Friday, November 30, 2018

Questions raised on MR vaccine campaign

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Issues surrounding MR vaccine campaign in India.
- It cannot be denied that many children have died and several hundred have been hospitalized due to the vaccine. All deaths and hospitalizations cannot be coincidental as claimed.
- As per RTI 10,612 children have died due to government immunization programme in India from 2008 to 2018. Thus vaccination is risky. They cannot be made compulsory. The Kerala High Court Order of 10th Nov 2017 on this vaccine too has asserted the same in a written order.
- As per Nuremberg Code 1947 informed consent of subject/ guardians is required before medical interventions. Is informed consent being obtained? Consent is about disclosing all known risks, ensuring that they are understood, and written consent has to be obtained.
- Every vaccine has contraindications. The MR vaccine also has. What steps are being taken to ensure the child is screened for contraindication? This is required as per GoI immunization handbook.
- If the child has suffered natural measles/ and or Rubella does it need the vaccine? Is that past history being inquired into? 
- What steps are being taken in schools to ensure presence of doctors and medical equipment to handle emergencies after administration?
- What steps are being taken to inform parents about what to do if adverse effects show up in the child after it reaches home? This is required as per GoI immunization handbook.
- What steps are being taken to follow up vaccinated children to track long term adverse effects as noted in post marketing surveillance of the vaccine and stated in vaccination package inserts?
- What steps are being taken to compensate for deaths after the vaccine and to compensate and provide free treatment for diseases and disabilities?
- Is this vaccine compulsory and mandatory? Several authorities including the Health Minister of Meghalaya have publicly said that it is not. Then why are authorities, schools and advocating doctors saying that it is compulsory and mandatory?
- Can the vaccine provide the benefits of natural immunity that include protection from chronic disease and cancer as per research?
- The vaccine is being given to older children. Where is the clinical trial to show that this vaccine has no impact on the reproductive system? If there is no such study why is it being asserted it is safe and has no reproductive effect?
- Who is the final authority appointed in India who can be approached for the irregularities, deaths and hospitalizations during this vaccination drive? What is the mechanism of justice?

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Indian vaccine campaigns creating resentment.

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The Measles Rubella (MR) campaign has caused widespread resentment among parents throughout India. The Government admits to deaths and hospitalizations but says they are coincidental.

The whispers of the campaign began after a vaccine behemoth of India accumulated huge unsold stock of the vaccine and found it difficult to dispose. Then the system went on an overdrive.

Has the vaccine been declared mandatory? No vaccine can be mandatory in India unless the Government officially and procedurally declares a public health emergency. Parental concern about safety is being countered by saying the WHO says it is safe. Who funds the WHO? It is hugely funded by the BMGF which along with a conglomerate of pharma companies effectively controls it. The world's largest vaccine manufacturer Merck Pharmaceuticals supplies "free medicines" for its programmes.

What does published research say about the safety of the vaccine? It has been linked to several long term complications. A common consequence noticed in Odisha is extensive rash and high fever - the very symptoms of measles and rubella!

While the Govt is indiscriminately giving it to each and every child without investigating for contraindications, there is also no effort to follow up the vaccinated children to ascertain long term impacts and compensate for death and disability.

The Muslim community fears that the vaccine will render children infertile. While their fears are being brushed aside it cannot be denied that the vaccine has never been tested for either carcinogenicity or for effects on fertility.

There is a huge network of lobbyists advocating the vaccine. What are they gaining from it? Research today reveals measles has a purpose. It protects from many chronic diseases and cancers. The measles virus is being used to treat cancers. Indian doctors also say Indian girls naturally acquire immunity to rubella as they grow up. The impact of the vaccine is also short lived. Thus giving the vaccine to small children serves no purpose unless they plan to get pregnant.

Research on the measles vaccine has shown that when the vaccine coverage increases measles becomes a disease of the vaccinated.

So who is benefiting from this drive? What are the real objectives behind it? One thing is sure; the drive has created tremendous resentment among people against forceful medication in educational institutions. It has also revealed the callousness and carelessness of the system which has been exposed playing second fiddle to the pharmaceutical industry. Perhaps this is the only gain.

