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Childhood infections protect from cancer


By: thedrswolfson
January 11, 2019
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For the immune system to function properly, it is imperative that babies are exposed to bacteria and viruses in utero and in infancy.
Cancer is a disease of immune dysfunction, just like most diseases. When the immune system is damaged from vaccine toxins and false stimulation by unnatural viral and bacterial components injected through a natural barrier (skin), cancer is a possible result.
As a cardiologist, it is interesting to note that measles and chicken pox exposure may lower heart attacks and other cardiovascular risk. Why? Because childhood infections prime and prepare the immune system. Cardiovascular disease is immunodysfunction.
The following is a list of studies that found childhood infections reduce cancer – the second biggest killer of people in the world (right behind heart disease).
Read them carefully. They support the fact that childhood diseases like measles and chicken pox lead to a healthier immune system. The healthy immune system fights off cancer and other diseases. Vaccine toxins and unnatural viral and bacterial components damage the immune system. That’s why you and your children should avoid vaccines.
Febrile infectious childhood diseases in the history of cancer patients and matched controls“The study revealed a lower cancer risk for patients with a history of febrile infectious childhood diseases (FICD). The strongest associations were found between patients with non-breast cancers and rubella respectively chickenpox. A strong association was also found with the overall number of FICD, both ‘classical’ (measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, scarlet-fever and chickenpox) and ‘other’.”
Acute infections as a means of cancer prevention: Opposing effects to chronic infections“Exposures to febrile infectious childhood diseases were associated with subsequently reduced risks for melanoma, ovary, and multiple cancers combined, significant in the latter two groups. Conclusion: Infections may play a paradoxical role in cancer development with chronic infections often being tumorigenic and acute infections being antagonistic to cancer.”
Mumps reduces ovarian cancer risk                                                                                                                                                               “Prior to vaccination, mumps was generally a mild illness but could have serious sequelae including orchitis and sterility, meningitis and deafness, and pancreatitis. Nevertheless, our study suggests there could also have been unanticipated long-term anticancer benefits of a mumps infection, such as we have described in this paper.” According to the CDC, risk of orchitis and sterility is “rare”.
History of chickenpox in glioma risk: a report from the glioma international case-control study (GICC).“In our study, a positive history of chickenpox was associated with a 21% lower glioma risk, adjusting for age and sex. The protective effect of chickenpox was stronger for high-grade glioma, particularly among those under age 40. Our findings, which represent the results of the largest study to date on this topic, confirm the inverse associations previously reported in the literature on VZV and glioma.”
Do childhood diseases affect NHL and HL risk? A case-control study from northern and southern Italy.“Our findings provide additional support to the hypothesis that infections by most common childhood pathogens may protect against Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) or, at least, be correlated with some other early exposure, which may lower the risk of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) in adulthood. In addition, our study shows that measles may provide a protective effect against non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).”
Delayed infection, family size and malignant lymphomas.“It is proposed that delayed infection could explain the increasing non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) trends, through an impairment of the Th1/Th2 lymphocyte patterns. The model of delayed infection has been proposed also to explain increasing prevalence rates of asthma.” Th1/Th2 dysregulation is linked to most auto-immune diseases and conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
Risk factors for Hodgkin’s disease by Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) status: prior infection by EBV and other agents.Measles lowers risk of Hodgkin’s lymphoma by up to 68%. Chicken pox by up to 61%.
Day care and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: findings from UK case-control study“These results support the hypothesis that reduced exposure to infection in the first few months of life increases the risk of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia.”
Early life exposure to infections and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.“Study results on daycare attendance, birth order and infections during the first year of life are consistent with the hypothesis that exposure to infections early in life is associated with a reduced risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).” 

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Consider these 25 points before vaccinating.

