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What vaccines have been linked to autism?

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What vaccines have been linked to autism?
- Hep B vaccine (CDC Verstraeten study lying unpublished, C M Gallagher et al)
- MMR vaccine (CDC DeStefano study exposed by co-author, directly and indirectly linked by several other studies)
- Chicken Pox vaccine (Dr Theresa Deisher)
- Thimerosal (mercury containing compound in vaccines, several studies). All non live virus vaccines contain this compound. 
- Aluminium adjuvant in vaccines (Dr Stephanie Seneff et al, Mathew Mold et al, Christopher Shaw). Contained in Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, DPT, HPV, Hib, Pneumoccocal, Pentavalent, Hexavalent
- DPT vaccine (mentioned in package insert, now removed from FDA website)
- DNA material in vaccines (Helen V. Ratajczak). DNA material exists in MMR, Chicken pox, Hep A, Rotavirus, polio, adenovirus, rabies, and shingles vaccines
- Encephalopathy after vaccination with children suffering "autism like" symptoms - US Vaccine Court that has awarded compensation to 85 such children so far, Vaccine Court designated expert Dr Andrew Zimmermann.

Vaccine Nightmare: And yet, vaccinate at any cost!

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While you are dreaming, the dream seems real to you. After you awake you are amazed at how you could consider it real. You look around at sleeping people and know they too are trapped in their dream worlds. You wait for them to wake up. Vaccination is that dream which takes time to break as it promises an Utopian world free from death, disease and suffering.
However when those very things hit you as you submit to that dream you suffer a rude awakening. Vaccination is not a good idea. This practice targets infants and children and suffers huge ethical issues. Ethics does not recommend indiscriminate medical interventions particularly on healthy subjects. These subjects being infants and children the issue becomes even more perplexing.
Consider this against the practices of other systems of medicine. Let alone medicate the healthy, they are extremely cautious even while treating sick children. While ayurveds frown on rural practices like giving a drop of honey to infants at intervals claiming it improves the immune system, classical homeopaths will balk at giving remedies directly to infants and give it to the breastfeeding mother who can then pass it on to the child along with the breast milk.
Even mainstream science does not advocate anything except breast milk to an infant. Not even water. One wonders how the many vaccines, containing seriously debatable ingredients, are injected during such a sensitive period. Scientific studies now stress on the benefits of natural childhood illnesses and how breastfeeding and natural exposures lead to a strong immune system and a healthy microbiome - a sine qua non for a healthy life.
There are many studies now to prove that vaccines irreversibly affect the immune system balance and can cause serious autoimmune disorders. These and other serious damage from vaccine ingredients are listed in vaccine package inserts and in confidential reports submitted by vaccine manufacturers to the federal agencies who sit on them doing nothing.
Vaccines are never adequately tested for safety - the safety tests being rigged by manufacturers to show that they are safe. They are not tested against any inert placebo but against the same vaccine minus the antigen - a process that defies logic. Vaccines are given in bunches - a procedure that has never been tested. The effects of the entire schedule are never tested. Long term studies are never done.
There are no studies to compare the health status of vaccinated vs the not vaccinated. Agencies are sitting on studies that reflect great harm from vaccines. The state of health of today’s children abundantly reflects that harm.
Vaccines are actually tested only after they are marketed. Considering that post marketing administration is a phase iv clinical trial, all rules are thrown to the winds as there is no apparatus to track that harm and rather adverse effects are termed 'coincidence'. Rules for reporting of adverse effects have been tweaked so that vaccines cannot be linked to the harm they inflict.
Doctors, nurses and health care workers are ticked off for reporting adverse events so as not to 'alarm the public'.
The chronic disease and cancer epidemics can be described in three words; autoimmune, inflammatory, immunotoxic. Vaccines cause exactly this! Thus vaccines are the only medical intervention that can be connected with all disease states we witness today.
Vaccines are now being made mandatory. Schemes are afoot to make them mandatory for adults too. Under these circumstances the public should not wait for the experts to declare harm. These experts have been bought. The industry rules the game. It is time for mass protests. It is time for non cooperation. It is time to protect our children. It is time to protect our health.

And yet, vaccinate at any cost!