The vaccine insanity will destroy us.

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The entire vaccination issue is scary. A highly controversial pharmaceutical product (linked so far to 248 diseases and disabilities including death) is being indiscriminately injected into infants and children globally without regard for consequences by people who enjoy state protection and immunity from lawsuits.

It is immensely costly and inherently risky to wage war on populations. However if you can do it under the garb of a medically certified procedure that is forced on all children you can effectively harm an inordinate number and bring society and nations to its knees.

The harm from vaccines as detailed in vaccination package inserts and from published scientific studies is visible everywhere and childhood has been effectively destroyed. However governments, international agencies, and the entire medical profession remain blind to this genocide and continue to promote more and more vaccines.

Doctors and scientists going against vaccines are being suicided and stripped of their licences. Their careers are being ruined and reputation torn to shreds. Presidents, politicians, and celebrities trying to draw attention to the issue are being silenced and forced to retract. Parents reporting vaccination harm they observe in their children are being termed delusional lunatics. Victims fighting vaccines receive threats day in and day out.

What is going on? We are witnessing children and youth who are immensely sick and disabled. Families are breaking apart unable to bear the mental and emotional torture and the financial strain.

Today we cannot hope for a sane and sensible society as its components are being systematically taken down. When today’s extremely disturbed children grow up we will witness a society that would be immensely more chaotic than ours. When are the leaders of our society going to wake up and say enough?

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Are you YOU? Personality disorders.

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A psychiatrist friend informs many today suffer from multiple personality disorders as the mental health crisis worsens. This was once thought limited to schizophrenics.

What determines personality? You are supposed to inherit traits from your parents. Then there is the tremendous role played by microbes residing in your body and the environment. Your education too shapes you as well as the people you interact with. As an end product you are supposed to be a definite ‘You’. Even as you play various roles there is a strong core as ‘You’. 

But as we all experience today, most are not very sure about the ‘You’. There are circumstances that make us scream, this is not ‘Me’! We also feel highly dissatisfied with ourselves and detest many traits that we wish we would not have. We also face meltdowns when we lose control, a personality crumbling experience.

Are all these normal? Well nothing is normal these days. Why? Our bodies are not being allowed to form and grow naturally. Medical interventions have replaced natural processes.

We are not inheriting parental microbes thanks to caesarean childbirths. Whatever microbes we gain are being massively disturbed with vaccines, antibiotics and other drugs. Procedures like vaccines, blood and serum transfusions, organ replacement introduce foreign microbes into us that clash with our personalities.

Heavy metals, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors in vaccines, dental procedures, pharma products, household chemicals, cosmetics, and as pollutants are shaping our personalities. Our food too has changed and no longer similar to our ancestors thus affecting microbiome health.

Food additives and processing involves mind altering chemicals and also aborted foetal cells. Our obsession with cleanliness and fear of germs and viruses is also resulting in microbiome loss as we dowse ourselves with harmful chemicals and cosmetic products.

The microbes we are inheriting from plants and animals are today inimical to us thanks to industrialized agriculture and animal farming. The extreme cruelty inflicted on farm animals is releasing hormones and toxins in their bodies that are a part of the milk and meat we consume. They are also heavily drugged and vaccinated. These strongly affect our minds and emotions.

Thus you are no longer ‘You’. The cruelty we inflict on our environment and the faulty medical and industrial paradigm we have chosen is shaping us. There is an urgent need to learn about the love, respect, and altruism based nature and life loving societies of our ancestors and try to change.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Health & Disease: Beware of toxemia.

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It is very important to understand health. The WHO says health is not merely the absence of disease but a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual well being - without medicine. Health is also about energy and vitality. And most important to remember is that health is being happy and active without having a sense of the body. 

Such health was once guaranteed in childhood. It was only in an advanced age that people felt the burden of their body. 