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1. Childhood illnesses are beneficial and are essential to build the immune system
2. Suppressing them in itself is the road to chronic disorders & disabilities
3. Vaccines ingredients are extremely toxic and harmful. Besides the dreaded toxins mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, the other ingredients (some ought not to be injected) can be found here;
4. The claim that vaccines eradicated disease is not backed by facts. The credit actually goes to better housing conditions, clean water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. Also doctors are trained to change the name of diseases if they appear despite vaccination thus ‘eliminating’ diseases.
5. Vaccines have never been adequately tested for safety/efficacy against a genuine placebo. They are tested against the same vaccine minus the virus/ causal agent or other vaccines
6. Administration of more than one vaccine does not have the backing of any safety study
7. The effects of the entire vaccination schedule on children has never been studied
8. Statistical manipulation and intense lobbying is behind ‘vaccine success’
9. Vaccine harm is constantly denied as coincidence
10. There are 248 serious adverse effects including death noted in published mainstream scientific literature
11. Vaccine induced autoimmune inflammatory disorders and toxicity problems show up many years after administration
12. Vaccine induced chronic disorders fuel the growth of the medical empire
13. There is no safety net for victims in developing nations
14. Vaccines are profitable; driven by corporate philanthropists supporting eugenics agendas
15. In the USA $4.03 billion has so far been paid as compensation for vaccination damage. Thousands of cases are pending
16. The global spread of Autism, other chronic disorders and various cancers etc among children is alarming
17. While ‘experts’ deny the vaccine autism connection, Courts have so far compensated 87 cases of vaccine induced autism in the USA and Italy
18. Almost ALL the CDC studies disproving the vaccine-autism link have been exposed for fraud and statistical manipulation
19. These studies have not been retracted but are cited as ‘proof’ that vaccines do not cause autism
20. Doctors/ scientists investigating vaccines have been struck off roles and have also died under mysterious circumstances
21. Vaccine harm is mostly life long, without any treatment protocol to address the harm
22. The entire system earns handsomely from vaccines and therefore turns a blind eye to harm done
23. Parents are coerced into vaccinating their children without proper informed consent which is a crime under the Nuremberg Code
24. Parents reporting vaccination harm are ignored, threatened or laughed at
25. Pediatricians get their vaccine commissions and also benefit from treating the adverse effects. They are committed to be silent on the issue. The industry also never educates them on the subject.

There are several issues that would make us challenge the very concept of vaccination;
- Vaccines create antibodies in the blood called humoral antibodies. However it is well known that antibodies alone do not lead to immunity.
- It is known since 1944 that it is cellular immunity that protects from disease. Vaccines have never been able to provide cellular immunity.
- Vaccines are given to infants. Infants do not produce antibodies.
- As discussed in medical journals natural exposure and exposure via vaccines are entirely different.

As pointed out in the comments section, vaccines are based on the trashed germ and virus theory that has been thoroughly disproved by the discovery of the microbiome and its role in physical and mental health.

Also know why ethical Indian doctors oppose irrational vaccines:
In India ethical doctors and medical scientists are pointing out how irrational vaccines are being introduced into the country. What are these irrational vaccines?

1. Vaccines for disease whose incidence is low in the country, example Hib
2. Vaccines for diseases that can be easily treated, example rotavirus diarrhea, measles, mumps, chicken pox
3. Vaccines that are causing death and adverse effects, example Pentavalent, Hexavalent, HPV, OPV
4. Vaccines that have been proven ineffective/ harmful in clinical trials; Rotavirus, BCG, HPV
5. Vaccines that are being given to the wrong target group; Hep-B being given to infants and children
6. Vaccines for diseases that are best encountered in childhood; example, rubella, measles, mumps, whooping cough, chicken pox

They are also worried about other issues;
1. Mass vaccination leads to medication of healthy persons that is unethical
2. Mass irrational vaccination draws tax payers’ money away from genuine public health measures like nutrition, clean water, hygiene, sanitation, housing, poverty eradication etc
3. Having a vaccine prevents research into the illness and doctors forget how to treat the disease
4. Cost of vaccines are drastically reduced when offered for introduction into government programs, but once they are introduces prices are jacked up again forcing governments to fall into debt traps

Spiritual practices for the modern age.

