating a lie ad infinitum.

The study of figures show that vaccines have been introduced at the fag end of epidemics and that they were declining anyway. In case of Small Pox, there was even a flare up after the vaccine was introduced forcing Mahatma Gandhi to come out strongly against the use of vaccines which he claimed was a "filthy process". The epidemic graphs show the typical bell shape with the vaccines being introduced at the declining stage when the diseases were already on the wane and on the verge of disappearance.

It is known that epidemics like the Plague and Spanish Influenza, even Scarlet Fever, have disappeared without the use of vaccines. The use of live viruses in vaccines is flaming doubts that it is vaccines that are prolonging epidemics. Polio in the US is now caused only by the strain used in the Salk injectible vaccine, a vaccine which may soon be introduced in India. Epidemics of acute diseases are today found even among vaccinated populations.

Vaccination debate yet to take off in India.
The vaccination debate is very old in the West dating back to the early 1980s but it has not been given the attention it deserves in India which treats vaccine camps akin to religious ceremonies and the government repeatedly urges the people to vaccinate their children. While courts in the US have awarded compensation of up to $43.10 million to individual vaccine victims, the Indian govt stoutly defends its stand that vaccines are absolutely safe, let alone take care of the vaccine damaged children and adequately compensate them. In the US vaccine activists have demanded a compensation of $20 lakhs per vaccine damage victim.

American investigation finds flaws.
A recent US Govt led investigation has found both the US CDC and FDA, medical advisory bodies, guilty on many counts. The investigators have been shocked at the sloppy manner in which the conspiracy is being tackled and have found evidence that the vaccine manufacturers are colluding with politicians and doctors to hush up the issue. The investigators expressed surprise at how such a large dose of mercury, the second most dangerous toxin, was being allowed to be injected into infants.

Moreover a CDC led investigation has found mercury capable of causing neuro degenerative diseases in children. A Californian medical institute study on rats too indicates the same. All these studies are vehemently denied and suppressed by the medical community. Any admission of guilt would lead to an avalanche of court cases that would financially cripple the medical industry besides affecting its reputation and credibility.

A CDC document has declared in December '2006 that "no vaccine is fully safe or effective". What it does not say is why then should we continue with them? What is the rationale behind injecting new born babies with known and studied poisons? What purpose does this madness serve? The medical community will have a lot of answering to do when finally the bubble bursts and the whole sordid business of death and disease surfaces. Already angry parents all over US, UK and Europe are calling for Nuremburg style human rights trials for the accused.

Vaccines and adult chronic diseases.
Vaccines are today linked not only to childhood disorders but, considering the fact that they tinker with the immune system, are suspected to be behind the many autoimmune disorders like diabetes, cancers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), intestinal disorders like IBS, IBD, paralytic symptoms like Guillaine Barre Syndrome, glandular disorders, increased stress, psychiatric disorders, personality disorders and rheumatic and arthritic ailments that have assumed epidemic proportions in adults.

They may also be behind brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, caused by the mercury and aluminum in vaccines, as more and more teenagers are falling a prey to these diseases all over the world. In children they are also notorious for causing eczema, asthma, meningitis, encephelopathy and epilepsy.

While the spurt in chronic cases are being attributed to defective genes, medical scientists know that genetic epidemics are an impossibility. Animal induced diseases are being explained by animal bites on humans in Asia and Africa. But how could such sporadic bites lead to huge epidemics that are fast engulfing the world? Clearly the role of animal serum used in vaccines and other medicines should be subject to more stringent probes.

Urgent proactive action required.
It is high time the Indian public becomes aware of vaccine dangers. Steps have to be taken fast to protect the population or else we will have billions of autistic children by 2007, tens of millions of diabetics and an yet unspecified number of cancer patients, figures that have prompted the WHO to dub India to be the disease capital of the world.

Vaccine activists, including honest mainstream doctors, have written to the President, Prime Minister and the Health Minister demanding that there is an urgent need to conduct long term tests on vaccines by unbiased researchers. There is need for regulation including the issues of informed consent, transparency in terms of vaccine ingredients and their effects, involving the public on matters of vaccine selection, delivery and safety and also debating whether common childhood illnesses have a role in strengthening the immune system.

A physicians warranty of vaccine safety, to assure the parents that the vaccines being injected into their babies are tested and safe, has also been submitted to the Govt for study and implementation. This warranty will go a long way in making the doctors acknowledge vaccine after effects, make them responsible for the same, and also educate the parents about dangers involved.

Vaccinating infants and those immunocompromised unscientific.
Whether infants should be vaccinated remains a contentious issue. At such a tender age their livers do not even secrete bile let alone tackle dangerous toxins. It takes twenty developing years for the human body to be fully equipped to tackle neurotoxins, before that the protective myelin sheath around the nervous system in the body and brain is not ready. There is also a question of childrens rights here as an unstudied disease state is introduced via vaccines before the child can take a logical decision about his health.