So what causes disease? When the body mind complex is in its optimum stage it follows a cycle of needs, assimilation and elimination. You feel energetic at fixed times, need rest at fixed times, feel hungry at fixed times, and need to evacuate at fixed time. The cycle is spontaneous. You need to follow the cycle and provide physical and mental inputs. 

Physical inputs are breathing, food and water, cleanliness of the body and surrounding and diligent exercise. Mental inputs are life giving thoughts and aspirations, prayers and meditations. 

Disease begins when the above cycle is disturbed. The timings go awry, inputs are not proper, and mental disturbances occur. The Indian concepts of sama, dama, kama, krodha, lobha, moha, and ahankara revolve around how disturbances take place. Such disturbances cause a loss of energy termed ennervation. This leads to disturbances in function that generate toxins and also disturb the functions of evacuation leading to toxic build up in the body. 

The resultant state is toxemia. These toxins are the cause of dis-ease. This state of the body and mind leads to further disturbances leading to a vicious cycle that changes mentality, behaviour and tendencies. Add to it present day medications and vaccines, toxic food air and water and the cup of woe is full. 

Is it any wonder that once extremely rare and frightening diseases have become epidemics today and new conditions and disease names are being added every day? If you wish health you need to break the cycle. Submitting yourselves to a failed concept of medicine will not lead you to health. You need to research and find out ways and means to regain health.

Vaccine Statistics - India

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- 10, 612 immediate deaths (within 48 to 72 hours) in 10 years from the Govt programme. Long term deaths ignored.
- More than 600,000 adverse effects recorded every year from the Govt programme.
- Cases followed up for probable long term impacts - 0
- Cases of deaths and adverse effects that can be officially attributed to the vaccine - 0. Thanks to the WHO amendment to protocol
- Infrastructure to monitor quality and contamination for wide array of vaccines used for 27 million children annually - 1 small unit in Himachal Pradesh that does not test prior to administration. Found sleeping in the recent polio vaccine contamination case
- System to monitor deaths and adverse effects in private sector - None
- System to monitor quality and source of vaccines in private sector - None
- 15 additional vaccines forced onto populations in the private sector
- Pediatricians earn 8100 crores from vaccines every year. Parents cough up Rs 25,000 to 30,000 per child. 
- More than 8000 probable deaths annually from the Pentavalent vaccine alone
- 491,704 children paralyzed due to the oral polio vaccine
- Earning of Rs 150 to 2600 per vaccine shot (30 to 300% markup) to the pediatricians. Administration charges extra
- Vaccines to protect against 16 diseases so far linked to 248 serious disorders and disabilities including death
- Efforts to track the incidence of such diseases and disabilities in vaccinated children and adults - None
- Compensation awarded - 1 case. Rs. 2 lakh ( less than $ 3000) decided upon after protracted court case. Not paid so far.
- Persons proceeded against for this widespread devastation - 0
- Fines and penalties imposed - None
- Health status of children - 1 in 100 autistic in India, 1 in 8 suffer serious neurological disorders, 54% suffer from chronic disorders - 3 children die every 2 minutes in the country.

The journey of disease.

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In our childhood days there was no epidemic of chronic diseases. Elders told us that diarrhoea, dysentery and other gastrointestinal complaints that we noticed were not widespread in their times. The first diseases we noticed as we grew up were high blood pressure, allergies and respiratory problems. For the first regular checkups were advised, and the others were mostly treated with the anti-allergic tablet "Avil". Allergies and hay fevers spread very fast worrying many. We were not aware that the term 'serum sickness' ascribed to vaccination was replaced by the word 'allergy'. It was accepted as a small price to pay while 'preventing' disease. Then came the sudden widespread surge in cases of chronic fatigue. This was brushed off as hypochondria and mocked at as the doctors could not understand it - in essence mitochondrial damage due to vaccines. Even asthma and a host of conditions were ascribed to patient’s imagination. Next we observed diabetes. Suddenly everyone had it and it became an epidemic. Cancer was a much dreaded and rare disease. It has become common now and today we talk about cancer like we talk about the common cold. In our childhood days when people fell sick they recovered and complications were rare. The body was still in a position to fight disease. Children were invariably healthy and free from chronic disorders. Disorders within this population started with asthma, other respiratory problems, and now we observe children suffering cancers, delayed development, autism, ADHD, diabetes, cardiac disorders, diseases of the liver and kidneys, and serious deformities. Neurological and mood disorders are today rampant among them. Earlier the elderly were healthy - more so than the general population. They were socially very active and alert and mocked the young for their state of health. Little did they know that the vaccines they were so lovingly administering to their children that cause immunotoxicity, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune disorders, were responsible for the fall in health status.