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I often get messages from young people on the subject. They know that this world is temporary. Life is temporary. Life has ups and downs. So what is permanent? Is there anything called spirituality? What is it and what purpose does it serve? How can it be practiced and realized?
Our ancestors were masters on spiritual matters. Even today if we read texts that were written many centuries ago, the thought process was remarkable. I do not let go any material that I can lay my hand upon of ancient seers and saints. They were highly disciplined and focused. Even modern day saints were. Yesterday I was reading about Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar or Anandamurti ji. What a tremendous life, and what remarkable understanding! The modern saints are different in the way they have been able to integrate the spiritual and secular aspects of their lives. Mahatma Gandhi was such a saint.
What spiritual practices can we undertake in today's topsy turvy world? I think Sri Ramakrishna had put it across very well. Just remember God twice a day. That was all he said! But what of those who cannot do even that? To Girish Chandra Ghosh who was one such person he had advised, "Then give me the power of attorney", that is, transfer the responsibility or surrender. As Girish Chandra Ghosh realized, that was not easy, and he ended up becoming a saint himself. A remarkable transformation as anyone who has read about him would realize.
But we are intellectuals today. We cannot remember a God nor can we surrender to any higher power. So what should we do? Turn to Ramana Maharshi and he says, "Inquire about the "I". Now this becomes an intellectual exercise. Who am I? No need to ponder about it even. Just go on questioning. The "Who am I?" progressively leads to "I am". Troubled by this questioning and assertion the individual ego gradually dissolves leaving just the awareness. And that awareness is self realization. We are the supreme witness of all that transpires. The observer of quantum physics without whom no manifestation or activity is.
Stephen Hawking had argued, if there was a God or Creator he would be pre Big Bang. But as soon as the Big Bang was programmed his need would disappear. The world is a huge and intricate programme that nobody can interfere with. But what if God is that "nobody"? When you read about the complex character of Lord Shiva you realize that he is that "nobody". He is both saguna and nirguna - opposites. Logically he cannot exist, but then he is beyond logic and reason. He can only be felt deep within our core. He is the "I". But the mature "I" as Sri Ramakrishna used to say.
He can create and also has the power to modify creation according to his will. Thus he is the creator, sustain-er and destroyer. But then he too is always careful not to overdo things. That is why he is so difficult to please and achieve. Within the programming is also programmed our salvation. But if our desire is intense enough, he can indeed interfere. Sri Ramakrishna used to cry day in and day out for Mother Kali. And the Mother appeared before him.
It is up to us. We can be intellectuals and inquire. But we can also have faith and desire. Which path is superior? Maybe as far as our personal relationship with God is considered, all paths are the same. As Sri Krishna declared, "All paths lead to Me". But then the path has to be traveled.

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History of scandals surrounding vaccination in India

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- In 17th century variolators start using puss from severely small pox affected patients defying norms as they look towards increased income. Adverse effects leads to ban in 1796.
- 20th century; Gandhi speaks out against deaths and serious adverse effects from the small pox vaccine. Becomes India's voice against vaccination.[1]
- Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, Governor General of India, orders testing of BCG vaccine (for tuberculosis). 15 year long trial finds vaccine thoroughly ineffective (0% effective). But continues.[2]
- DPT vaccine adverse effects stun doctors. Brain damage and epilepsy becomes common. Cerebral palsy hits children. News about Spastic children hits headlines. Under pressure vaccine changed to DaPT.[3]
- Hep B introduction opposed by doctors and medical scientists. They argue infants do not suffer sexually transmitted diseases.[4]
- WHO shuts down public sector vaccine units. Ethical doctors cry foul.[5] 
- Doctors raise voice against mercury in vaccines. Point out rising cases of Autism.[6]
- Doctors and scientists oppose entry of oral polio vaccine. Point out its controversial history. Continue pointing out it was causing paralysis. Now proven it has caused 491,704 cases of paralysis in 17 years.[7]
- Uproar against deaths from the Pentavalent vaccine. WHO changes adverse effects recording protocol so that the vaccine can continue. Doctors declare it is likely killing 8000 children every year.[8]
- HPV vaccine scandal emerges as 9 tribal girls killed, several hundred rendered sick in illegally conducted clinical trial. Parliamentary Committee Report points out severe irregularities. [9]
- Introduction of Hib vaccine opposed. Doctors expose the incidence of disease very low in India. Vaccine not necessary and would be very expensive option.[10]

