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1 in 8 children suffer neurological disorders in India!

One in eight kids may have neuro disorders in India

Almost one in eight Indian children between the ages of 2 to 9 years, may have at least one neurodevelopmental disorder such as epilepsy, speech and language disorders.
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Express News Service
NEW DELHI: Almost one in eight Indian children between the ages of 2 to 9 years, may have at least one neurodevelopmental disorder (NDD) such as epilepsy, speech and language disorders and intellectual disability, an assessment of children from across the country has found.
There are, however, few standards for the disorders and still fewer treatments available. The study, conducted by Narendra K Arora of the INCLEN Trust International, New Delhi, and 50 other colleagues, has assessed about 4,000 children, perceived as ‘normal’, at Palwal (Haryana), Kangra (Himachal Pradesh), Dhenkanal (Odisha), north Goa and Hyderabad and tested them for vision impairment, epilepsy, neuromotor impairments including cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, speech and language disorders, and intellectual disability. Older children were also tested for attention deficit hyperactivity and learning disorders.
The analysis, which found that 475 of 3,964 children had at least one NDD. Among children with such disorders, 21.7 per cent had two or more disorders. Children with autism spectrum disorder, neuromotor impairments and epilepsy most frequently had other coexisting disorders. Prevalence of NDD varied according to site, from roughly 5 per cent  (Dhenkanal) to roughly 19 per cent (Palwal), with hearing impairment and intellectual disorders.

Was India Unhealthy?

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I am 56 years old. I have witnessed an extremely healthy population in my childhood days. In my city of Bhubaneswar there were a few PHC's manned by a doctor and a compounder. They used to spend their time reading newspapers and playing carom.

There were three private doctors. Two were brothers; Dr Gadadhar Mahapatra and Dr Jagannath Mahapatra. Both were MD's in Medicine. While Dr Gadadhar prescribed a few medicines and only generics, Dr Jagannath openly wrote prescriptions that included turmeric, amla, triphala, and Liv 52 etc. He strongly advised people to grow herbal kitchen gardens. He was in essence an herbalist. The nursing home established by the duo in the Bapuji Nagar area of the city languishes because it has so far refused to delve into the depths of crass commercialization.

There was another MD a Dr Kar. He used to specialize in children and practice in a posh locality called Forest Park. His precondition was that the child should be unvaccinated. He absolutely refused to see vaccinated children as he said it was outside his powers to treat and nurse them back to health. The parents were careful not to vaccinate, some lied but were promptly caught and chastised as Dr Kar could identify a vaccinated child by the symptoms.

I first heard about cancer when a friend's mother suffered breast cancer and finally succumbed. This was in 1970 or 71. Cancer was extremely rare in society and was talked about in hushed tones. Not only cancers, chronic disease tended to be a rarity.

In my village I have witnessed extremely healthy elderly people. My grandfather who passed away in the age of 99 after a brief illness led the pack. His group consisted of similarly aged persons who enjoyed their lives like young people and in their mentality they were like children. Till the age of 98 my grandfather used to cycle to the town to collect his pension. My own father is 97 years old and looks like 70.

I am 56, suffered a huge vaccine reaction in 1979, and today I am almost a cripple. I suffered bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, splenomegaly, hepato toxicity and irritable bowel after the MMR shot. My case has been discussed in medical journals and thanks to help from my doctor and scientist friends I carry on a campaign against vaccines since 1985.

From 1985 to 2000 I worked behind the scenes writing to all doctors, scientists, medical colleges, health and research institutions across the length and breadth of the country. I presented material that ought to have sparked a debate. However instead of answering the queries, senior professionals began writing to their colleagues warning them about a "dangerous person spreading canards about vaccines". Clearly vaccines had to be protected.

In 2000 I went public. It was mostly parents of injured children who responded with their stories of devastated children and apathy of the system. Since then we have travelled a long way and today vaccination has become a much talked about subject in India.

It is appalling that such an instrument of harm has been promoted as life saving and doctors administrating them have preferred to remain silent to the carnage that has happened right in front of their eyes. History will judge them; I have just been a pointer.

In countries like Japan, Phillipines, China, Italy, Sweden, the USA, and in the African subcontinent vaccines have become a political fight as people have lost hope and trust in the medical industry.

In India too it is emerging as one with the Govt forced to admit widespread deaths and disabilities. Leaders from all sections of society must step in and rescue children from a greedy and blind system that has caused more damage than the two atom bombs dropped in Japan.