Gandhi will always be relevant.

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Today as we become more imperfect by the day we love to take down personalities because they are not perfect. We also tend to judge them by our extreme worldviews. A person I feel cannot be judged unless we put ourselves in her/his shoes. Gandhi was a person who went through a tough life and experimented constantly to emerge better from the ordeal. He was as he himself admitted, absolutely imperfect and full of flaws. He made his life and thoughts public so others would learn and overcome such obstacles. In essence he portrayed the Indian concept of the inner life being more important than the outer show. He was a spiritual person who was not afraid of his demons and constantly sought to expose his dark side to light. Spirituality is not about being a good person at all. It is about judging ones own strengths and weaknesses, external circumstances, and then working towards self and societal improvement according to the tenets of natural laws. It is all about putting up a grand fight till ones last breath. Gandhiji was extremely violent by those standards. His fight was not physical but spiritual. We are able to criticize him because he never even pretended to be good. Like Subhash Bose and unlike Nehru he acted from his inner core without bothering about the dominant worldview. Today most of us write about him according to what type of funds flows into our pens. Our best contribution would be to read him intensely and follow what we can without writing anything about him at all. Let us remember the struggler who struggled for the truth to be established within and without. He was a great activist, a great reformer, and a trendsetter. He was also conservative and open to the value of traditional wisdom. He studied deeply and contemplated from several angles before coming to any conclusion. He was ancient India struggling to be modern knowing fully well that modernity would bring more pain in its wake. Read him, condemn him if you wish but do not ignore him. Allow the future generation to read him too in entirety and come to their own conclusions.

My stance: Neither Left nor Right.

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I do not belong either to the left or right. Very early on I realized that fitting into an ideology has tremendous limitations. It is always better to be fluid. We all aim for a peaceful society where people of all faiths and belief can live amicably. As individuals we are all different. This difference is because we are in various stages of development. The modern world has certain structures where all have to fit in as components of industries that rule our soulless lives. The previous world was not like this. It had a variety and people normally chose according to their inclinations. I will tend to go the variety way. I have tasted all religions. I have found their core to be the same. It is this core which we must concentrate upon as responsible individuals instead of targeting religions and creating discord. Religions today need deliverance from its own preachers. They need sanity. We face a queer situation today as our education system has veered away from core human values and local cultures. Consequently we have been uprooted from the human development goal that was the focus of earlier civilizations. We feel empty. When we turn towards religion we find them being led by people who do not meet expectations. And we ourselves are unprepared because our knowledge is woefully inadequate and we tend to wrongfully interprete. We get influenced by left leaning people whose sole agenda is to destroy religion so the right loses its base. As thinking individuals we must devise a way out how the world can survive without both the left and right, or even the centre. Full development can take place only when all issues are considered in a sane holistic manner. Creating differences in society and pitting sections against each other reflects a highly immature mindset that needs to be curbed. Our youth must wake up to the agenda behind such extreme movements and extricate themselves from the mess. Behind our facades we are all one.

Countering social engineering.