The aim is to vaccinate each and every child regardless of opposition and consequences. Those engaged in this task know very well that there is serious opposition to vaccination based on science and that they have industry sponsored trash in their hands with which they are countering the opposition. There is no attempt to sit and and answer or even consider the points put forward by the doctors and scientists who have critically examined the issue. 

The constant vilification of those raising critical questions serves to sideline the growing anger and continue vaccinating the children. Even Court orders are being ignored. Since 1942 it is known that vaccines cannot prevent disease. Today as per their own records vaccines are connected to 248 serious diseases and disorders including death. Children are today seriously ill and childhood is lost. Research shows most childhood illnesses serve a purpose and that they are beneficial for the child. 

Yet vaccination does not stop. Why? What is even more disconcerting is that independent investigations find lack of the antigens in vaccines people are supposed to build antibodies against, or the quantity of antigens is so low it cannot provoke the body to produce antibodies. The whole thing appears very sinister. What is the purpose behind injecting every child with known and decidedly dangerous toxins? Why are governments participating in this genocide? Why are doctors groups silent and even justifying this mass poisoning? What the heck is going on?

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Herd immunity does not exist.

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Junk Science Week: Vaccinating the 'herd'

Mass vaccination advocates rely on 'herd immunity' to make their case. But it doesn’t exist

Mass vaccination advocates rely on ‘herd immunity’ to make their case. But it doesn’t exist
Cracked beaker“When vaccination rates are very high, as they still are in the nation as a whole, everyone is protected,” explained USA Today in a recent editorial entitled “Vaccine opt-outs put public health at risk.”
“This ‘herd immunity’ protects the most vulnerable, including those who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons, infants too young to get vaccinated and people on whom the vaccine doesn’t work. But herd immunity works only when nearly the whole herd joins in. When some refuse vaccinations and seek a free ride, immunity breaks down and everyone is more vulnerable.”
The concept of “herd immunity” first materialized in the 1930s, when Johns Hopkins University’s Arthur Hedrich discovered that, after 55% of Baltimore’s population acquired measles (and thus immunity to measles), the rest of the population, or “herd,” became protected. This concept provides today’s rationale for insisting that everyone be vaccinated.
Measles outbreaks occur even when the vaccinated population exceeds 95%
“If you only risked your own health by not getting vaccinated, that would be your business,” mass vaccination advocates state. “But when your failure to get vaccinated endangers me or my child, that becomes my business.” It’s a powerful argument, except for one thing — herd immunity in vaccinated populations has been repeatedly disproven.
In November 1966, in announcing a mass vaccination program for measles that would exceed the 55% level reached in Baltimore, the U.S. Public Health Service confidently announced that “Effective use of these vaccines during the coming winter and spring should insure the eradication of measles from the United States in 1967.”
When measles failed to be eradicated, public health experts decided that a 70% or 75% vaccination rate would secure herd immunity. When that proved wrong, the magic number rose to 80%, 83%, 85%, and then it became 90%, according to a 2001 Health Services Research report. Later health experts commonly cited 95%.
But that too was insufficient — measles outbreaks occur even when the vaccinated population exceeds 95%, leading some to say a 98% or 99% vaccination rate is needed to protect the remaining 1% or 2% of the herd. But even that may fall short, since outbreaks occur in fully vaccinated populations.
“The target would be to have 100% of the population vaccinated,” Dr. Gregory Taylor of the Public Health Agency of Canada recently told CBC, voicing an increasingly common perspective among public health professionals. At that point, the balance of the herd that would be protected through mass vaccination would be precisely 0.
But even vaccinating 100% of the population wouldn’t be enough, say scientists at the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, because the measles vaccine is a dud with some people, offering no protection at all, and its effectiveness wanes with others, even if they get boosters. According to Tetyana Obukhanych of Stanford University’s School of Medicine, the measles vaccine works as planned with only 25% of the population, leaving the majority of adults who have been vaccinated as children with little or no protection. Up to half of today’s cases involve adults.
Unlike childhood measles, adult measles is dangerous: 25% of cases require hospitalization. Measles is especially dangerous when contracted by expectant mothers — studies of hospital outcomes in Los Angeles and Houston found that most suffered serious complications, some died, and their babies often died in the womb.
The dangers extend to infants who, as USA Todaypoints out, are too young to be vaccinated. These entirely helpless members of “the herd” depend on antibodies inherited from their mothers. Yet previously vaccinated mothers have few antibodies to pass on, depriving their babies of protection. The only tried-and-true way for mothers to safeguard their infants — those most at risk of death from measles — remains nature’s way: by ensuring that the mother had previously contracted natural measles.
In fact, herd immunity — so elusive today — fully existed prior to the vaccine’s introduction. Virtually 100% of the population then contracted measles, typically as children, giving everyone lifelong immunity — and future mothers the means to protect their offspring. In mass vaccinating us, scientists of the 1960s didn’t realize that infecting us with the measles vaccine — a weak version of the natural measles virus — would give us a weak version of the defenses our bodies develop to the real thing.
Ironically, the Public Health Service considered measles generally benign in the pre-vaccine era. “Complications are infrequent and, with adequate medical care, fatality is rare…. Immunity following recovery is solid and lifelong in duration,” its chief of epidemiology, Alexander Langmuir, acknowledged in “Epidemiologic basis for eradication of measles in 1967.”
Why, then, did he decide to eradicate this generally harmless and beneficial disease? “To those who ask me, ‘Why do you wish to eradicate measles,’ I reply with the same answer that Hilary used when asked why he wished to climb Mt. Everest. He said, ‘Because it is there.’ To this may be added, ‘…and it can be done.’”
Herd immunity sounds fine in theory. But as Stanford’s Dr. Obukhanych concluded, “As with any garbage in-garbage out type of theory, the expectations of the herd-immunity theory are bound to fail in the real world.”
Lawrence Solomon is research director of Consumer Policy