The only logic behind vaccinating infants is that childbirth and its aftermath and also the concerns of the parents necessitates hospital visits which can be utilised to push the shots. Doctors are educated as to how routine visits can be converted into vaccine visits and also how to allure parents with a "promising" vaccine and to push in other vaccines into children when their parents visit the clinic lured by them. There is also a mad rush to deliver booster shots as vaccines fail to live up to the promise of "preventing" diseases.

It is known that paediatricians earn a major portion of their income from vaccines. The persons involved in policy making and distribution benefit from them in various ways.

There is no scientific logic behind vaccinating sick and malnourished children, underweight babies, pregnant mothers, people with immune disorders and children of people suffering chronic diseases thus subjecting them to a great risk. Mercury is known to cross both the blood brain barrier as well as the placenta barrier.

The Govt is yet to respond to the demands. The Indian Association of Paediatricians has discussed the issue in their conference held in January 2007 at Mumbai. There are indications, a fond hope rather, that a committee will be formed by the Govt of India comprising mainstream doctors to review the vaccination process. However how far they will do justice to the subject, being the perpetrators of the crime themselves, remains to be seen.

Helping vaccine damaged children.
In the meanwhile it is the duty of the holistic healers to rescue the vaccine damage victims from their plight and rally behind the anti-vaccine activists to put an end to the scourge called vaccines. Homeopathically it is time to look beyond Thuja and consider the role of Merc Sol, Hepar Sulph, Rhus Glabra, Alumina, Arsenic, Anacardium, Tuberculinum, Carcinocin, Nux Vomica and other indicated remedies as Vaccinosis is no longer restricted to mere injection of diseased pus. It is definitely a lot more dangerous than that.

List of Homeopathic Prophylactics (Preventives).
Here is a ready reckoner of Homeopathic Prophylactics (Preventives). These medicines are cheaper, without side effects and very effective.

-- Cyclosporin, Medorrhinum, Syphilinum, Thuja or potentised blood of a confirmed AIDS patient.
Cancer -- Carcinocin.
Chicken Pox -- Malandrinum or Variolinum.
Diptheria -- Diphtherinum or Mercurius Cyanatus.
Infective Hepatitis -- Nux Vomica.
Influenza -- Arsenic Album or Influenzinum.
Measles (Rubella) -- Morbillinum or Pulsatilla.
Mumps -- Pilocarpus.
Polio -- Lathyrus or Polio Nosode.
Small Pox -- Variolinum.
Tuberculosis -- Bacillinum or Tuberculinum.
Typhoid -- Arsenic Album or Baptisia.
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) -- Drosera or Pertusin.
Tetanus -- Hypericum.

For after effects of Allopathic Vaccination or Vaccinosis
give Thuja or Kali Mur.

Other measures to help the vaccine damaged children, under the care of qualified holistic healers, could include:

1. Naturopathic or ayurvedic detoxification,
2. Vit C, at least 1000mg per day, to detoxify and strengthen immunity. Vit A, E, K
and B Complex can also be considered. Affected children also show a deficit of zinc and selenium and thus these two can be a part of the immune strengthening therapy,
3. Cina/Teucrium/Natrum Phos 6x etc. for worms in the guts of the child, if present,
4. Brahmi, Sankhapushpi, Tagara, etc to boost memory and calm the child.
5. Alfalfa, spirulina supplements to supply basic nutrients,
6. Biochemic combination Five Phos 6x, two tablets thrice daily, for essential cell salts.
7. Anti tubercular treatment if latent tuberculosis suspected. Homeopathic remedies
like Tuberculinum, Natrum Mur, Bacillinum, Calcarea Phos, Iodinum, to be considered.
8. Use of probiotics like curd to alleviate digestive and intestinal problems,
9. Yoga and pranayama to boost health and mental alacrity,
10. Participating in bhajans/prayer, spiritual education, to calm down the mind,
11. Restricting TV access, to the extent possible, if it is distracting the child,
12. Counselling, therapy and discipline combined with loving attention for the child.

As the medical community refuses to acknowledge that autism is a result of toxic overdose, it is the concerned parents who are studying on their own and coming out with plausible solutions
They have formed self help groups which discuss treatment modalities and how they are helping the children.

Some of the groups that cater to the parents questions are:


We wish the parents of autistic children and their well wishers all the success in their noble endeavour of attempting to help the unfortunate vaccine damage victims. If through this article we have been able to create an interest in parents to allow their children a natural and vaccine free life our efforts will be amply rewarded.

Dr Leo Rebello,
Natural Health Centre, Mumbai.

Jagannath Chatterjee
Health & Human Rights Activist,
Member: MANITHAM, Chennai,
Loksatta, Maharashtra/Hyderabad,

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1. The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults - Randall Neustaedter.
2. Vaccines: Are They Really Safe & Effective? - Neil Z. Miller.
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Websites :

You can also type "vaccine dangers" into google search and browse through the almost 10,00,000 sites that pop up.

The authors are highly grateful to Sheri Nakken, homeopath, Dr Paul G King, the journals of NVIC, TAAP, also autistic persons and parents of autistic children for their invaluable help and feedback. Thanks are also due to Barrett Bates, a friend of the authors for providing books which are not available in India.
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