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When J F Kennedy talked of a conspiracy he was referring to a take over of society by an ideology that was completely different from established and accepted ones. In a way it was a logical outcome as the US was born over the graveyard of an indigenous culture - that of tribes who were decimated. The emerging culture established itself on a false monetary system and an entire paradigm that was euphemistically called the "greater good".
By the time it took hold of America it was fully established, having taken over institutions and in the process of formally infiltrating the Church. Its objective was global takeover not just domination. The strategy was to destroy nations, destroy local religions and beliefs, destroy nationalistic feelings, destroy borders, destroy families by pitting gender against gender, and destroy the individual via destroying physical and mental health and taking away individual liberties by slowly squeezing their ambit. The overall force driving all this was money and institution power.
When we observe society today we must take into consideration the above objectives while scrutinizing the various forces in play around us. Are they aiding and abetting them or can they be used to counter such moves?
What can we do to counter the game plan? We must strengthen the concept of nations, learn to respect borders, let popular cultures and faith be, strengthen the family and do all we can to make ourselves physically and mentally fit. We should take back our rights as individuals. We should also work towards identifying and weakening those institutions that are working towards establishing the new world order. Many of these institutions pretend to exist for our benefit. We should recognize that chicanery too.

Raising healthy children.

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There is an urgent need to focus on the plight of children. Future societies are shaped by how children are treated and reared.
Who are children? The Indian worldview points at souls taking on a human form to build up on their experience in the journey from darkness to the truth. Everything whether positive or negative has to be personally experienced to learn and grow.
The process is best left to nature. But that can be harsh. We have therefore intervened, and our interventions have turned out much worse as childhood faces a crisis never before observed in history.
Children should be treated like independent souls. They are helpless because of their forming bodies and minds but their level of awareness and maturity is much beyond we comprehend. Our duty is to try and fathom their mindset and put them in the best position to achieve their goal. This needs a discerning and detached mind and the realization that children are not personal property or that they come to fulfill parental aspirations. We have to mature first so that our children may be led towards maturity.
We should be very concerned about presenting them with a healthy body and mind and an education that will make them useful components of society as well as lead them towards their life’s goal.
Where life begins is difficult to say. Parents when they are born already determine what their children would be as they carry epigenetic memories from their ancestors. Then their own life and habits add to that. Vitality and quality of sperm and ovum depends on how parents shape themselves before they become so. If you are not healthy in body, mind and spirit do not expect to beget children who are. Your internal world is reflected in your children.
The ideal conditions are difficult in today’s world where medicine tells us otherwise. The current paradigm asserts health is independent of what you think or do. You can behave wantonly and still be healthy and beget healthy children. Nothing could be further from the truth and that paradigm has led to a profoundly sick and disturbed society. Our earlier generations carried forward experiences of the past, strengthened the experiences with their own studied and thoughtful lives, and passed on the best to their children with instructions to carry the process forward. The entire social structure was built around that.
A calm mind and personality endowed with positive habits living in a congenial environment, aware of the benefits of brahmacharya and endowed with a worldview that encompasses the physical and spiritual worlds is a fit parent.
The earlier process involved brahmacharya (retaining sexual integrity) till marriage, treating the partner respectfully as one for life, bringing children into the world with responsibility and afterthought fully realizing the importance of bringing a life into the world, allowing an alkaline undisturbed womb by staying apart and keeping the lady in a congenial atmosphere, natural childbirth, extensive breastfeeding and bonding, care from senior household members, and preparing for the child's future.
If we want we can still learn from that process. Reckless freedom has always brought destruction in its wake. The entire emerging science of the microbiome, epigenetics, role of mitochondrial energy in health, and the role of nature and circadian rhythm in our lives supports the earlier paradigm and negates the current. As we sow so we reap.
Are we willing to go the whole hog and sacrifice our profligate natures to beget a healthy generation? If not then we should stop crying wolf. We are the force that shapes our world.


Physical and mental health depends upon adherence to natural laws and the consequent vitality. Man going against nature itself is one big step for such a fall. It is nature that has formed our bodies and framed our minds. We are not an external pawn implanted on the world. The same earth, air, water and space that constitutes the world is also what we are composed of. The microbiome that shapes us is how we interact with nature and it interacts with us at physical, mental and emotional levels. Our composition that is the stable results of such interaction is passed on to the next generation through the mothers microbiome passed on at natural birth. This microbial load is the carrying forward of impressions known traditionally as sanskar. Society shapes that sanskar. An intelligent society has a positive outcome. I am leaving out consciousness here as it belongs to an esoteric level. We have intervened at the pregnancy, childbirth, infancy and childhood levels that has severely disturbed the process of inheritance and natural growth. We have built an artificial society cut off from nature and based on known toxic chemicals and adopted a lifestyle that is far from natural that has severely impacted our physical, mental and emotional health.