India needs to become healthy once again rejecting the scourge of caesarian childbirth, vaccines, antibiotics, chemical agriculture, and poisoning at several levels. Development can only take place on the base of a healthy society.

Natural Childbirth - Road to Health

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I was awakened to the ease of natural birth in a hospital when I was about 7 years old. I witnessed a village woman who was shouting at the top of her voice protesting her forced hospitalization after childbirth. She was washing her clothes when she went into labour and delivered a child. Her mother in law helped her cut the cord and cleaned both child and mother. Then she went back to washing her clothes. Her horrified husband had admitted her forcibly into the hospital. She created a ruckus and was discharged pronto.

In the year 2010 I was on a tour to Andhra Pradesh and met a group of village birth attendants in Medhak district. They told me how they prepared the mothers for delivery with food and massages and how the delivery was in sitting and standing positions for ease. I interviewed new mothers and they said they were highly satisfied. The doctors in PHCs of the district told me how these attendants had opened their minds about natural birth and they too allowed natural birth in their PHCs if people went there. They came gave birth and were gone within hours. Even among the few cases they referred to the CHC many had normal birth under supervision.

The birth attendants were well versed about traditional ways of pain management that modern doctors should know too. If people are interested they can contact DDS Hyderabad to know more. The women managed agriculture and millets programmes of DDS ensure all round nutrition for the mothers and also empower them.

Since then I have associated with tribal in Odisha who too don't feel birth is an issue. Why have things changed now? The major factor is deterioration in health and vitality. The health of our ancestors is no longer visible today. The other of course is mainstream fear mongering about the process and mismanagement. Even the WHO has come to recognize that caesarean sections are a menace and take place for profit.

There is nothing romantic about natural birth. Nor about organic food and lifestyle. They were normal since human beings appeared on earth. They have been turned abnormal because there is money in artificial. This is the truth. The child loses out tremendously in the process of caesareans unable to inherit its mothers microbiome and the first milk. It also has to deal with all the medications given to the mother which are passed via the breast milk. Such a baby can never be healthy.

Today studies show a baby born at home has a richer and healthier microbiome than one born out of home. There is a study to show how the body learns through a difficult childbirth and rectifies the problems in a subsequent one. Institution births are encouraged so children can be shot up with vaccines. Modern medicine completely negates the healing power of the body to impose itself. It is not a system of medicine. It is a business plan that thrives on ill health and misery.

The biochemical model of health no longer holds true. It has been replaced by extensive work on the microbiome, mycobiome, epigenetics, and new discoveries like the role of the appendix, extension of the lymphatic system to the brain, the interstitium, and the role of the mucosal system, gut microbiome, and lymphatic system in immunity. Thus we have entered an era where we acknowledge biology to be the main driver.

We are just 43% human and 57% composed of trillions of external cells that connect us to the environment and perform vital physical, mental and emotional functions. We are also gaining insight into the role of mitochondrial energy as a driver of organs and their functions. There is also seeping in the knowledge of alkaline and acidic mediums and the importance of the circadian rhythm that extends beyond timely functions to the full life cycle. From conception to death we follow such a cycle.

All of this point towards a totality that is in sharp contrast to the reductionist viewpoint. How do modern concepts affect the totality? Let us start with pregnancy. Earlier the MD's who were not specialists tended to accord the highest respect to this state, careful not to medicate. Nutrition and routine activity coupled with evening walks was recommended.

We know about the placenta barrier. This barrier is today breached and made porous thanks to mercury, aluminium and Polysorbate 80 in the two tetanus shots given to pregnant women. Consequently all medications directed at them reach the foetus - a forbidden territory. Today we also know how the ultrasounds women are subjected to impacts the foetus.

The process of normal childbirth is a cathartic which releases precious hormones in the mother. These hormones take care of the many problems associated with childbirth and may even correct a breach as observed. The passage of the baby through the normal channel compresses all fluids out of it, clears the lungs, and also seeds it with vital microbes that shape its future health. If we preserve the coating on the baby instead of washing it instantly, allow the full cord blood to flow into it, and retain the placental connection for a little more time we do a great service to the baby.

A caesarean childbirth is convenient but is a great loss to health as far as the baby is concerned. Hospital births also ensure a not so safe environment and force the supine position that is not really a birth position. After caesarean the mother is not in a position always to deliver the first colostrum robbing the baby of vital nutrients. The medicines directed at the mother passes on to the infant further affecting its health. In a hospital the infant is also exposed to a not so friendly microbiome. The mother may continue to be medicated depending on the complications after surgery.