- Chicken pox vaccine advertisements draw the ire of Indian doctors and they pointed out it was totally unnecessary. They question the manner vaccines are being added to the schedule in India without rationale. (18)
- Scores of Measles vaccine deaths pointed out by media. Government turns blind eye.[11]
- Rotavirus vaccine trial in India reveals extremely high risks of lethal adverse effect. Govt refuses to divulge details. Says revealing clinical trial data would alarm public.[12]
- RTI reveals 10, 612 deaths from Govt conducted vaccine drives. More than 600,000 adverse effects recorded every year. Govt says we do not record deaths from vaccines as WHO protocol has to be followed.[13]
- Senior most functionary of IAP Dr Vipin Vashisht declares private doctors vaccinating for profit. Writes public letter to IAP. Assaulted in IAP conference. Removed from post. [14]
- MR vaccine campaign shocks India as it leaves behind trail of deaths and hospitalization. Govt refuses to take heed of Kerala and Tamil Nadu High Court orders.[15]
- MR vaccine campaign stopped by Delhi High Court which instructs Govt to reveal risks from vaccine and obtain written consent from parents. [16]
- Govt decides to challenge Court order as revealing risks would make consent difficult.

- Contamination in polio vaccine causes polio virus to revive in India. Vaccination programme suspended in the country (19)
- Diphtheria vaccine pushes diphtheria to older vaccinated adults in Kerala. [20]
- Indian doctors raise alarm over Italian study that show serious contamination in vaccines used in India and that one particular vaccine studied did not even have antigens that are supposed to protect against a particular disease. [21]
- Peeved with the Government's unwillingness to advertise vaccines after Delhi High Court order asking Government to educate parents about risk, the vaccine manufacturers in India launch their own campaign by roping in a Bollywood actress who assures public about safety of vaccines. A reputed pediatric MD declares, "If Kareena Kapoor says a vaccine is safe, it is safe." [22]   

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Indian Court Says Parents Need to Know About Vaccine Risks

Measles vaccination drive in schools: HC asks govt to inform people about risks of vaccine

The observations by the court came after the Delhi government said there was no need to indicate contraindications or risks of the vaccine as it could discourage people.

By PTI |New Delhi |Published: January 22, 2019 7:02:41 pm
The Delhi High Court made it clear to the AAP government Tuesday that the risks of administering measles and rubella vaccine have to be indicated in its advertisements on the vaccination drive to be held in schools, and said express consent of the parent is necessary to vaccinate a child.
“Contraindications are necessary for consent, whether positive or negative. You have to tell people about the risks,” Justice Vibhu Bakhru said, adding that the “consent has to be express” and not opt-out.
The observations by the court came after the Delhi government, represented by standing counsel Ramesh Singh, said there was no need to indicate contraindications or risks of the vaccine as it could discourage people and added that it would be administered to children unless parents state in writing that they are opting out.
The Delhi government’s submissions were made in a proposed draft order placed before the court which was hearing pleas on behalf of parents challenging the Directorate of Education’s December 12, 2018 notification which said that express consent was not required to administer the vaccine.

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Asthma: Simple Solutions for a Complex Disease

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Asthma arises from vata kapha dosha, vaccines, allergies, pollution, and suppressing skin problems like eczema. It is often very difficult to treat. There are also many types of asthma. For the relatively moderate cases the following are helpful.
- Inhaling the smell of good quality camphor. The type usually used in havans. Just hold it in your cupped hands and smell it, then keep it in a container for the next session. Use it as often as needed and gradually reduce. This itself can replace the usual inhalers over time.
- Inhaling fumes from water + eucalyptus oil
- Inhaling the smell of genuine honey
- Taking Shitopaladi choorna + honey one tsp twice a day. You should lick it slowly and ensure it reaches the throat region. This soothes the throat and lung passage and reduces the irritation.
- Taking turmeric and dried ginger (sunthi) boiled in water diluted milk helps. Undiluted cold milk and milk products cause kapha and is contraindicated in asthma. 
- Medicines like Pankajkasturi help. If diabetic one can go for a similar sugar free preparation by Dabur called Swasamrita
- Those who develop asthma after allergy can take Giloy and/or Tulsi ghan vati to improve immunity
- In homeopathy a combination of Ocimum+Justicia+Zingiber is given to control allergy cold and cough
- Yoga and pranayama to the extent possible to strengthen the lungs and chest, immunity and also to improve digestion
- Do not take cold food, mucous gas and acidity producing foods
- Homeopathic medicines like Arsenic, Ipecac, Carbo veg, Nux Vomica, Antim Tart, Natrum Sulph are very effective
- For allergic patients often a dose of Aconite at the hint of an allergic attack will stop it
- The lung tonic Aspidosperma Q improves oxygen flow and keeps lungs healthy
- Remedies like Pothos and Alianthus help if allergic to dust and pollen
- Biochemic remedies like Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Kali Mur, Natrum Mur and Natrum Sulph are helpful. There is a combination available (Biocombination 2 for asthma) composed of these salts.
- Asthma patients should take light food particularly at night, take food before sundown, and go to bed early
- Curd, butter, bananas, ice cream, coconut, non veg foods are best avoided
- Vitamin C, Vitamin D, cod liver oil help
When immunity is strengthened often suppressed skin problems appear. They should be treated homeopathically. All acute diseases that appear during treatment must also be treated holistically and not suppressed. They are very often the part of a rectification process. Asthmatic patients also suffer deep rooted emotional issues that need to be resolved through meditation and counselling.