Stephen Hawking - How would he react to Hinduism?

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He has spoken again from the other side claiming there is no afterlife and no God. He is complaining against the Christian viewpoint that is fixated on a divine personality that rules every aspect of life. And also creationism. I wonder what he would have said if he was exposed to the Hindu philosophy.

The Hindus knew about the universe, infinite such universes, the round earth, planets and their movement, the concept of time and its vastness, mathematics and allied sciences, chemical processes, medicine and surgery; that were all based on firm natural laws. Hinduism talks of the universe (Brahmanda) and also the atom (Pinda) and concludes, the macrocosm (universe) is reflected in the microcosm (atom).

It also says that universal forces that operate outside are reflected in the internal working of all beings; the perfect reflection being in the human being. The Hindu concept of creation centers around the Samkhya philosophy that says life emanated from two energy fields; one static (Shiva) and one dynamic (Prakruti). The dynamic in itself emerged from the static. Each is dependent on the other for maintaining homeostasis. Shiva if left alone would descend into nothingness. Prakruti if left alone would degenerate into chaos.

Everywhere in the Hindu panatheon we notice a circular form of energy whirling around a vortex that creates, energizes, maintains and again destroys. The processes are named Gods. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Kali. They can remain at the invisible energy level and can also take on bodies.

In the scriptures we notice what can be termed teleportation as beings from several worlds manifest on earth mostly to deliver knowledge and to maintain balance in times of extreme chaos. In all the scriptures we notice logic and science in systems and procedures. They are experiments inviting the eligible. You can participate in the play to emerge as an all powerful force (and embrace instability in the process) or develop dispassion and rest in the blissful essence.

All realized souls say the same thing; there is a substratum that is always existing (Sat) all knowing (Chid) and blissfull (Ananda). It is the screen on which the phenomenal universe is played out even as it remains entirely unaffected by it. In essence that substratum is our real nature. An illusionary force called Maya evokes the ego (a false separate identification) and the dependent mind to conjure this world. We emerge from that essence with a physical and a seemingly separate spiritual identity to participate in the world in cycles of birth and death till the essence rises within us to destroy the illusion and be relieved of the cyclical existence.

Why this rigmarole? There is no explanation. It is again called a play that the substratum indulges in when it feels the need. From where does that need come to one who has no need? There is no explanation.

Disease Approach vs Health Approach

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Medicine has adopted the disease name approach based on the germ virus causation theory and other physical processes. The focus is on germ virus elimination and battling disease names. In this approach it matters little how the person is affected. If the symptoms are destroyed or the germ/virus is eliminated, the person needs to thank the intervention and lead a compromised life if he survives the process.
The dangers of the germ virus approach are realized today. A human body has 38 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion bacteriophages or viruses. Of this astounding number, only around 4000 have been so far identified with any disease process often without much of an idea if they are causative agents or have other roles to play. They can be present but a disease may or may not manifest. The entire population comprising 57% of what we are determines our mentality, beliefs, attitude, tastes and preferences besides performing vital functions that keep us alive and well. The richer the presence the better we are. We are also interacting with thousands of trillions more in our food and environment that influence us. The broad spectrum antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines, and any other drug/ chemical directed at us influences all adversely. They cannot selectively target a particular bacteria or virus.
The holistic approach on the other hand is centered around health. It recognizes the beneficial role of microbes and defines disease to be depletion of energy and increased toxicity. This toxicity can be due to physical processes and also our mentality and attitude towards life. It advocates good food, proper digestion and elimination, positive and harmonious mentality and attitude towards life, and a regulated lifestyle involving physical and mental exercises that strengthens and conserves energy. It informs us that we are endowed with an intelligent vital force that regulates all functions and processes, ensures integrity of the body and mind through immune strength and also helps develop a positive and sincere mentality, fuelling a positive all round growth.
The disease approach has a history of around 300 years and an enforcement of more than 100 in which period it has been practiced exclusively. Has it led to health and well being? The rising demand for more and more doctors and hospitals and the rapid rising incidence of more and more disease names indicate a profoundly sick society that is today disintegrating under the pressure of the consequent negative attitude towards life.

