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An Indian Saint on The Coming Destruction

How I Developed A Taste For Predictions 

- Jagannath Chatterjee

Suffering the intolerable heat that has engulfed Odisha with temperatures going past 46C, my memory heads back to my childhood days. It was in the year 1971, at the age of 9, that I had accompanied a group to explore certain scenic spots of Odisha. That map contained Chhatia - a small temple town - a village really. There is a temple of Lord Jagannath here with the prophecy that at the end of Kali Yuga when the city of Puri will be inundated by the sea, the idols of the Trinity will be rescued and placed in this temple where the worship would continue.

However, that was not what sparked my interest. There was an old priest there who we children gathered around. He started telling us about how one day the water, land, air and food would be poisoned and people would suffer on account of it. He also spoke about the pollution of minds and how people would increasingly become criminals and commit the most heinous acts. I remembered drifting away unable to believe him. In 1971 pollution was not heavy on our minds and we children did not recognize it. We had not come across rampant criminality too.

When I started reading about environmental issues in my high school and college days my mind kept drawing back to that hermit. I soon had a few books containing the prophecies of Swami Achyutananda (contemporary of Lord Chaitanya) called the Achyutananda Malika, and a few others of that period. Going through the books was not easy but I could comprehend the following sample (please consider these were predicted 500 years ago);

At the end of Kali Yuga;

1. People would forget God and even ridicule Him and the few believers that would remain.
2. Respect for elders and teachers would disappear. Many mischievous people would pose as religious leaders and through their oratory would mislead the masses.
3. Tradition would be lost and time old teachings would be disregarded.
4. People would take to dishonesty and crime as a profitable livelihood. The criminals would carry deadly weapons openly and use them. Many of those who indulge in large scale corruption would be shamed (exposed?).
5. Both men and women would lose their modesty and develop illicit relationships.
6. Children would become addicted to sex and even have offspring.
7. Incest would be rampant with sex within relatives and family.
8. People of the same sex would enjoy each others company.
9. The Sun would lose its benevolence and rain fire on the people.
10. Winds would create havoc. People would start fearing the hissing wind. (Cyclones?)
11. Rainfall would fail the farmers who would abandon their profession. (Happening)
12. Strange diseases would appear, epidemics would spread that would baffle doctors and kill people in large numbers. Mental peace would be lost. Strangely, the medicines would aggravate the epidemics instead of controlling them
13. Wild animals and snakes would leave the forest and invade villages and homes. (Happening)
14. There would be a National Highway to Puri. (Complete)
15. Stones would fall from the temple. The flag atop the temple would fall a number of times. The innermost precincts would see blood. The covering of cloth atop the Trinity would catch fire. Temple ceremonies would be grossly mismanaged. (These have happened already)
15. The last King of Odisha would be a "Balaka Brudhha" - Aged child.
16. The last King of Puri would be Gajapati Maharaj (the name is mentioned)
17. The last King of India would be a strong ruler.
18. During the build up to the end, the people would suffer inflation, non availability of food, diseases, mishaps, increased taxes forcing people to rebel against governments
19. Lord Jagannath would be maligned (Recent happenings during the Nabakalebara festival have indeed maligned the Lord)

The end predictions are as follows;
1. When the farmers would lose interest in agriculture and wild animals would invade villages, know the end is very near.
2. Two Sun's would be visible in the sky terrorizing people. (A comet?)
3. The world would become dark for 7 days (some say 4) and the skies would scream putting great fear into the hearts of men killing many.
4. The earth would shake violently destroying towns and villages.
5. The sea would surge forward and the Temple of Lord Jagannath would be inundated up to the 22 steps that lead to the Temple atop a sand hill. The sea would be so violent that the surf from the sea would fly above the NilaChakra - the Chakra positioned at the top of the Temple. (This is indeed a scary prediction. The height of the sea at the Temple denotes an inundation of an extensive nature maybe up to 40kms inland)
6. Foreigners would destroy the Hirakud Dam (leading to large scale flooding?)
7. Only 2-3 persons per village would survive the catastrophic end to carry the seeds of civilization forward.
8. All machines created by men would cease to function (Very interesting. How can this happen? A solar storm that wipes out electrical grids?)
9.The major destruction in Odisha would occur at midnight - Nishardha

