Monday, March 28, 2016

Consider These 25 Points BEFORE Vaccinating

Remember, you can never UN-VACCINATE!

1. Childhood illnesses are beneficial and build the immune system
2. Suppressing them in itself is the road to chronic disorders & disabilities
3. Vaccines ingredients are extremely toxic and harmful.
4. The claim that vaccines eradicated disease is not backed by facts. The credit actually goes to better housing conditions, clean water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. Also doctors are trained to change the name of diseases if they appear despite vaccination thus ‘eliminating’ diseases.
5. Vaccines have never been adequately tested for safety/efficacy
6. Administration of more than one vaccine does not have the backing of any safety study
7. The effects of the entire vaccination schedule on children has never been studied
8. Statistical manipulation and intense lobbying is behind ‘vaccine success’
9. Vaccine harm is constantly denied as coincidence
10. There are 200 serious adverse effects including death noted in published mainstream scientific literature
11. Vaccine induced autoimmune disorders and toxicity problems show up many years after administration
12. Vaccine induced chronic disorders fuel the growth of the medical empire
13. There is no safety net for victims in developing nations
14. Vaccines are profitable; driven by corporate philanthropists supporting eugenics agendas
15. In the USA $3.9 billion has so far been paid as compensation for vaccination damage. Thousands of cases are pending
16. The global spread of Autism and other chronic disorders like cancer etc among children is alarming
17. While ‘experts’ deny the vaccine autism connection, Courts have so far compensated 87 cases of vaccine induced autism in the USA and Italy
18. ALL the CDC studies disproving the vaccine-autism link has been exposed for fraud and statistical manipulation
19. These studies have not been retracted but are cited as ‘proof’ that vaccines do not cause autism
20. Doctors/ scientists investigating vaccines have been struck off roles and have also died under mysterious circumstances
21. Vaccine harm is mostly life long, without any treatment protocol to address the harm
22. The entire system earns handsomely from vaccines and therefore turns a blind eye to harm done
23. Parents are coerced into vaccinating their children without proper informed consent which is a crime under the Nuremberg Code
24. Parents reporting vaccination harm are ignored, threatened or laughed at
25. Paediatricians get their vaccine commissions and also benefit from treating the adverse effects. They are committed to be silent on the issue. The industry also never educates them on the subject.

Also know why ethical Indian doctors oppose irrational vaccines:
Irrational Vaccines In India ethical doctors and medical scientists are pointing out how irrational vaccines are being introduced into the country. What are these irrational vaccines? 1. Vaccines for disease whose incidence is low in the country, example Hib 2. Vaccines for diseases that can be easily treated, example rotavirus diarrhoea, measles, mumps 3. Vaccines that are causing death and adverse effects, example Pentavalent, Hexavalent, HPV, OPV 4. Vaccines that have been proven ineffective/ harmful in clinical trials; Rotavirus, BCG, HPV 5. Vaccines that are being given to the wrong target group; Hep-B being given to infants and children 6. Vaccines for diseases that are best encountered in childhood; example, rubella, measles, mumps, whooping cough
They are also worried about other issues; 1. Mass vaccination leads to medication of healthy person, that is unethical 2. Mass irrational vaccination draws tax payers money away from genuine public health measures like nutrition, clean water, hygiene, sanitation, housing, poverty eradication etc 3. Having a vaccine prevents research into the illness and doctors forget how to treat the disease

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Prescription for Turning Medicine Into a Healing System