Cure is non linear.

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This is an aspect that needs a lot of discussion. Effecting cures or healing as it may be termed is not a straightforward process that leads to immediate disappearance of symptoms. There may be a healing crisis or a temporary worsening of symptoms. Some Ayurveds, herbalists and naturopaths ascribe this to the release of toxins by the body that may find its way to the bloodstream to be eliminated by the skin, liver and kidneys. There may also be episodes of stomach upsets and diarrhoea. All the parameters of the body may go haywire for sometime as the body takes on a dynamic role - akin to a giant waking up and shaking off fleas. Dr B M Hegde refers to this as healing chaos which he equates with the re-establishment of the life energy. It is about the vital force energizing itself and taking over. Homeopaths face a situation where suppressed illnesses reappear in the same series as they had been suppressed. Ultimately the disease burden is thrown out in the skin. All of this is in accordance with Herrings laws of cure. Whereas the movement of disease is from without to within, the cure happens from within to without, from the upper to the lower, from the more important organ to the less important one. It is helpful to know and understand this process.

How did women end up as a subordinate in Indian society?

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Earlier we saw a structure where both men and women had equal rights in society and also equal status. I have read about the oldest civilization found so far; the Harappa. Women in that civilization were highly regarded as in tribal societies that still exist today. Both in Ramayana and Mahabharata we see the bold and definitive role of women. India has seen not only great kings but also queens.

Even during Buddha’s time we see equality of men and women. In the process of fall of Buddhism in the debates also we see woman participation that indicated women received equal education. India has been known for matriarchal societies. Then we observe how women got pushed into the home and out of public gaze.

One reason could be the invasions of Huns followed by Mughals and their atrocities on Indian women who were destroyed in India and also captured en masse and sold as slaves in foreign lands - a process that continued throughout the rule. The Mughal rule saw women becoming objects of desire and subject to purdah; an alien concept to Indians.

During British rule the attitude of British soldiers towards Indian women is well known. They preyed on Indian women because British women refused to come to India because of the harsh conditions. The partition of India witnessed large scale atrocities on women.

Another reason could be the prevalence of Tantra - a religious exercise involving women - that deteriorated leading to development of a conservationist mindset.

But we have to acknowledge that somewhere on the way women were deprived of education and the right to a livelihood. The fall of agricultural society led to a decline in role of women. I can also state that the fall of holistic health concepts also led to mental transformation that led to more attacks on women.

Where is the science in vaccines?

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Vaccines are a commercial venture, much less of a public health tool. The manufacturers depend heavily on academic institutions for the research part to cut down on costs. The manufacturing, efficacy and safety issues they keep to themselves. They influence health officials and organisations of repute to blow the disease out of proportion and recommend the vaccine. They make deals with medical bodies to include the vaccine into the schedules.They lobby politicians and contribute to their election funds to mandate the vaccines and indemnify them against lawsuits when the vaccines cripple and kill the children. They hire celebrities and pay media barons to advertise the vaccine and get good press reviews. They offer good introductory options to doctors to stock the vaccines. They suggest booster doses if the vaccine is found to be ineffective or of short term effect. They pocket medical scientists to perpetuate the vaccine and spread the myth of herd immunity to ensure more coverage. They threaten doctors and cancel their licences if they try to bust their plans. They pay medical scientists to expand the scope of the vaccine - like the HPV vaccine now being recommended for boys and the bogey being spread that HPV is responsible for cardiovascular diseases when it is still not clear if the HPV causes any kind of cancer. So where is the science in vaccines?