Thus home based natural births accompanied by common sense trained attendants are now being preferred by those knowledgeable who wish to preserve their health and also that of the new born.

Evolutionary perspectives on cesarean section 

Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health, Volume 2018, Issue 1, 1 January 2018, Pages 67–81,https://doi.org/10.1093/emph/eoy006

27 February 2018


Cesarean section (surgical removal of a neonate through the maternal abdominal and uterine walls) can be a life-saving medical intervention for both mothers and their newborns when vaginal delivery through the birth canal is impossible or dangerous. In recent years however, the rates of cesarean sections have increased in many countries far beyond the level of 10–15% recommended as optimal by the World Health Organization. These ‘excess’ cesarean sections carry a number of risks to both mothers and infants including complication from surgery for the mother and respiratory and immunological problems later in life for the infants. We argue that an evolutionary perspective on human childbirth suggests that many of these ‘unnecessary’ cesarean sections could be avoided if we considered the emotionally supportive social context in which childbirth has taken place for hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of years of human evolution. The insight that human childbirth is usually a cooperative, even social event in which women are attended by familiar, supportive family and friends suggests that the harsh clinical environment in which women often give birth in the developed world is not the best setting for dealing with the strong emotional forces that usually accompany labor and delivery. We argue that providing a secure, supportive environment for laboring mothers can reduce the rate of ‘unnecessary’ surgical deliveries.

Everything is Rigged

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The 33 most rigged, faked and manipulated parts of our nation 
1.) The entire mainstream media
2.) Facebook and Twitter
3.) Big Political Paries (100% rigged by 3 major industrialists)
4.) Every federal agency (CVC , EC, CAG , RBI etc.)
5.) The entire justice system (makes a total farce of real justice)
6.) Interest rates and the value of the money supply 
7.) Academia (all universities)
8.) EPA’s “safe” limits on pesticides (all rigged by Big Biotech)
9.) Food and food labeling (all run by corrupt food companies)
10.) Public education (rigged into Common Core anti-knowledge idiocy)
11.) Banking and finance (all controlled by handlers )
12.) Government economics figures and statistics
13.) Medicine and pharmaceuticals (rigged to maximize profits)
14.) Big Science (totally rigged by government agenda pushers)
15.) The Film industry 
16.) Weapons manufacturers and defense contractors 
17.) The illegal drug trade (it’s run by the government)
18.) Political elections (all 100% rigged at the federal level)
19.) Political polls (now rigged by Paid media & PMO)
20.) The health insurance industry 
21.) Domestic terrorism (rigged “official stories” and false flags)
22.) Oil and energy pricing.
23.) The rule of law (rigged in favor of the rich and powerful)
24.) Infectious disease and the CDC (a constant stream of lies)
25.) Bollywood (all run by handlers and blackmoney)
26.) Climate change science (all a grand science hoax)
27.) Press release services (they only allow official narratives)
28.) History (what you are taught is mostly a lie)
29.) Government grants (only given out to those who further the agenda)
30.) Government bids (only awarded to those who kick back funds to corrupt officials)
31.) Consciousness and free will (we are all taught consciousness doesn’t exist)
32.) Ethnobotany (medicinal and spiritual use of healing plants)
33.) Weather (manipulated by geoengineering)
I could go on and on....

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60 Questions for Vaccine Happy Pediatricians!