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JAMA & Pediatrics: Sanitation reduced mortality from infectious diseases

Tacit admission vaccines were not responsible for fall in disease and mortality rates. JAMA analysis clearly shows infectious diseases were in the decline before vaccines were introduced. Ascribes this to better living conditions, sanitation and medical care. Vaccines not mentioned.

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AAP. Published in the Journal Pediatrics:

"Nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccine were available.” 

"[...]Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century."


The study went on to explain:


"Water treatment, food safety, organized solid waste disposal, and public education about hygienic practices." 

Also, "Improvements in crowding in US cities" played a major role. 

Clean water. Safe food. Nutrition. Plumbing. Hygiene. These are the primary reasons humanity was saved.

"Nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccine were available.” 

"[...]Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century."


The study went on to explain:


"Water treatment, food safety, organized solid waste disposal, and public education about hygienic practices." 

Also, "Improvements in crowding in US cities" played a major role. 

Clean water. Safe food. Nutrition. Plumbing. Hygiene. These are the primary reasons humanity was saved.

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In the journal Lancet from 1938.

Lancet link:
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Mercury in Vaccines: History & Toxicity.

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Mercury in Vaccines: History & Toxicity.

Wasn’t mercury removed from vaccines? Is mercury in vaccines safe? These are questions that parents typically have when they begin to research vaccines.
“In some states, if a doctor takes that multi dose vial [flu vaccine] and drops it by mistake on the floor, and it breaks, he is required by law to evacuate the building and to bring in hazmat crews to clean it up before the building can be reoccupied.”
– RFK Jr, The Truth About Vaccines (Epidode 4)


Mercury has been added to vaccines to preserve and prevent bacterial contamination of multi-dose shots (1,2). It is in vaccines in the form of a compound called thimerosal, and once injected into the body via intramuscular injection, it is rapidly broken down into thiosalicylate and ethylmercury (1). Ethylmercury is an organic toxic mercury compound and the focus of the debate over mercury in vaccines.
To re-state: Mercury in vaccines is in the form of a compound called thimerosal, which breaks down into ethylmercury.
In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Public Health Service called for mercury to be taken out of vaccines because they discovered that the amount of mercury in certain vaccines which were given to infants far exceeded the EPA reference dose or exposure threshold for how much mercury that any individual should be exposed to in one day.
EPA Reference Dose = 0.1 mcg/kg/day (2,3,4).
Please note that the EPA reference dose is based on the compound methylmercury, not ethylmercury. The safety level of ethylmercury has never been scientifically determined, so federal agencies and the World Health Organization use methylmercury instead.
Though the thimerosal content of most vaccines was reduced to “trace amounts” (0.3-1.0mcg mercury per dose) or eliminated after 1999, unfortunately, the total amount of mercury a child from 6 months to 18 years of age will receive through the recommended CDC vaccination schedule, has actually increased since the AAP called for its removal (6). The reason for this was that in 2002, the CDC began recommending that pregnant women and infants as young as 6 months get annual flu shots at 1-2 doses each season.


