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Toxemia Explained - The 7 Stages of Disease.

Toxemia Explained - The 7 Stages of Disease.
Stage 1 - Enervation. Stage 2 - Toxemia. Stage 3 - Irritation. Stage 4 - Inflammation. Stage 5 - Ulceration. Stage 6 - Induration (Hardening). Stage 7 - Fungation (Cancer).
Enervation is depletion of energy. It is when not enough energy comes in, and too much energy goes out. Energy is the essence of life. Our body needs 2 forms of energy to survive and carry out all its functions: (a) Chemical energy, which comes from a healthy balanced diet. Food produces glucose, the energy source our body cells need. (b) Vital/nerve energy, or chi, which comes from sunshine, clean water and fresh air. To keep our energy up, we need to have enough rest and know how to manage our stress level. There are 5 main areas where our body uses its energy: - Thinking - Movement - Digestion - Metabolism - Elimination When our body is not generating sufficient energy for its daily tasks, it becomes impaired and further diminishes its ability to restore the depleted energy. Our elimination process is the first to shut down. Our body becomes unable to clear out the toxic by-products of metabolism and residue of foods. These un-eliminated wastes accumulate in our body. Eventually, our body becomes overloaded with toxic materials. And this is what causes Toxemia. Symptoms - tired, sluggish, feel sleepy, loss of appetite, constipation, nausea, does not feel our "normal self".
ENERVATION: Nerve Energy reduces or exhausts so much that normal bodily functions greatly impair, especially elimination of endogenous and exogenous poison. Stage One begins a progressive and chronic process of “Toxemia Toleration” that continues through its following stages. Toxic Sufferers do not feel their “normal self.” They feel either stimulated or depressed by a poisonous overload.
Stage 2 - TOXEMIA
Toxemia is accumulation of un-eliminated toxins. Toxins come from 2 sources: (a) Internal toxins - our own metabolism (which produces carbon dioxide) and bacteria from fermentation of undigested food. (b) External toxins - food pesticide, chemical in air and water, medicines. Our body recognizes this situation and attempts to rid itself of the toxins. Initially, the disease will be of the "acute" type. We may come down with a cold or flu. Since our body is being prevented from maintaining internal cleanliness, it goes into the default mode of storing the un-eliminated toxins in order to prolong life. This storage of un-eliminated materials interferes with absorption of oxygen and nutrients by our cells and contributes to our internal pollution. Toxins starts to saturate the blood, lymph nodes and tissues of our body. Our body begins to degenerate and sink deeper into disease, resulting in the second type of disease called the "chronic" type, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis. Symptoms - feel more tired and sluggish, fever, flu, cold, runny nose.
TOXEMIA: Nerve Energy becomes too low to eliminate metabolic wastes and ingested poisons. These toxic substances begin to saturate first our bloodstream and lymphatic fluids and then our cells themselves. A Toxemia Sufferer feels inordinately tired, run-down, and “out of it.”
The storage of waste products in our body hinders the assimilation of oxygen and nutrition into our cells. Our cells absorb a lot of water to dilute the waste/toxins that our body has accumulated. As our cells continue to be subjected to the lack of oxygen and food, as well as increased pressure from the water retention, they begin to send out pain signals. Some warning signals are: itchy skin, nausea, jumpy feeling, prolonged nervousness, depression, anxiety and worry, frequent headaches, minor aches and pains, more difficulty falling asleep, putting on weight, coated tongue, bad breath, increased body odor, sallow complexion, dark circles under the eyes, irregular/heavier menstrual flow. When the effects of enervation, toxemia and irritation are continuously ignored, the toxic residue builds to an even higher concentration, resulting in Stage 4 of disease.
IRRITATION: Toxic build-ups within our blood, lymph and other tissues continue. Cells/tissues where build-up occurs become irritated by wastes toxic nature, resulting in a low-grade inflammation. Toxemia Sufferers feel exhausted, queasy, irritable, itchy, and act irrational and hostile. During these initial stages, if The Toxemia Sufferer consults with a medical doctor about reasons for their low energy and irritability, doctors tells them: “There is nothing wrong with you. These symptoms are ‘all in your head.’ You are perfectly healthy!”
Inflammation is our body's most intense effort to cleanse and restore itself. We are alerted of the problem vide the warning signal of actual pain. This is a cleansing, healing mode as our body tries to repair itself. With inflammation, the toxins in our body system have usually been concentrated in a particular area for a massive elimination. This area becomes inflamed and swollen due to the constant irritation from the toxic substances. The doctors are able to diagnose us with an "itis" problem (literally means "inflammation of") and give it a name: Tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils Esophagitis - inflammation of the throat Appendicitis - inflammation of the appendix Hepatitis - inflammation of the liver Nephritis - inflammation of the kidneys Arthritis - inflammation of the joints Colitis - inflammation of the colon Lymphadenitis - inflammation of the lymph nodes Gastritis - Inflammation of the stomach Dermatitis - inflammation of the skin Carditis - inflammation of the heart Ileitis - inflammation of the small intestines
Fever and inflammation are our body's crisis response to a life-threatening situation. It is evidence of increased and intense body activity directed at cleansing and repair. Fever is a healing activity. Unfortunately, when doctors suppress this healing symptom with drugs, it adds to the already high level of toxicity in our body, resulting in the next stage of disease.