The Kalki Avatar: (I have received this as a feedback after initially circulating this article)
1. According to the Malika, the Kalki Avatar would be born in Odisha. He will be averse to publicity and engage with his devotees (leela) mostly in forests and far away places. His devotees will also keep themselves hidden as they lead tortuous lives under the wrath of Kali.
2. According to the Jagannath Malika, Sishu Ananta Malika and also the Hadidas Malika His name would be "Chakradhar"
3. He would (through his spiritual powers?) initiate a World War - the destruction of which will strike immense terror in the hearts of people and would kill and disable many. During this period He would reveal Himself to all. Prior to this the many sufferings of the people would make many turn to spirituality for solace and there will be a great yearning for a genuine spiritual leader and thus a cry for an Avatar would come up from the souls of the people. Many will repent their crimes and beg to be forgiven.
4. After the War he would engage in reorganizing a new society. Wealth hidden in temples and in many unknown underground places would be used for gainful purposes. Civilization would push forward with a new mindset. (Reminds me of Sri Aurobindo's descent of the Supermind)
5. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra would incarnate as per Achyutananda and Hadidas Malika. They would also stay hidden.
6. The next King of Odisha would be "Anantakeshari".

Recently I had visited the Sankaracharya Math at Puri. They are collecting donations for a grand revamp of the Math. The priest collecting the donations suddenly looked forlorn and shared this with me. "We are trying hard but the Sankaracharya is not taking any interest. He says that before the project would be completed the combination of an immense cyclone, a very big earthquake and a huge sea surge would strike Odisha. No town or village would emerge unscathed. The seat of the Sankaracharya too would be sent underground by the quake."

Those well versed in the Malika may please add or correct me.


ravi shankar said...

Nostradamus in his codes predicts 92 Years of peace between the Second World War and the third world war. Hence we arrive at the Year 2037 which ushers in catastrophic changes. The killer comet ( Jan 2037) and killer asteroid ( June 2040) according to the Book of Revelations would destroy one third of the land and one third of the sea respectively submerging countries like Britain, South Africa, Singapore, parts of USA ( San Francisco) and ancient civilizations. After the 3 1/2 Years of peace war will breakout in 2041. India will be occupied by China. China and Russia will annex and occupy USA and Europe will be devastated by the Islamic invaders by the Mahdi of Greater Arabia who sports a blue turban would see 200 million soldiers kill 3 billion people. Read for Hindu prophecies which mentions Kalki (Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya born in 1965-66 ) will restore law and order and usher in 1000 Years of peace from 2064 onwards.

Anonymous said...

All are accurate ji ..

I am also know about end of kali yuga ...

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Bhabani Shankar said...
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Bhabani Shankar said...

As per bhagbat gita Kali Yuga duration is 4 lakh something years , if only 5000 years has passed then how Kaliyuga will be end so soon ?

ravi shankar said...

Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy a reincarnation of Vishnu predicted that he will reincarnate as Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya or Lord Kalki after 5,000 Years of Kali Yuga has elapsed. According to Telugu calendar 1965-66 was the birth year of Lord Kalki and I would suggest you to go through two websites provided as a link in my website

hargovind said...

The malika says that the age of kali has been reduced to 5000 years because of various sins being committed today. There is a list of exactly what causes how much reduction e. g. The killing of cows takes away 125000 years from it etc.

Sitta Teja said...

Jagannath ji -

Point 1) avatar will take birth in orissa. (i hope not). it was said on the banks of gautami river, in vaishanava community. Only god knows where is gautami river.

Point 2) This is not end kalki avatar. kalki avatar is still 427000 yrs to come. its for establishment of dharma as vira vasantharaya (coming avatar from 2038).

Point 3) There is no 3rd world war for India, it will be for rest of world. In India, its internal conflict on democracy by autocracy.

Lord Veera Vasantaraya shall kill every hindu, muslim, christian or some blah blah blah.... every human who do not believe in god, or who argues there is no god. Dont think he is our saviour,this time he is our punisher. every one shall think he is a manifestation of ghost. World will call him an anti-christ. But like in the words of nostradamus i will put it- King of Kings. To oppose him will be a folly.

Born on 22 dec.2026, at age of 11 he shall show a miracle in srisailam and shall convert a lot vaishnavaites to shaivates. He shall become emperor at 13. and shall rule for 95 years. By year named Iswara, 2056 all countries shall bow at him. But no man of ill minded will live by year 2094. 2094 year is jugdement year.

Like in Bible, exactly after 2000 yrs, This time lord shall not return like a shepherd. He shall come with vengeance. Om namah shivaya

Sitta Teja said...

Iam sorry sir, another small advice as you are keen about prophecies i will request you to read following peoples writigs ( I said only writings)

1. Madhavacharya ( Vidyaranya)
2. Veera Brahmendra swamy
3. Yadathore subbaraya sharma
4. Saint sarvajna
5. Nostradamus
6. Russian Mitar Tarabich

Anonymous said...
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