Question: Is the amount of mercury in flu and meningococcal vaccines toxic?
Vaccines which contain mercury are multi-dose influenza vaccines (though independent tests have suggested other vaccines may be contaminated).
Thimerosal-preserved “multi-dose” flu shots contain 25mcg mercury per dose. Surprisingly, even some vaccines labeled “preservative free” (“thimerosal free” or “no mercury”) – actually still contain trace amounts of mercury (2). Children from 6 months to 35 months of age receive a half-dose of the flu shot. Children three years of age or older, and adults, receive a full dose ( 21-36 million multi-dose flu shots have been produced for the US in the 2017-2018 season. 
In one multi-dose flu shot, a six-month-old receives 12.5mcg mercury (a half dose) which is over 16x the safe dose per the EPA (calculations below). A three-year-old receives 25mcg mercury via the flu shot, which is almost 18x the safe dose per the EPA. In one mutli-dose meningococcal vaccine, an 11-12 year-old receives over 6x the safe dose of mercury per the EPA. At 25mcg mercury per dose, an individual would have to weigh over 550lbs to approach the safe exposure level.
Therefore, the multi-dose flu shot is toxic to every person who receives it.
Average 6-month-old infant weight = 16.5lbs or 7.5kg
EPA reference dose or allowable limit for average 6-month-old:
7.5kg (0.1mcg/kg/day) = 0.75mcg/day
1/2 dose flu shot for children ages 6-35 months contains 12.5mcg mercury.
(12.5mcg) / (0.75mcg) = 16.67
The amount of mercury in your infant’s flu shot is over 16x the “safe” limit.

Methyl vs. Ethyl.
There are several different forms of mercury that we might encounter, and the type and route of exposure dictates its toxicity. The different routes of exposure are dermal, inhalation, ingestion, and injection. For example, the mercury in a thermometer is elemental mercury and won’t readily absorb through the skin. But if you were to burn that amount of mercury and inhale the vapors, it would be toxic to internal organs. That same amount of mercury in an organic form would quickly absorb through the skin, into your body, and reach your bloodstream. Organic mercury can pass through the placenta, exposing a developing fetus. Therefore, the form of mercury and route of exposure is important (7,8).
Methylmercury and ethylmercury are organic mercury compounds. Methylmercury has been extensively studied as a result of its accumulation in fish. The FDA even advises against eating too much of certain species in order to reduce our exposure. But when it comes to ethylmercury, the CDC claims that the amount of ethylmercury in vaccines is safe. The CDC website covers the topic of thimerosal (and ethylmercury) in vaccines, yet lists only one scientific study from the past decade. It’s stated that ethylmercury in vaccines is “cleared from the body more quickly than methylmercury, and is therefore less likely to cause any harm” (1). When the CDC makes this statement, what they’re referring to is that the amount of ethylmercury in the blood – after it’s injected through a vaccine – drops more quickly than methylmercury would (9). The problem with this statement is that they’re allowing readers to make the assumption that blood levels of ethylmercury drop because it’s being eliminated from the body, and no longer poses the threat of toxicity. Unfortunately, this is a half-truth. Blood levels drop because much of it is quickly going to the brain and other organs, where it gets converted to inorganic mercury, gets trapped, and becomes difficult to remove. It’s also been found that ethylmercury ends up depositing twice as much inorganic mercury into the brain than would an equal amount of methylmercury from consuming contaminated fish (10). Therefore, the CDC’s statement that ethylmercury is safer than methylmercury is misleading at best. A reference dose for ethylmercury based on injection, not ingestion, should be determined based on finding the NOEL (No Observed Effect Level), considering the fact that vaccination targets our most sensitive populations – infants, children, and the developing fetus (11).
Evidence of toxicity.
Contrary to what the CDC has to say about the safety of mercury or thimerosal in vaccines, over 165 scientific studies have been published on thimerosal and found it to be harmful (12). These studies have found that exposure to thimerosal has been associated with: neurotoxicity (13,14) and excitotoxic brain injury (15,16), lasting neuropathological changes (17), neurodevelopmental disorders and autism (14,16,18,19), immune system stimulation and inducing autoimmunity (20,21), kidney toxicity (22), modification of hormone levels (16), mitochondria toxicity (23), fetal toxicity (24,25,26), DNA damage (27), and more. When it comes to child development, thimerosal exposure has also been found to be a risk factor for tics, speech delay, language delay, neurodevelopmental delay, delayed startle response, decreased motor learning, and attention deficit disorder (12,25,26,28).