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60 questions all mothers should ask their doctors before vaccinating:
1. What are the ingredients in this vaccine?
2. Have all of the ingredients been tested for safety singly and in combination?
3. What is the worst side effect this vaccine can cause?
4. Are there any people who should not get this shot? Why?
5. What are my rights if it hurts me or my child?
6. What should I do if it hurts me or my child?
7. Are there any safety studies on giving more than one shot at a time?
8. Are there any studies on the health outcomes of the vaccinated versus never vaccinated?
9. Does it matter if there is a familial history of bad reactions, autoimmunity, or other allergies?
10. Will the doctor be held personally responsible if this hurts me or my child? Is the manufacturer responsible? Has my government ever paid compensation for death and disability after vaccines? If yes, how much? 
11. Are there any studies done on vaccine safety that are not funded by vaccine manufacturers, patent holders, or government agencies responsible for vaccine uptake?
12. If yes what do those studies reveal? Where are the studies that show vaccines don't cause cancer, genetic abnormalities, harm to the fetus, and impair fertility? Vaccine inserts of every vaccine have clause 13.1: The vaccine has never been tested for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, teratogenicity, and it's ability to impair fertility. 
13. What is the statistics of children dead, injured, and disabled after vaccines in my country? What is the rate of reporting?
14. What are the controversies surrounding vaccines in my country? 
15. How do I get compensated after my child dies? Who pays for the treatment and rehabilitation of my child after it is injured or disabled?
16. Are doctors of my country taught about vaccine adverse effects? How much do they know? Are they aware that 248 serious diseases, disorders and disabilities including death have so far been ascribed to vaccines as per 498 mainstream published studies?
17. What do doctors of my country know about health? Are they aware that having febrile inflammatory and eruptive diseases in childhood prevents chronic and degenerative diseases including cancers later in life?
18. How much does my doctor earn from vaccines? Does he have a target and an incentive based on it?
19. Does my doctor know how to treat vaccine injury? Can he profess to treat it if he is not aware of vaccination harm in the first place? 
20. Am I ready to accept the death of my child, or its permanent lifelong disability after getting the shot?
Ask because you can never unvaccinate. Once the poison is in, it stays there for good.

40 more by a friend!

1.     Name 5 vaccine ingredients.
2. What is MRC-5?
3. What is WI-38?
4. What is vaccine court?
5. What is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?
6. What is the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act?
7. How has the CDC schedule changed since 1986?
8. How much money has been paid out by vaccine injury court?
9. How many doses of how many vaccines are in the CDC schedule between birth and age 18?
10. Do vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue? If so, which vaccines? And how many aborted babies were needed before they found one with the virus necessary to create the vaccine?
11. Do any vaccines contain cow, dog, monkey, pig, insect and human DNA?
12. What is an adjuvant?
13. What is an antigen?
14. Which arm of the immune system do vaccines stimulate?
15. Which arms of the immune system do natural diseases stimulate?
16. What is transverse myelitis?
17. What is encephalopathy?
18. What is the rate of autism in 2017, what was it in 2000? What was it in 1990?
19. What is glyphosate and is it in vaccines?
20. If your child is injured, who will take physical, emotional, and financial responsibility?
21. What was the Supreme Court’s statement on vaccines in 2011?
22. Can you provide a study showing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated health outcomes?
23. Can you show me a safety study proving it is safe to inject multiple vaccines?
24. What is shedding?
25. Do vaccines shed? Which vaccines can shed for up to 6 weeks?
26. Which vaccines are live virus vaccines?
27. What is the VICP?
28. What is SV40?
29. What is MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase)?
30. What is an acceptable amount of aluminum to ingest per day and how much is injected via the hep B vaccine on day one of life?
31. Can someone who was vaccinated for pertussis still spread pertussis after being exposed to it? If so, for how long?
32. What is the death rate from measles in the US from 2005-2015? From the MMR vaccine in same time frame?
33. What does attenuated mean?
34. Where can I find information about vaccines?
35. Are there vaccine consent forms?
36. Can the vial stopper cause allergic reaction?
37. Can there be serious reactions to vaccines?
38. What is NVIC?
39. Is there any compensation for physicians who have a certain percentage of their patients vaccinated?
    40. Are you aware antibodies last a few years? Are you aware of adult vaccines? Are you and your family members updated on adult vaccines?