Setting modern medicine on the path to healing is a stupendous job. However it has to be attempted 
because the harm done to the population has crossed all decent limits and the results that show 
cannot be brushed under the carpet any longer. How can this come about?
1. Its ethical practitioners must come together, abandoning the industry formed associations
2. The Government’s present efforts to promote generic medicines must be adopted. There is 
really no scientific basis for most compound drugs
3. The senior physicians must create protocols for others to follow based upon sincere attempts 
in certain other countries and based upon the physicians experience
4. The system of medical representatives educating doctors and the system of commissions 
based upon targets set must be immediately stopped
5. The ethical practitioners must stop being educated at the annual and regular industry jaunts
6. The fees of private practitioners must be increased 20 to 30 times, if not more
7. The physicians should renew their oath and have the interest of the patients as their only goal
8. There should be countrywide workshops to identify and weed out harmful practices
9. A scientific body composed of ethical medical scientists will audit all processes and 
procedures for safety, efficacy and in view of latest findings that refute earlier cherished beliefs
10. The long term impacts of the system on patients should be studied on top priority
11. The ethical bodies should interact with other systems to initiate a system of integrated medicine
12. The system of GP’s must be urgently reintroduced
13. It should be acknowledged that the body-mind complex has the ability to heal which 
must be studied in depth
14. Toxicity as an important factor for disease must be acknowledged and a system of 
detoxification using safe methods must be devised. The medical fraternity must undertake
extensive campaigns to bring awareness about the toxins in use.
15. The public health measures like clean water, sanitation, poverty reduction, housing, 
nutrition, exercise and in case of infectious disease, isolation, and diet should be the topmost priority  
16. As in developed countries scheduled drugs must be available only with prescription
17. The system should abandon its big brother attitude and again adopt the stance of constant
learning that was the hallmark of the pioneers
18. There should be a system of acknowledging iatrogenic harm and arranging for treatment and compensation to victims. Acknowledging harm done often calms down the patient and family 
rather than a rigid denial. 
19. The practitioners should rule from the heart and not the head
20. It should be ensured that the right people with the required qualities enter the profession.
As an activist of 31 years standing I think my suggestions should be heeded. It is obvious that 
halfhearted cosmetic measures will not do. The entire profession should rise as one. The objective 
of the exercise is to make the behemoth a healing, truly curative system. Unless cures are the goal 
the system will continue to harm. The body is not a machine, reductionism is the pathway to
disease. These concepts are best discarded and holistic methods adopted. There is no other 
way to turnaround the system.
Others can add.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Do Vaccines Save Millions of Lives?

Do Vaccines Save Millions of Lives?

Vaccination (immunization) in general is a preventive process. Suppose a disease affects 10% of the population and an immunization programme promises to reduce it to 0.5% (it can't eliminate it in a finite time). This means that 90% of the population is safe any way, and another 9.5 percent become safe due to the vaccine. 

From the vaccinated individual's perspective, there is no way to know whether she belongs to the originally safe population (90%) or to the population increment saved by the vaccine (9.5%). There is also no way for the individual to know, if she gets the disease, whether she was part of the 0.5% destined to get the disease even after vaccination, or part of the 9.5% to have been saved, but have got the disease due the failure of the vaccination. So in essence, the individual has to submit to the vaccination process as an act of faith in scientific medical care. 

She essentially believes that she is saved by the vaccine 100%, but in effect her chances of escaping the disease have only improved by 9.5%, and that too only if the vaccination succeeds. Her not knowing this increment is in some ways a failure of the medical ethics of informed consent. There is no way in which the individual can understand or reason whether the vaccination should be taken or not. 
From the government, doctor, health care perspective, it means that 9.5% of the population in addition to the 90% is saved by the vaccine. The government can make out by the population percentages whether the vaccine has worked or not. It is important for the governmental health care policy in terms of its heatlh care indices. 

Now if the vaccine causes serious iatrogenic morbidity or mortality in a statistical percentage (say 0.1%) of the cases, the problem is complicated even more. The government has to decide whether the economic and social damage caused by the morbidity or mortality is a price worth paying to gain the incremental safety provided by the vaccine. The individual in effect, due to lack of knowledge is faced by a new possibility of 0.1% morbidity or mortality for the sake of a preventive measure that has uncertain and incremental effects on her getting a specific disease. 

Again, a lack of knowledge makes it a risk of serious morbidity or mortality, due to criminal negligence on the part of the health care system. In general this logic is inescapable it seems to me. It hinges on the willing acceptance by the population which is in total ignorance of the specific medical character of the disease, the preventive intervention, and without any physiopathological fact that causes her to submit to it. There is no symptom. Hence the expert logic that drives the system will tend to divorce it more and more from patient control. 

Hence a health activism has to be extremely and structurally cautious about introducing new preventive measures. On the other hand, preventive medicine has to be permanently provisional. It is only because a given present disease cannot be treated quickly, conveniently and with no disablement and minimal discomfort, that it has to be prevented. Preventive medicine on the basis of whole populations is in its struture somewhat prone to be susceptible to be illogical. The drive should be towards more and more comprehensive, effective and fast means of cure, rather than prevention.

- A Doctor