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10 truths that expose the measles fake news

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By Chris Kirckoff

1.) Measles had a .001% mortality rate in 1962...the year BEFORE the vaccine was introduced.

2.) The measles vaccine contains the live virus meaning you can acquire the very disease you hope to avoid from the vaccine. The vaccine insert even says 'atypical measles' is a known adverse reaction.

3.) The vaccine contains aborted fetal DNA. We’re not talking about whole double strand DNA, we’re talking about fragments which are little bits and pieces of DNA. The smaller it is the more likely it is to incorporate into the nucleus of the cells of the vaccine recipient. Those fragments are recombining, they’re inserting into the nucleus of the cells of children who are receiving these vaccines, and insertional mutagenesis is strongly associated with childhood cancers, especially lymphoma and leukemia. Guess which childhood cancers have skyrocketed in the last two decades coinciding with the explosion in the vaccine schedule? Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Leukemia!

4.) The vaccine is highly ineffective and has been shown to not work even in highly vaccinated populations.

"An outbreak of measles occurred in a high school with a documented vaccination level of 98 per cent."

"We conclude that outbreaks of measles can occur in secondary schools, even when more than 99 percent of the students have been vaccinated and more than 95 percent are immune."

"The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons"

5.) The MMR vaccine comes with great risks. As of March 31, 2018, there have been more than 89,355 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 445 related deaths, 6,196 hospitalizations, and 1,657 related disabilities.

7.) Between 1983 and 1990, there was a 423% increase in measles cases among vaccinated individuals. Then in 2006, the largest mumps outbreak in twenty years occurred. Among those infected, 63% were “immunized.

8.) The MMR vaccine insert contains over 40 paragraphs of adverse reactions.

9.) As revealed by CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson the MMR vaccine is strongly associated with autism. The following study provides new epidemiologic evidence showing that African American males receiving the MMR vaccine prior to 24 months of age are more likely to receive an autism diagnosis.

10.) The measles actually protects the body from disease. The following study reveals that infection with measles and mumps (especially in the case of both infections) is associated with lower risks of mortality from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Globally the measles scare mongering and the mandate for the MMR vaccine is puzzling. Why is it happening? In the USA the last measles death was in 1971? Measles was just an inconvenience before the vaccine appeared on the scene and admitted so in medical literature. In India too measles was a part of childhood. I remember doctors being extremely casual about it and instructions about having neem leaves in the room and keeping the room warm so the child did not catch a cold were mostly the only instructions given. The doctors simply smiled and shook their heads when parents complained about extensive rashes and high fever. They openly suggested homeopathy was a good option for measles as it brought the eruptions out and shortened the disease. That vaccination is not a solution has been borne out in a number of studies. The more you vaccinate the more the vaccinated come down with the disease. The situation is now comical in the USA with "outbreaks" being reported and then news coming in about the positive vaccination status. Maternal antibodies are no longer available and infants are coming down with it prompting vaccine mandates (Brooklyn, New York) when the manufacturer cautions the vaccine is not intended for that age group. Now WHO is setting up laboratories in India and wants us to be troubled if even a single case crops up. If measles is a problem only in malnourished children we should be mandating nutrition. Can the hungry eat vaccines and survive?