Questions Answered;
1. Name 5 vaccine ingredients -
Aluminum, Thimerosal , Polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, MSG, squalene, egg protein, casein, soy, egg protein, chicken embryo, monkey kidney, calf serum, gelatin....
2. What is MRC-5?
MRC-5 (Medical research council strain 5) is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of an 14 week old aborted Caucasian male fetus. The cell line was isolated by J.P. Jacobs and colleagues in September 1966.
MRC-5 cells are used to produce several vaccines including MMR, Varicella and Polio. Infected MRC-5 cells secrete the virus, and can be cultured in large volumes suitable for commercial production.
3. What is WI-38?
WI-38 is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3 months gestation white (Caucasian) female fetus.
4. What is vaccine court?
The Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, popularly known as "vaccine court", administers a no-fault system for litigating vaccine injury claims. These claims against vaccine manufacturers cannot normally be filed in state or federal civil courts, but instead must be heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims sitting without a jury.
5. What is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program?
If you or your child is injured or dies from a vaccine, you file a claim with VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and if you get through all the red tape and win your case, you get up to $250,000.
6. What is the 1986 national vaccine injury act?
The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was established by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), passed by the United States Congress in response to a threat to the vaccine supply due to a 1980s scare over the DPT vaccine. A .75 tax per vaccine is put in the fund.
7. How has the CDC schedule changed since 1986?
The vaccine schedule went from 22 doses to 73 doses.
8. How much money has been paid out by vaccine injury court?
Over 3.7 billion.
9. How many doses of how many vaccines are in the CDC schedule between birth and age 18?
73 doses of 17 vaccines.
10. Do vaccine contain aborted fetal tissue? Yes. If so, which vaccines? MMR, varicella, hep A, Rotovirus, rabies, shingles...
11. Do any vaccines contain dog, Monkey, Pig, and human DNA? Yes
12. What is an adjuvant? Something used to stimulate an immune response, like aluminum. This is needed in killed virus vaccines.
13. What is an antigen? A substance that provokes the immune system to generate antibodies against it.
14. Which arm of the immune system do vaccines stimulate?
15. Which arms of the immune system do natural diseases stimulate?
Humoral and cellular
16. What is transverse myelitis?
Transverse myelitis is a neurological condition in which the spinal cord is inflammed. The inflammation damages nerves and causes them to lose their myelin coating leading to decreased electrical conductivity in the central nervous system.
17. What is encephalopathy?
Inflammation of the brain. Encephalopathy is listed on the package insert and Autism is a result of encephalopathy.
18. What is the rate of Autism in 2017? 1/36.
       What was it in 2000? 1/150
       What was it in 1980? 1/10,000.
19. What is glyphosate and is it in vaccines?
It's a pesticide sprayed on crops, and yes.
20. If your child is injured, who will take physical, emotional and financial responsibility?
The parent.
21. What was the Supreme Court's statement on vaccines in 2011?
Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. This eliminates manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects.
22. Can you provide a study showing vaccinated vs unvaccinated health outcomes?
There are none.

23. Can you show me a safety study proving it is safe to inject multiple vaccines?
There are none.

24. What is vaccine shedding? 
When a live virus vaccine is shed in body fluids like sneezing, coughing, saliva, sweat, urine, feces and vomit.
25. Do vaccines shed? Yes live virus vaccines shed.
Which vaccines can shed for up to 6 weeks?
MMR, Varicella (chickenpox), Rotovirus, Influenza (nasal spray), oral polio
26. Which vaccines are live virus vaccines?
MMR,Varicella (chickenpox),Influenza (nasal spray),Rotavirus
27. What is the #VICP?
Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.
28. What is SV 40?
Simian Virus 40 derived from monkey kidney cells, found in the polio vaccine.
29. What is MTHFR?
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.
A gene mutation in which it is difficult to metabolize folate and eliminate toxins. People with #MTHFR have higher incidence of adverse reactions from vaccines.
30. What is an acceptable amount of aluminum to ingest per day and how much is injected via the hep B vaccine on day one of life?
The FDA safety limit for aluminum is 4-5mcg/kg of body weight per day. Hep B contains 250 mcg of aluminum and is given on day one of life.
31. Can someone who was vaccinated for pertussis still spread pertussis after being exposed to it? If so for how long?
Yes, a person who is vaccinated for pertussis may have some protection from the disease, but if exposed to pertussis, becomes an asymptomatic carrier and harbors the bacteria in the throat and therefore can transmit the infection to others unknowingly for a few weeks.
32. What is the death rate from measles in the US from 2005-2015?
MMR vaccine in same time frame?
Zero deaths from measles, 108 from #MMR vaccine.

Some answers can be found here;

