Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Study Questions Rotavirus Vaccine in India

Prevention of Rotavirus Diarrhea in India:
Is Vaccination the Only Strategy?


The rotavirus serotypes prevalent in the country appear to be different from that in the west. In a multicenter study enrolling 4243 children with diarrhea (39% tested positive for rotavirus), the most common types of
strains were G2P(4) (25.7% of strains), G1P(8) (22.1%), and G9P(8) (8.5%) [9]. The authors of the study observed that 22.1% of the strains identified in this study would be covered by Rotarix (GSK Biologicals) and 47.9% by RotaTeq (Merck) [9]. While there is some evidence to suggest that there may be cross-protection, the same has not been shown in India.


Katie Diaz said...

As per Hilleman labs, rotavirus diarrhea leads to annual deaths of five to seven lakh children all over the globe, out of which one lakh are in India alone.. conjugate vaccine

Jagannath Chatterjee said...

Completely concocted. When this vaccine was introduced in India at an IAP Conference, I was present. I startled the paid speaker when I questioned the source of his figures. He mumbled and admitted it was an interpolation. Viral diarrhea is easily controlled with just the oral dehydration solution. Incidentally diarrhea has peaked in India with the introduction of the Oral Polio Vaccine which apart from various forms of paralysis, also has diarrhea and vomiting as side effects.