INFLAMMATION: Low-grade, chronic inflammation from irritation leads to cell death. An area or organ where toxins amassed becomes more inflamed. Toxemia Sufferers experience actual pain, along with pathological symptoms here. With these symptoms appearing medical doctors give Their complaint a name. Traditionally, medical scientists have named as many as 20,000 distinctly different diseases based upon what site toxins accumulate and precipitate symptoms. Once naming set of symptoms, doctors mechanically prescribe “antidotes” from their Physician’s Desk Reference or from their memorized medical/ pharmaceutical store. Medical doctors now commence drugging and treating.
Stage 5 - ULCERATION Our body has been exposed to a lot of toxins for such a long time that massive number of cells and tissue have being destroyed. Our body, in sensing the need to eliminate the accumulated toxins, forms an ulcer (eg. an opening on the skin) as an outlet to rid itself of toxins. This condition is often very painful because there are exposed nerves. The ulcer will heal when the level of toxemia is sufficiently lowered, and the poisons and toxins have been discharged out. Modern medicine views ulcers as negative and applies cream, lotion, antibiotics etc in an attempt to stop and heal the ulcers, never realizing what this physiological process is demonstrating, i.e. its the body's natural way to expel the toxic substance out. So, an ulcer can be viewed as a consequence of body degeneration, or the action by our body to prolong life and maintain its remaining health.
ULCERATION: Tissues destroy. Bodies ulcerate, and form an outlet for poisonous build-ups. Toxemia Sufferers experience a multiplication and worsening of symptoms in addition to an intensity of pain. Medical doctors continue drugging and often proceed with surgery and other forms of more radical and questionable treatment here.
Induration is the thickening and hardening of the tissues when our body attempts to protect itself. The toxic material is ring-fenced in a sack of hardened tissue, to stop it from spreading freely throughout our body. This hardened tissue is known by names such as tumor, growth or fibroid. The formation of "water blisters", corn or callous are also forms of induration. Induration is the last stage when the body can still control its cells. If we take corrective measures and change our habits, then the warnings throughout these 6 stages will stop. But if we continue to ignore the warning signals and let the poisoning continue, our cells will become parasitic.
INDURATION: Induration results from long-standing, chronic inflammation with bouts of acute inflammation interspersed. Chronic inflammation causes impairments or sluggishness of circulation: and because some cells succumb, they replace with scar tissues. In this we lose functional cells — via chronic inflammation and a death of cells. Toxins may encapsulate in a tumor, sac, or polyp. Toxemia Sufferers endure even more physical pain, which intensifies via an emotional distress of realizing that they continue to worsen, regardless of how taking obedient, or even 'heroic' attempts to attain wellness. Medical doctors continue both drugging and surgery and other kinds of methods of therapy deemed appropriate, both conventional and alternative. Stage 7 - FUNGATION/CANCER
This is the final point of the long development of disease and it is usually fatal. In a healthy person, each groups of cells perform their respective functions to benefit our body as a whole. However, when our internal conditions have deteriorated to the extent that normal aerobic process is no longer possible, the cells change and start to survive by anaerobic process. For example, the plane you're in crashes in a place where there is no food. You want to remain alive. You may end up eating your fellow passengers in order to continue surviving. Likewise, our cells multiply haphazardly in an unorganized manner. They live in a toxic environment without oxygen and no longer can be controlled by our brain. They become parasitic, living off whatever nutrients they can obtain in order to survive, yet contributing nothing to our body in return. They have turned into cancer cells.
CANCER: Cellular integrity destroys through disorganization and cancerous proliferation. Tissues, organs, and whole systems lose their ability to function. Biochemical and morphological changes from deposits of Endogenous and Exogenous Toxins bring on degenerations and death at a cellular level. Toxemia Sufferers become “a pathological mess”: They lay on their deathbed. Medical doctors declare: “There is no hope left. You have just so much longer to live. You need to make preparations accordingly.” Failure of vital organs then results in death. Conclusion So, there you have it - the 7 Stages of Disease is how you can diagnose the status of your health. Cancer is the expected consequence of toxemia, unless we get rid of the toxins and slowly expose our mutated cells to oxygen and convert them back to normal cells. In other words, when we supply our body with high quality nutrients, increase its vitality, lower the level of toxins, our body can begin to repair and rebuild. During the healing process, the toxic waste matter will be stirred up and return to the bloodstream to be eliminated from the body. It is not comfortable, but is a necessary process for healing to occur. Do not suppress it by taking drugs. Be patient and give it time to go through the process. Our state of health will retrace backward the same path that leads us to the disease in the first place.
Edited and elaborated from The-seven-stages-of-disease-by-JD-Tilden

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