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More on DDT & Polio

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I love watching old black and white newsreels from the first half of the 20th century. It’s a fascinating period of history, and it’s one of the few in which we can go back and revisit almost as if we were there. There was a span of years immediately after World War II, however, that is particularly interesting, because it doesn’t normally get a lot of attention, compared to the war years and the “the fabulous ’50s.” The second half of the 1940s often tends to get short-changed, perhaps because it was more of a transitional time of rebuilding and regearing after the war in preparation for getting back to normallife in the United States.
There is a series of five newsreels I recently found that sheds some light on the polio epidemic during the immediate post-war period and offers another perspective to that health crisis, which ultimately fueled the development of Jonas Salk’s inactivated injectable polio vaccine (IPV) in 1954 and its licensure in 1955. To view these films, just click on the following:
To put the polio story into context, it’s important to note the number of reported cases of poliomyelitis during the late-1930s and early-1940s. During 1933-1937, there were a total of 37,463 cases (4,930 deaths), followed by 31,993 cases (4,165 deaths) in 1938-1942, 12,449 cases (1,115 deaths) in 1943, 19,029 cases (1,433 deaths) in 1944, and 13,619 cases (1,189 deaths) in 1945.1 
The number of cases had clearly risen in 1943 but had begun to dramatically drop in 1945, not rise. However, there still existed a fear of the disease in the country due to upward spikes in 1943 and 1944 and the occasional serious epidemics that had been occurring since 1910. One of the worst ones had taken place in New York City in 1916, with more than 27,000 reported cases and some 6,000 deaths.2 Plus there was the tremendous public exposure that the disease had garnered due to the fact the President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself had polio. His legs had been paralyzed in 1921. In 1938, President Roosevelt sponsored the establishment of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP).3 
Despite the declining cases of polio in the U.S., in 1946, President Harry S. Truman declared war on polio. In a speech from the White House, President Truman said:
The fight against infantile paralysis cannot be a local war. It must be nationwide. It must be total war in every city, town and village throughout the land. For only with a united front can we ever hope to win any war.2 
Almost immediately, the US government stepped up its nationwide mass fumigation campaign using the extremely toxic chemical DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane). The goal was to exterminate mosquitoes, which were believed to be spreading polio. In a Universal Newsreel (produced by Universal City Studios) from 1946 showing mass DDT spraying in San Antonio, TX,4 the narrator can be heard saying:
With a possibility of a grave infantile paralysis epidemic, San Antonio health authorities attack germ carriers on a citywide front. With war-discovered DDT and special sprayers, sections of the city are literally fogged with the insecticide in the fight to stop the spread of polio. Every suspected spot is sprayed. The drastic cleanup is ordered as polio and alive diseases show alarming increase. Even streams come in for disinfecting, and in the parks precautions are taken to prevent gatherings of youngsters. Literally tons of DDT are used on this dread disease that attacks our young. Again, war, destructive in parables, contributes one of its discoveries to save life.4 
The DDT fumigation effort in the U.S. had actually been going on since at least 1945. In another Universal Newsreel, narrated by Albert Grobe, you can see a North American B-25 Mitchell bomber aircraft loading up with DDT and then flying over Rockford, IL on August 27, 1945 releasing the toxic chemical.5  The narrator can be heard saying:
Today’s target for this B-25 is Rockford, Illinois—a peacetime mission to spread 500 gallons of DDT, the Army’s miracle insecticide over the city, stricken with an infantile paralysis epidemic. By spraying the city, authorities will test the theory that insects are carriers of the dread germ. Air Force pictures show the method devised by the Army’s branch of preventive medicine. Flying at an average altitude of 150 feet, the plane sprays a strip more than 150 yards wide at the rate of 215 gallons a minute. A bomber turns to the ways of peace, becomes an instrument of science, and may become the means of saving countless lives.5 
As the DDT campaign proceeded, the incidence of polio began to sharply rise in the U.S. The number of reported cases of polio in the country in 1946 hit 25,191—nearly twice the number as in the previous year.1 In 1947, the number of cases dropped to 10,737 (580 deaths), but then rose again to 27,680 (2,140 deaths) in 1948.6 
The number of cases remained high during 1949-1951, with a total of 103,719, or an annual average of 34,573.7 
In 1952, the number of polio cases peaked at 52,879, and then began to decline to 35,592 in 1953, 38,476 in 1954 and 28,985 in 1955.8 The rates of polio were already well on a downward trend by the time the Salk vaccine was licensed in 1955 and began to be used on a mass scale.
Interestingly, DDT fumigation in the US had reached its peak in 1951. In 1952, the fumigations were subsiding. In 1953, polio cases were also subsiding at about the same rate. By 1953, the number of polio cases had dropped by nearly 40%.9 After 1954, even though DDT was still produced in the U.S., the distribution of the chemical shifted to developing countries.9 Large quantities of DDT began to be bought by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations (UN) and exported.10  
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “DDT exports increased from 12 percent of the total production in 1950 to 67 percent in 1969.”10 
During the 30 years before DDT was banned in the U.S. in 1972, a total of approximately 1.35 billion pounds of the chemical was sprayed throughout the country10 … based on a false theory that mosquitoes carried a germ that spread polio, and under the false assumption that DDT was completely harmless to humans—so much so that one of the popular advertising slogans of the 1940s and 1950s was, “DDT Is Good For Me-e-e!”
Really. No connection?

DDT and the Rise and Fall of Polio