Thursday, June 28, 2018

So you had your vaccines and you are ok?

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I hear this every day. Okay - what does that word mean?
Is asthma okay?
Is food allergy okay?
Is PEANUT anaphylaxis okay?
Is 1/3 suffering cancer okay?
Is autism okay?
Is diabetes okay?
Is SIDS okay?
Is arthritis okay?
Is epilepsy okay?
Is infertility okay?
Are regular colds and flu okay?
Is ALS okay?
Is chronic fatigue okay?
Is glandular obesity okay?
Is sudden 'natural causes' death okay?
Are behavioural issues okay?
ALL of these - and much more - are the new okay.
So yes, if you have any of these, I guess you are okay. By today's standards. After all, they are ALL listed on vaccine package inserts as acceptable possible side effects.

- Lulu Langford

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