Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Uranium, Mercury, Aluminium, Lead, Arsenic: Vaccine Ingredients!

Dirty Vaccines: Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated With Metals and Debris in New Study

Lead, Iron, Chromium and Other Metals Routinely Contaminate Vaccine Adjuvants, Industry Study Reports


First results of vaccine investigations
The first assessment on 8 Feb. 2017:
– All 16 vaccines tested contain mercury in small amounts.
– Eight of the 16 vaccines contain chrome in small amounts.
– Six of the 16 vaccines contain small amounts of arsenic.
– 15 of the 16 vaccines contain small traces of uranium.
– All 16 vaccines contain minor traces of aluminum, even though not declared.
– What You Didn’t Know About the Aborted Baby Parts in Your Vaccines
– New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination

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