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Do Indian Pediatricians care about children?

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The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) eats, drinks, thinks and dreams vaccines. I have attended many of its events, some invited others voluntarily. In the process I have made several friends. My friends are very nice people. Some are acutely aware of the dangers from vaccines but stay mum as they occupy important positions in the business of vaccines. And their events are entirely funded by vaccine manufacturers. But for how long can they remain silent? It is quite improbable that all its members are blind to what is happening to the children they deal with. If they cannot observe and discern the adverse effects caused due to their interventions can they be called doctors?

Today you cannot think of a pediatric clinic without having a neurologist, an oncologist, an endocrinologist, and a development therapist. They have names like Pediatric Neurology Clinics or Development Pediatrics and the like. Today there are hospitals devoted to children, something we never imagined two decades ago. And these hospitals are always full. Even regular hospitals have pediatric ICUs. Why? Children today clearly suffer more number of diseases than adults do. 

Pediatricians have now extended their "services" to adolescents. Adolescents too suffer numerous physical and mental disorders. And as diseases increase, so do the number of vaccines. The mind boggles when one takes a look at the long ever increasing number of vaccines offered. (

Noticing the discussions in their forums I often call them up to remind them that vaccines and antibiotics do not belong to childhood and that these young bodies are not able to tolerate the growing toxic burden anymore. Some of them do raise relevant issues but there are vigilant groups among them who are quick to quash such attempts.

The IAP is no longer an institution where an honest pediatrician can belong to. Corrupt to the core it believes that its only duty is to serve the interests of the industry. It is a clear and present threat to our children. In 2012 it was pointed out that it was heavily funded by the industry. The report had quoted its own Annual Report. Things have only worsened since then.

IAP Committee Of Immunization funding

Company Contributions in lakh Rs
Wyeth 4.9
Sanofi Pasteur 5.1
Glaxo SmithKline 5
Merck 5
Serum Institute 3
Sanofi Pasteur 1.8
Pfizer 2
Total from companies 26.8
Total IAPCOI funds received 27.8

(Source: IAP Annual Report 2012). All its funders are vaccine manufacturers. (

The Annual Report of 2017 reveals huge funds have been received from GAVI, AAP, J&J, Serum Institute & GSK.

Not only is the IAP taking pharma funds, all its members thrive on pharma commissions and incentives as they procure and sell vaccines. Their annual earnings from vaccines is Rs. 8100 crores, commissions range from 30 to 300%, incentives extra. They also charge for vaccine administration. This is as revealed by whistle blowers from within the IAP.

These vaccines cause 248 disorders and disabilities (and more as revealed in vaccine package inserts), and the same pediatricians who are causing them gain further from "treating" them. Today 54% of our children suffer from chronic disorders, 1 in 68 are autistic, and 1 in 8 suffer from serious neurological disorders. It should be noted that there is no mechanism to monitor the impacts of vaccines delivered by the private sector in India.

There are serious concerns with vaccines that no one is willing to discuss. There is absolutely no one looking at what vaccines are doing to the children. Vaccine safety is the most ignored subject in workshops, conferences and meetings organized by the IAP. They are always busy looking for scope to introduce more vaccines.
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I think the parents and society in general should wake up to the situation. Our children are today so sick that they can no longer bear the burdens of society when and if they grow up to be adults. Social collapse is imminent.
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